Your Soul Is like a Garland

God said:

Whatever happens to your body, nothing can happen to you.

Contrary to the prevalent feeling on Earth, the most important thing in the world is not to keep the body alive. Life of the body does not need to be held on to so tightly. Of course, no reason to look for the body to leave any more than to hang on to it. The physical body has its term of service. It lasts only a lifetime.

But not you, beloveds. You are eternal. Connected to a body or disconnected from a body, you are eternal. That which is you is eternal. No matter how much you may identify with your body, your body is not you. It is very important while you dwell in it. Even so, it is incidental to you.

Nourish your physical body. Keep it oiled. Honor it. Your body gives you great service. While you are physical on Earth, your body is the vehicle you run around in. You are visibly known by it. Without question, your body is a miracle. A time comes when your body finishes its service to you and the Universe. Its tour of duty is over. And then, the spirit of you, rises fully to its Source, and you continue onto a boundless adventure without your body that you became habituated to and loved so much even when you were dissatisfied with it.

The world may say you lose your body. Beloveds, you leave it like an old pair of pants you step out of. You leave your body behind, and the significance of it no longer reigns. Consider that when your loved ones leave their physical bodies, they are free of it. Oh, yes, now they can fly.

The body was loyal, and you treated it right. And yet it is not that you are beholden to it. Your physical form is not a keepsake. It is a simple vehicle with only a lifetime guarantee. The guarantee is limited. And no one knows how long the guarantee is good for.

It is a beautiful thing to be born into a physical body. It is so much fun. You can run with it. You can walk with it. You can sit down with it. You can eat with it. You can sleep with it. Your physical body is really quite a companion. Think of it, it houses your soul! But only for a while. Only for so long. Your body is dependent upon you. You are really not dependent upon it.

Beloveds, the body is not your god.

Certainly, you serve your body while it serves you, and yet it is not meant to be your god. Love your body. Love what it does for you. Sit in the sun with it, but do not worship it as if you could not get along without it.

The body is not supreme. You are. You can get along without your body very well. Consider your body like a wind-up watch that, at an undetermined time, will run down.

Your body carries you. It does well by you. Your body really worships you. It knows it's indentured. It knows it is to serve you until it is no longer to serve you.

May your body serve you well. May you serve your body well. And when it is time to part, part with a fond adieu. Your body will not mourn you. Your body believed in its own fallibility.

And now you must believe in your own infallibility.

You can pin medals on bodies, but not on souls. Souls have Eternity instead. Souls are not just long-lasting. They are everlasting. This is true for your soul. You have a soul, and your soul is like a garland, and it is beautiful, beloved.

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Hugs, Kisses, and stars to

Hugs, Kisses, and stars to wish on!
I know God says not to hold onto the body. Being a soul scares me. the thought of loosing who i am as a person. My thoughts, my feelings, my scary. It makes me feel like i am really nothing because i am hear one day and everything i am is gone the next day. I know this sounds horrible but i dont know how to change these feelings and trust the lord that once i leave my body my soul is special. Is this wrong of me? i really dont know. I think it might be just the not being able to understand what i dont know.

Beloved Crystal, I personally

Beloved Crystal, I personally think if we put all the people who feel the same way as you on one side of the room and those who feel perfectly comfortable with it on the other, there might not be anyone on the opposite side of the room.

It is kind of unimaginable that someday we will not be here in our bodies on Earth. Every time someone dies, it's a shock to us. I believe God has said that we don't believe in our own death because we, indeed, do not ever die.

My impression is, dear one, that God does not judge us right or wrong. I know He has said that our beliefs can change, but mostly we can't order them to change. He tells us to keep on loving ourselves as He does love us.

Dear Crystal - I don't know

Dear Crystal - I don't know exactly who said it, but love is lives on forever and just the fact you are here at Heaven Letters tells me you are filled with Love and seeking Love! and I love you...and love is all that matters.
God bless you for sharing your journey with me....and for opening your heart and seeking...

As a polio survivor, I used

As a polio survivor, I used to hate my body.. but I was really not able to love myself. Once my heart and soul began to heal, my body followed and the timing of this Heaven Letter, as always is, well...Divine.
This morning, I woke up early to go on a training run with my husband and daughter. Part of me wanted to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head and say to God...can I please not do this? Can I go back to the way I was because it's hard being reborn sometimes in the body and the spirit. And God said to me, if you stop fighting me and allow yourself to be all who you are, the journey would be so much easier. So I went on the run and felt God's Loving Presence with every step of my foot and every beat of my heart and God sent me this amazing Heaven Letter about the joy in the body...a joy which, at age 54, I am just discovering! So Thank You God for reaching our Your Loving arms to me and reminding me that ALL OF ME is precious!
And love to all here at Heaven Letters.
Make it a spectacular day filled with the glory of mind, body and spirit and once again, Gloria, I thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world!

Sweetest Mary,I thank God

Sweetest Mary,

I thank God for speaking to me through your wonderful reply here. What you say about it being hard to be reborn "Can I go back to the way I was" and God's amazing reply :

"And God said to me, if you stop fighting me and allow yourself to be all who you are, the journey would be so much easier"

is really divine timing. this is true for our whole being, on all levels. I just was looking around the forum and your reply got me !

A wonderful Heavenletter indeed as well as all replies here, so uplifting and full of love, so human and so divine.
Love you all


And dearest Berit - it is

And dearest Berit - it is your open heart and soul that allows love to flow to you and through you and about you! I am so blessed by your presence on the forum (and by all of our fellow travelers). Thank you and God bless!

Your Soul is Like a Garland

What a perfect message! I am a person who takes great care of myself on all levels, trying to honor God Who resides in my body temple. This message reminds me to have the grace to allow what is instead of trying so hard to make my body eternal! I love my body and am grateful for it--even though it is aging, and I have aches and pains. Now I feel a peaceful balance and know that all is well. Thank you, Gloria, once again for the perfect message from God.

Oh my! Now I may begin to

Oh my! Now I may begin to feel strange with what I'm about to say. I LOVE my soul (as God created me) I love her gentleness and I actually feel a little strange in my body. I feel I live more in my soul than in my body. Always have more or less. Crystal, you have NOTHING to be afraid of! You will find your Self within your soul and it feels so good because God is there. There is MUCH more life in your soul than in your body! Now that I may follow His Guidance to be what He created me to be!

A Bounty of Blessings to you all! :wub:

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloved
Nothing can happen to you
You are eternal

God said honor it
Your body houses your soul
It does well by you

God said believe in
Your infallibility
The spirit of you

Love, Light and Aloha!

Blessed are they that do not

Blessed are they that do not see and believe....

To Trust from my not seek but to Know You and Your not know where I end and our Oneness know my human-ness is here and to acknowledge it but to just let it be and focus on dancing through life with You...what a joyous Dance this is...especially for me, who for so long, sat like a wallflower on the sidelines...but I dance to your music of Love.
Thank You for this beautiful Heaven Letter and I join in the prayer:

"It has to be possible that I will become more genuinely loving. It has to be that my thoughts will become less random. It has to be that I will curse less in traffic or at unbidden memories of one recollection or another. It has to be that the day will come when I no longer mutter under my breath. It has to be. I long for it.