Your Mind Has a Number System

God said:

God has infinite patience and takes no offense, yet it is not patience that God has. Patience has an impatient side. Patience is patient despite its impatience. Impatience is the dark side of patience. In Truth, God has neither patience nor impatience. God does not wait. God does not put up with anything. Humans cluck their tongues and put up with things in the name of patience which is just another side of impatience. God knows better.
What can a God wait for when there is no time to wait in? God does not tap His foot, waiting for you to fulfill yourself. God already knows you are fulfilled. He knows that you are already with Him in Heaven. In Heaven no one taps his foot.
On Earth, no one faults a newborn baby for not walking. And, so, I do not fault you for your assumptions and your inability to see as far as I can see. I know you will. I know you are simply on baby steps of evolution and that you are climbing as fast as you can. Even as your climb is slow by measured Earth time, I know you are climbing as fast as you can. I also know you will climb faster. I know that, in a blink of an eye, you will be here, and you will have forgotten that you ever thought you weren’t right here with Me. You will have woken from your colorless dream, for you only dreamed in gray, as it were. You dreamed in blur. Am I to be impatient for that? Am I to forgive you? For what? For having the dream you had and taking all the time in the world to wake up? Certainly, I understand that your journey is your journey. It is not someone else’s.
I never stopped embracing you. I never paused. I never saw you as you seemed to see yourself. I see all. I know all. I know you. I have more than a vision. I see Reality. Part of Reality is that you, also, will see. You are beginning to see now. You are half way up the mountain. You are already beyond the point of no return. No return to past illusion for you. You do not slip back, beloveds. You keep climbing. Your falls from grace are only illusion. You have been steeped in illusion. Even a teabag comes out of the cup it was in. Do you not know that you are far more than a teabag? As lovely as tea in a tea bag or without a tea bag is, you are far greater. We could say with tongue-in-cheek that you are My cup of tea. I brewed you long ago, and you are just about ready. Do you begin to feel it? Feel your readiness? Do you begin to sense that you are at the top of the mountain and you are taking a peek at all there is to see from the mountain peak? You are so close. It is effortless now. It is simply a question of your opening your eyes and looking at what is. It is no great accomplishment really. Of course, the contrast is great. The contrast between what you thought and what is actually true couldn’t have been greater. The distance was a mile wide. The perceived distance was as far as far can be, and, yet, there was no distance at all. The mind conceived distance. The mind just couldn’t quite add that one and one is One. The mind had a number system it couldn’t quite get out of.
Now it can. Now it will. And you and your mind will laugh at the joke once you get it.

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Two Number Systems

God seems to enjoy playing with our mind. In fact, Heavenletters seem to alternate between provocating the mind and the heart. God's Mind and God's Heart are not separate because God does not have any body. In Oneness and Wholeness, Heart and Mind, Love and Light, are 1+1=1. We could say that 1 is beyond 1+1 when God IS, The First Without Second, The First Without End. When He becomes Father and Mother, He becomes 1+1=1. As His Son, He is 1+1+1=1 , and as He is recreated through His Son, He becomes 1+1+1+1=4=1 in His infinite expansion ("Without you, I was God (1) but not Father or Mother (1+1). When you came into existence (1+1+1), you created Me (1+1+1+1), as it were. You gave Me a Name, and the Name was God":

When the Mind splitted — because the Heart could not split —, part of it, the virtual one, separated from the heart. Thus 1+1=2. The Real Mind, which we inherited from God never really splitted in itself neither separated from the Heart because it would signify God's denial of His own Creation and it would signify for us simply vanishing.

The mind of man, the relative and virtual one, cannot stay forever away from the heart because it is not real while his holy Mind and Heart are One in Truth. What goes down must come up.

By conceiving distance, spatial and temporal, the human mind created the virtual reality, the illusion. So it invented the problem in order not to find the solution (as long as he wants to maintain his virtual world). With invented time and distance, the human mind forgot what its real original problem was. And of course it is not possible to solve a problem when you don't know what the problem is. God keeps telling us that He is the solution but even if the problem is already solved, we still have the problem because we don't recognize that it has been solved. In human number system, 1+1=2. All problems tend to add up beyond Unity. This is the situation of the world and God "has infinite patience and takes no offense, yet it is not patience that God has…"

Human beings seem to have their own special problems. And it seems that no one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold. Problems seem to be multi-leveled and humans confront with an impossible situation. It inevitably brings dismay and depression. And as long has we keep regarding earthly problems as "many", we maintain the separation between the problem and its solution.

