Your Own Joy

God said:

Why deny yourself joy? Why would anyone deny himself joy? Why would people put themselves through less then joy? People do seem to put themselves through less than joy and endure what is not necessary in the first place. It is not necessary to have less than joy. Less than joy is not demanded of you. You can have joy even in extremities. There is no cost to joy. You forfeit nothing. You are meant to hold joy in your hands.

Beloveds, no matter what surroundings you find yourself in, you are the dispenser of your own joy. When you are not happy, it is your own doing. Yes, events may occur, and people may enter your life that seem to block your happiness, making it hard for you to be happy, yet events and people are not responsible for your happiness. You are. The responsibility is yours. Let go of your thoughts about events and people that you do not derive joy from.

Here is My fervent advice to you: Even when you are not happy, be happy anyway.

You can do it. It is up to you to do it. It is not up to anyone else. Keep seeing joy in front of you. This is how you call to joy. Do not think: “Joy, where are you? Where are you when I need you?” Think: “Why, hello, Joy, here you are. You have been here right along.” Smile right now.

Do not forswear joy. It is your birthright. No matter what, take joy as your due. Take it with you. Wrap it around your heart.

Also, no matter what, you can give joy. You can do it. It will inevitably come back to you. If it does not appear of itself right that instant, give more joy then. It is inevitable that joy given becomes joy received. You can have equal joy right now, and you can, in addition, have joy coming to you in ripples, wave after wave, splashes of joy that you splash joyously. All near you get wet, and in the process, you get wet too. In truth, beloveds, you splash joy to the far corners of the Earth. Everyone receives it. No one is left out. You are not left out.

Consider what a powerful splasher you are, and splash only joy. Every drop of joy is to be shared. And every drop of joy is shared.

There is no need to confirm or affirm anything else to the world near or far but joy. This is love. Love is not painful. Attachment can be painful. Love, never. Know the difference.

There is nothing you have to have. Yet joy is at your command. That is different from demanding joy, yet joy is on demand. Place your order for it. Ordain joy. Recognize it in a crowd. Joy anywhere is yours. Joy everywhere is yours. Like the sun, joy shines for everyone.

When you pout, you are suppressing your joy. Consider that joy is always yours, always available to you, unless you repress it. Do not turn away from joy. Do not think for one minute that you deserve even the slightest suffering. You deserve joy. Suffering is not your birthright. Joy is.

There is no virtue in suffering. Do not sacrifice joy for some far-flung thought of virtue or future benefit. There is absolutely no benefit to suffering. You absolutely do not need the contrast of suffering in order to know joy. Be ignorant of all suffering. Weep for joy, beloveds. Even in grief, weep for joy that you loved, and now, go ahead, and love some more.

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Question: How does someone

Question: How does someone in Iraq right now keep their joy? How do I in relevant comfort keep my joy if I truly feel one with all that is including those in Iraq? Thank you. Namaste.

Love is my only religion; the world is my family.

You have asked the all-time

You have asked the all-time question, dear one.

If I were in Iraq, could I be happy? I don't know.

Is there anyone there who is happy? I imagine there are.

I will be interested in reading all the responses you get to this.

I have a few more questions:

How can there be wars? Doesn't everyone know they are absurd?

How is it that people who may have wealth and who live in a land of peace -- how is it that they can be unhappy?

Visiting angel, do you have some name we can call you by?

With love and blessings,


Wonderful letter, thank

Wonderful letter, thank you.

Re the angel's questions. I can't speak for people in Iraq, I can only share what Joy means for me.

I have found that Joy is not something that I can keep or lose, nor do I give joy so I can receive more, Joy is OUR true nature; just like it's the sun's nature to shine. This means that since my nature is Joy, I can be joy regardless of what's going on around me.

Now, though I cannot stop being joy, I can appear to lose my joy. When I appear to lose my joy I am dreaming. What do I mean by this?

Let's say I'm dreaming I'm drowning. I could either dream myself an elaborate rescue or I could simply wake out of the dream and realise it wasn't real. Waking out of the dream is the equivalent of realising my nature is Joy regardless of the experiences around me.

Once I realised my true nature as Joy, I also realised that my body's function is to be Joy. This means its only function is to be Light and shine its Light everywhere. I then let Joy do the work necessary to create tangible experiences of Joy; at least my idea of joy since everyone has a different idea about what that means for them.

Just a few ideas anyway.

With love,

Relevant articles: My Function and My Body are One; The Dream of Losing and Finding; Only Love is Shared, Not Problems

Enocia, I can feel deep down

Enocia, I can feel deep down in my cells that you're not just talking the talk but you are already a Master Mind. You act on your beliefs, that is why it is such a pure delight to read your posts and your articles in your blog. I really enjoy seeing you transmitting light to the whole universe.....

Love and respect,


Thank you, Maria. What I am

Thank you, Maria.

