A Cornucopia of Life

God said:

On one level, the world is indeed not a place to look for perfection. Seeking perfection will get you going around circles as on a merry-go-round, and the happiness you so deeply seek will elude you.

However, when you look for perfection from another angle, the world is nothing but perfection! Man oh man, listen to what I say: The world is perfection in all its shining colors.

To see one sunrise and one sunset could be enough to last you a Lifetime. The same for mountains and mountain streams. The same for all the myriads of waters deep and mist and all the bounties of nature. You can only be dazzled by the wonder of the seasons, of temperatures and all the echoes from one cave to another, from one face to another, from one Ocean to another, from one freckle to another. And what about music! How can music be composed and played in so many endless ways! Oh My Goodness, so many notes made into Infinite varieties of music and sold, well -- sold for a song!

And there is dance! And there is art that is beyond your ken! What is there that I have not thought of? There is nothing for you to miss out on. Even when you take the long way around, you will not be denied. You have a Cornucopia of Life before you. You have Life coming out of the yin/yang. You have Life bursting its seams!

The world you live in is a masterpiece, and you, My dears, are the Greatest masterpiece of Mine ever created. Of course, every miracle is a miracle. There is no taking away from any miracle. A miracle is a miracle. Some miracles may astound you and some miracles you may take for granted. You are certainly granted miracles right and left. There is so much you take for granted. Confess. Now, will you lean toward appreciation and even gratitude.

For every gift, kiss the Earth and say:

“Thank You. Thank You, God, for the blessings You bestow so generously at the tip of a hat. God, You gave me the world, and You gave me You. Among the Whole Treasury of Gifts, You are the Greatest Gift of All. You have given me gifts – too many to count, gifts uncountable, gifts immeasurable. You have gifted me even with talents, God! Think of this! Think of the dimensions of even this one person I am.

“I am beginning to see that I am worth something, God, receive some joy. I begin to see that I am integral to You. What a gift this is, that You relish me and that there is more to me than meets the eye. What I am, You also reap. Think of this. You created me as a Love of Yours. You love me. You like me. I am better than okay!

“To think that You are the Foundation of me. You are the Founder of me, and You are the Fountain of me.

“You tossed me the Stars. You paired a Perfect White Moon and the Perfect Rays of a Yellow Sun. By God, You created all the Colors of the World. You still create, true? Are You creating me every day? Certainly, You sustain me.

“My God, what can I imagine I want for? Everything is perfect just as it is right now. How can it be more perfect?

“If there is a blight in the world, it is how I see. God, give me Your eyes to see through. What more could I possibly want then?”

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Glory of God

We are nothing but the Glory of God made manifest! What a sheer de-Light and joy it is to have Him within us - or rather us within Him. We are changing our reference point, our perspectives. From ego to God. Seeing, feeling, experiencing through the mind, eyes and feelings of God is the greatest gift to be bestowed upon us. We are these exquisite masterpieces in process...now.

Dear Shay, you are so right!

Dear Shay, you are so right! Thanks!

While I am here, I would like to announce that a new blog went up just now on this 4th of July. This blog has nothing to do with the 4th of July. However, I am very glad that the United States exists. May all countries give freedom.

The blog is about what could be said to be a new freedom growing within me.

Of course, God is blessing us all.

Dear Gloria, Thank you for

Dear Gloria,

Thank you for informing us. We all have been blessed by God, and that's why we trust and believe in him. He is giving me the strength to live every day.

God Bless USA and everyone else :)


Everyday just keeps getting better, god is amazing I am lost for words. Thank you god for all your children & creations & letting me create music so pleased