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Z - A


Free will
To believe
Need be beseeched
That fulfillment
Could be lost
That Oneness
Is a thing
Perceived not to be
A freedom not free
Is all a part of the plan
A skip and a hop
In the adventure at hand
Yet it also
This Life of Mine
And, therefore, Yours
Beyond belief in "not yet or to be"
Simply IS
Fulfillment Free
Formulas, recipes are fine
Yet starting from scratch
Creating from the heart
A new batch
Takes would be meaning
One plus two equals three
A - z
And turns it around
Upside down
So that
Circularity, in place of linearity
Z - a
Child's play
Is just as worthy
As the "adulthood" way
Of worth being found instead of the other way around
So let this, then, if you wish
Be the dish
The day's "new" ingredients that make
Our, perhaps not always outwardly detectable
Yet perfectly, presently, inwardly delectable
Upside-down cake
Of Love

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008