What I am you already are.

Peace and love,
EJ :big

You ask such a good question

You ask such a good question and one that I struggle with as well. A wise friend and several blogs and comments on this site has answered it for me quite well, as did this Heavenletter.

Joy is not a result of circumstances! Joy is who we are. Joy can be found in even the most dire of circumstances.

We are all one in spirit--not in fear-based ego. It is this fear-based ego that feeds the wars. To change this, we should not "be against" things--instead, we should "be for" things. Be for peace, not anti-war. Be for abundance for everyone, not against poverty.

Read the blog about feeding the children in India. Look at the picture and the smiles on their faces. These children, even in the most dire of circumstances, have moments of joy. Is it not joy to realize that someone, anyone, is FOR you? Their essential circumstances have not changed, but they have been shown that someone SEES them for the lovely beings they are.

What you consider relative comfort may be considered rich by some, poor by others--but the wise ones know that what you have is not what defines you. Not everyone envies another's circumstance. Do you really think that the goat-herder in rural wherever spends a lot of time wishing he had your life? Not likely.

Feeling guilty over your comfort is doing you and the world a disservice. You have not taken a too-large slice of the pie, thereby denying someone else their portion! There is not a finite amount of abundance delivered by the universe. By giving (money, time, joy), you receive.

Please read the comment on the Law of Attraction--watch or read The Secret--it is transformational. If you love and are loved, you are rich, no matter what is happening around you.

That is a good question for

That is a good question for a great dialogue....What about how can anyone, anywhere in the world, through pain and suffering, feel joy? The answer, When you find God in your heart, and in your soul, regardless of your situation, and you let your true light shine, then you will find and be joy.....

This is what we do, smiling

This is what we do, smiling all the time to all the people who come to us.

Dearest Yuri, This is such a

Dearest Yuri,

This is such a beautiful statement you have made. What a way to live life.

In one simple sentence, you have said so much, given great wisdom.

God bless you!

With love, Gloria

Law of Attraction in

Law of Attraction in action!

Seeing the problem in Iraq in joy is the only way to solve the problem! The suffering in Iraq will root and even increase, if we don't stop feeding it with our negative attention on it! The problem is not insurmountable. No problem is insurmountable. It can be cured, but this will happen only if we stop corresponding to the apperances and keep feeling pity for the people there.
The people there, need our compassion, there's no doubt about that, but most of all, they need a way out of their suffering. Send light, joy and abundance into the minds of the people in Iraq and their problems will be healed! Like attracts like. If we keep sending to the Universe pictures of war,poverty and death, what will we get back as a result? Universe will mirror our negativity and create more of tragedy.
So,if you really want to see the people in Iraq finally laughing and enjoying life, send them thoughts of mastery,freedom and joy! Don't doubt the power of your thoughts! You are God incarnate. We all connected in an invisible grid! Every thought lives forever and touches everyone around Earth and the whole Universe. So think. Do my thoughts add to darkness or do they anchor more joy,peace and light?

"Love is not painful.

"Love is not painful. Attachment can be painful. Love, never. Know the difference."

"There is no virtue in suffering. Do not sacrifice joy for some far-flung thought of virtue or future benefit.You absolutely do not need the contrast of suffering in order to know joy."

"Even in grief, weep for joy that you loved, and now, go ahead, and love some more."

as joseph campbell said, the

as joseph campbell said, the worlds a mess. it will always be a mess. our job is to straighten out our own lives. from someone who died of AIDS, what is evil is not the disease but to not respond with compassion to the person with the disease. from our son jeff, life sucks, most people suck and if you wake up one day and the world is beautiful and everyone loves one another you're dead. from god, did you ever wonder why noah didn't argue with me and try to save everyone? it's because life is difficult and death is not the worst outcome. once again you are dreamless, unalive and perfect. jeff has a point. so spread my love. it's absence is what creates evil just as the absence of light and heat make it dark and cold. easy to do? heaven no but worth the effort. be a rebel and rebel against evil as dear mother teresa did. she wasn't anti-war. she was for peace.

Dear Bernie, indeed as you

Dear Bernie,
indeed as you say "our job is to straighten out our own lives", it is how we react to what is going on which is important, all should start within ourselves to spread wider and wider.
Love and peace should come first from our heart and then spread wider and wider, and it isn't often the question to do big things, but just the tiny little everyday things, with love and compassion and joy.
All my love

Even in grief, weep for joy

Even in grief, weep for joy that you loved, and now, go ahead, and love some more.

A sweet reminder for times of saying goodbye to someone, too.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Here is my advice to you
Think joy Be happy

God said take your due
Joy is at your command and
Joy is on demand

God said go ahead
And love some more beloveds
Why deny yourself

Love, Light and Aloha!

Amen! Joy it is!

Amen! Joy it is!