Your Personal God

God said:

You like it when you sit down with Me as your personal God, My focus devoted to you. I like sitting down here with you as well, even as I know I am sitting down with My One Self.

You are the common thread, dear One. You are One with Me, so, wherever you are, I am.

We can also say then that you are the Whole Loaf. I am the God within. I am the Source of All, and I am contained within you. You might call Me your DNA. Certainly, I am the Foretold Essence of you.

We are Being. Being has no borders. Being has no limitations. Beingness is Oneness. One God, yet each human being stirs Godness. I say it again. We are One. You are not merely an adjunct. You are the Whole Package.

This is mind-boggling to you.

You really love the idea of a God Outside you. You find comfort in feeling that a God of Love holds you in His or Her Hand and carries you as a Babe in Arms.

All the while, it is You Who carries your Self. You are responsible to and for Your Self. Certainly, I am not speaking to that small version of you that you carry around and attest to. I, God, do not downplay you. It is your own vision that puts you down, swearing that it is impossible that you can be God. You are the God you do not believe in. You are the disavower of the God Within.

You swear that you are a mere body. You swear that you are a puppet on a string.

You believe in the obvious and refuse to believe in the subtle. You believe in pain and suffering. You believe a little bit in joy and bliss and cannot believe that you, your mere self, has say over what transpires in your life on Earth. You have convinced yourself that you have no great power when I say you are all powerful. Even when you believe in God Almighty with all your heart, your eyes are blinded to the Truth of what I say.

Then you ask: What is all this nonsense about Everyone's being a God when there are higher and lesser angels in Heaven and outright villains on Earth?

I tell you, dear blinded ones, that everything that is not Oneness, is a made-up story, and you believe more in the story than you believe in God. In fact, you scoff at the idea of you as a God. You think that True Oneness is the made-up story.

If you can think of yourself as a know-nothing in this world of opposites, you can also think of yourself as a Knower of Reality. What am I, God, but a Knower of Reality?

A day will come when you can accept the God you are as the Real Goods. At present, you so fear being disappointed that you hold back from declaring yourself as the God of the Kingdom. You can't even quite see yourself as a Resident of Heaven. You are very quick to see yourself as less, seeing yourself as a lesser human being with all these twists and turns of unmitigated ignorance you portray.

Hey, why do you prefer to specialize in ignorance and call the wrong shots? Why not get out of the cave you tremble in and consider that I know whereof I speak? What if what I say is so, and you are God on your own, which, in fact, you are. I will not call you a Fallen God, for you are risen. Without Arising to Your True Beingness, you are crestfallen. Who told you to accredit less to yourself than I say. Not I.

You who may acclaim to believe in Me and take every Word I say as the Gospel, yet you can't seem to accept Our Oneness when I say it. If We are One, what else can Oneness mean? We are One does not mean that We are One human being. Oneness means that We are One God of the Universe.

Well, then, let this idea stir around inside the mere human being you see yourself as.

You may see acknowledging yourself as Greater than you presently acknowledge yourself to be as an act of conceit that discounts your humility. Is it not rather conceit to flaunt yourself as wiser than I?

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Oh dear

Oh dear One with opened eyes, I don't even think of anything You just said above. I don't even think at all. I sleep, I open my eyes, I pretend to be interested with everything I do, and everyone who speaks with me. You know better what am I actually thinking, what am I actually seeing, and what breaks ... what I see as the only goodness I have. Yes, I am broken. I see myself as broken, You might rephrase. Then, God, what transpire in my life is of seeming, but I am not of seeming, I am Real....

I have a say in what transpires in my life? I don't get what You're saying at all. But I'll try to prove You right. I don't want to live a life where You're wrong, God.

Beloved Person, You write a

Beloved Person,

You write a strong heartfelt comment here. I love your powerful affirming last sentence:

"I don't want to live a life where You're wrong, God."

Dear friend, I deleted quite a few sentences from what you wrote. No one likes their words removed, yet please don't take offense.
Please read the guidelines. You are asked to keep the vibration of comments high. Without those sentences, you do admirably. Not only is it our guideline, it is better for you to not emphasize negativity.

Thank you for posting..