Your Journey

God said:

Anger is frustrated control. Have not control or need to control, and you will have not anger.

When you turn up the flame under the kettle, it will boil. It will boil over. You try to contain it. But the boiling over came from your need to control passages and outcomes. What would you expect when you turn up the flame?

No one fools you. You fool yourself.

If you did not fool yourself, where would be your cause of anger?

Now that your pot has started boiling, let it evaporate. You can turn off the flame. The pot will take care of itself. Where is the need of turning up the flame? Wherever was the need of it? The pot didn't boil because of its contents. It boiled because you turned up the flame.

Why is anger satisfaction for you? Be not righteous, and you will not have indignation.

You think your dignity has been hurt, that, because you were foolish, someone hurt your dignity. A fool expects too much from others and the world and not enough from himself. Your act of foolishness was to transfer your sanctions to someone else.

Concern with dignity is concern with ego.

How disappointing to find out that you are an egoist.

Place yourself at My altar, and no one else's.

Oddly enough, an egoist bows down to others. They feed his ego. He gives himself away and thinks he is being fed. But he is like a panda at the zoo who is petted, and then the hand that pets him moves away. The petting of his head meant much to him. However, it was only the stroke of a hand, nothing more, but the panda thought it was forever.

Do not give yourself away except to Me.

You have put trust in others instead of in Me.

You worshipped the one who stroked your forehead. You endowed the stroker with that which cannot be bestowed.

You gave yourself away.

Do not displace yourself.

Place yourself with Me.

Look not for peanuts to be thrown to you.

Look for My light, for I have shone it on you.

Be like the Sun who shines its light. It is not dependent upon that which it shines its light on.

Know that you are a shiner of light, and worthy to shine My light.

You are not here on earth to pick up peanuts from the ground. You are not here on earth to toss peanuts either. You are here to walk the earth in My light. Peanuts are on the ground. I am higher. Look higher.

Cast your eye upward.

That is figurative, but it is also literal.

You cannot keep looking at the ground, for you will keep seeing what you have always seen there. Either look beneath the surface or above it. Either way, you will find Me. The pangs of life are also gifts for they remind you to look deeper or higher. Deeper and higher are the same. They both mean to look beyond.

You have looked to be dazzled, and that was your foolishness. You have looked to be crowned. You have looked for special favor. And all the scraps that were tossed to you — you took them for something more.

Now take the something more.

Stop taking less.

Walk right up to the light.

You are like the child who set out on his journey in the forest. He was so busy picking berries, he forgot his errand. He was in a mania of picking berries. He picked and ate, even if they didn't taste good, and, before he knew it, it was dusk, and he had forgotten that he was going somewhere.

You are going somewhere.

You pick people like berries, or they pick you.

And all the while, you forget about your journey. You just have to get to the next clearing. It is just over the next slope. You are almost there. Just a little more attention on following the Sun, and you will be there. It is not far. It is close. It is so close you forget about it. It is so close you have passed it and you wonder where it is.

It is here. Right here. Choose the sunlight, and you have it. Follow the sunlight and not detours. You have been following detours of your own making. You thought you saw signs saying Joy, but they said Illusion. The sign marked Joy lies right around you and within you. It is written on your heart for you to see and all to see. Look. Do you see it now?

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