Your Name Is Oneness

God said:

The word everyone is an apt expression to remind everyone of Oneness. We can say that I always address One. I am talking to the Oneness of the Universe.
When someone says, To Life, he is saying To One. There is no addition to Oneness. There is no math. One is One. One and One is not two. It is One. Within all the diversity in the world, there is Unity. One God, One Being, One Sharedness. You are the One of One. All is Oneness. All the rest is fantasy. Oneness is more powerful than millions. Of course, My children see many, yet that does not make many-ness true. Manifold is the world, yet Manifold is Oneness folded as it were.
By whatever name Oneness goes by, it is Love. Love doesn’t separate. It entwines. It embraces. Love takes away complications. It simplifies.
You may think that Oneness takes your identity away, your individuality, that Oneness perhaps makes you less, like lost in a crowd. Oneness does not make you lost at all. In Oneness you are found. The individuality of your personality is lost-ness, beloveds. Oh, yes, you can get lost in what is incidental to the Truth of you. Your identity as an individual is more like being marooned on a desert island. Oneness is strength. You can consider Oneness as Fullness like a full moon that reflects full light.
Yes, that is it. In Oneness, in awareness of Oneness, you shine the light of love. The light of love is more focused. Yes, Oneness can be compared to a laser beam.
You do not give anything up in awareness of Oneness. In Oneness you gain. There is no putting make-up on in Oneness. When Inner Beauty is revealed, when love is declared, what need is there of make-up? There would be no purpose for it. In the bright light of love and Oneness, radiance is. Make-up is asking for something. In Oneness, there is nothing to ask for. Content, you live in Oneness and know that your name is Oneness. No differentiation is needed. In Oneness on Earth, bodies would be bodies, yet the Soul takes the stage. The Essence of Soul takes the spotlight in the Bright Light of Love. In Oneness on Earth, you can read Souls and find that Souls are not wanting. In Oneness, you see beyond the cover. You get to the real. Ah, the Bright Light of Hearts That Beat as One.
In Oneness, there is no interruption of love. There is no time out. There are no decisions to be made, for love knows not of differentiation, yet it is not that you disappear. You star! Oneness is greater than the sum of its parts.
The Sun shines, and who counts the rays? The Ocean has waves, yet who counts the waves or drops of water? Sun is Sun. Ocean is Ocean. And you, My children, are One, One Undivided Whole. In numbers lies not strength. In Oneness lies strength. What strength can be added unto Oneness? Within the essence is the Power and the Glory. Subtleness is more powerful than the overt. Inner reaches further than the longest arm or trail. Oneness, without the slightest effort, reaches all the way to Heaven. Actually, Oneness never departs from Heaven. Oneness is aware. Oneness is cohesive in its awareness.
What you have longed for all your life is Oneness. You called Oneness love. Particles of love suffice only for a while whereas Oneness is Eternal. Oneness is Infinite. And so you are Infinite Oneness.

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I feel Safe in Oneness. I feel unsafe in duality. Learning to love myself unconditionally is a process I embrace whole Heartedly. I am grateful to Heaven opening up to Me. I am happy.

Your comments inspire us,

Your comments inspire us, Christine.

1+1=1 God must be weak at

1+1=1 God must be weak at mathematics! Just joking.
Gloria, God referred you as a donkey, it's a great honor! Because donkey is the most obedient animal God has created.

Chetan, I never thought of

Chetan, I never thought of it that way! I like that. When it comes to God, how I want to follow.

Isn't there a stubborn side to donkeys!

Not only stubborn, donkeys

Not only stubborn, donkeys think that they have got one of the sweetest voices in the world and that everybody must listen to them! !:-);-) Ha, ha! Gloria, I'm sure God must be enjoying our ongoing conversation. Won't you agree with me if I say a baby donkey is very very cute?


Thank you Gloria for being a channel of hope, direction and light. In my experience we are all going through this shift of undoing from separation and attachment into being nurtured in oneness. Some are more aware of this global process than others, yet my feeling is we are all going through it in our own unique way.

Lots of love,
Life Coach Doug Anderson

We are all going through

We are all going through something!

Thank you for coming here, dear Doug. You inspire every time. God bless you.