But what if we recognize, once and for all, that the problem of separation is really the ONLY problem and what if we acknowledge that this problem has already been solved? It would be wonderful, yet we don't recognize the solution because we don't recognize the problem.

For God, no matter what form it takes, all the problems of the world, individual or collective, are all the same and they must be recognized as one if the One solution God offers that solves them all is to be accepted.

We could say that the mind (the virtual mind of man) is the disease and it is the cure because the real Mind of man is the Real Mind of God and it makes One with the Heart. Time and space is the device to reunite them, even if they have never been separated. "Now it can. Now it will. And you and your mind will laugh at the joke once you get it."

QUID EST DEMONSTRATUM. (At the end of a theorema: "What was to be demonstrated")

I enjoyed your mathematics

I enjoyed your mathematics Normand!

There was a saint, who, when asked why evil exists in the world, replied, "To thicken the plot".

All our imagined problems in the world are really opportunities. Opportunities to create something. Every opportunity is like a blank canvas awaiting it's painting or an instrument awaiting it's song.

The Holy Spirit as a Trickster

Indeed Santhan, our imagined problems are opportunites. And that is the work of the Holy Spirit in us, which is our "sane" mind: taking all the illusions we have made and translating them into a learning device. After all, we are the ones who chose to go back to Knowledge using the dark alley. That is why we have to learn what we already know. We invented time and space to separate, and the Holy Spirit takes time and space to teach us the way back to timelessness and spacelessness.

The Holy Spirit in us is a trickster in the sense that he reinterprets what the ego uses as an argument for separation into a demonstration against it. He is a good trickster!

in the blink of an eye

I know that, in a blink of an eye, you will be here, and you will have forgotten that you ever thought you weren’t right here with Me. I'm confident that the dream in gray and in blur will also be forgotten then. Do you begin to feel it? Feel your readiness? I do, even though the mind still needs its number system to keep its distance. Numbers and tenses are an expression of mind wanting distance for safety. Immediacy, One, looks like some kind of death.

Let's come out in the open about what holds you back. You are afraid to climb the golden ladder to Heaven. You think you can slip or tumble.

You are right, dear God, as long as I have measurable distance and duration, I feel safe. True, that which has spatial/temporal extension will decay and end, but as long as it doesn't, I'm safe. That's why, usually, we get interested in that golden ladder only later in life. Until then, we prefer to have our number system to protect us from dreams of color and clarity, to protect us from Heaven, from love and from God as what and who we are. How can I go on being the Jochen I'm used too? I can't, that's the problem. The problem is I'd rather be Jochen than God. Well, it's not really a problem. It's funny and satisfyingly complex.

In the blink of an eye...

There are two tickets you can accept from Me. One is Come Now, and one is Come Later. … you hesitate and take the delayed ticket. At any moment, you can trade that ticket for the instant one. Actually, just turn it over, and you will see that you carried an instant ticket all along. Instant transport. Instant entry. Instant ecstasy. The ecstasy of Paradise.

You are so close. It is effortless now. It is simply a question of your opening your eyes and looking at what is. It is no great accomplishment really.

Oh, how mind used to be riveted to its number system of more or less, earlier or later, how unable to get out of it. Time for me to hear this and stop worrying: Now it can. Now it will. And you and your mind will laugh at the joke once you get it.
Quotations in italics are from Heaven #296,

Dear Jochen, your post is a

Dear Jochen,
your post is a beautiful integration of Heavenletters excerpts and your personal thoughts. A delight.

Thanks to a cocktail

Thanks to a cocktail appreciator.

Prost! oder Gesundheit!

Prost! oder Gesundheit!

And, Normand, what a

And, Normand, what a magician of a mathematician you are! Exquisite arithmetic.

Running to see Eternities Light, What a surprise it is:

I run so fast, work so hard to get to see what turns out to be "ME!"

I can't seem to remember what I was be for I was me but when I look real hard deep within me I find the eternal "I" I've always been.