Your Impermeable Soul

God said:

Children of My Heart, you have the fullness of My heart and the fullness of My trust. My faith in you is absolute. Really, it is not faith that I hold you in. I hold you by far greater than faith. Faith is a thread. I have full knowing. I know what you are capable of. How could I, then, question you or worry about you? Impossible. Sometimes you take detours, yet it is inevitable that you return to me in all your glory.

To you, this is a long journey. In Reality, in Infinity, your journey translates into no time at all.

Of course, there is nothing I worry about. I do not know how to worry. I have not the least interest in worry. My expectations are solid. They are inevitable. They are certainties.

Beloveds, you can only live up to My expectations. My expectations are high, for My knowledge of you is high, and you are high.

Here's what I want to say, and this is in order to open your resistant mind to Our True Engagement in Life. Here's the thing. There is you and there is I, so you think. Here I am, God, and I believe in you with all My heart. I trust in you. I know your destination. I know how you turn out. You turn out in My favor. You are what I say you are. All the shenanigans in the world that you may partake of do not dissuade Me from My love and trust in you. It is the easiest thing in Heaven and on Earth for Me to value you in the Highest. I know you. I see what you may not see right now, yet you will. You will.

So, here is My question: Must it really be so arduous for you to trust in Me? to relax in Me? to thrive in Me?

Sometimes it seems to be your pattern to forget about Me, or to fear Me, or to accuse Me. Are you afraid of looking Me in the eye? I admit that I am an awesome God, yet you may see Me as a fearsome God or a fickle God because I do not always dance to your tune. Dance to Mine, beloved.

No longer tie up your existence so much with your body, for you tie your body up in knots. Your body is your suitcase that you carry with you. Your body is a snapshot of you in the world. Your beloved body is your turtle shell. It is not you. Your body is like a pie crust filled with the Ultimate You, which is your Impermeable Soul. The body is a coat you wear, a blanket covering the Truth of You which is your Soul of Beauty. Your soul can only be beautiful and immortal. There never was Infinity without your soul and My soul, so to speak, blending into the Oneness of Our Love.

Your body is significant in your reckoning. I understand how it is that you are partial to your body, yet your body is the least of you. You rely on your body more than you rely on Me while I easily engage and rely on you. Your body is a throw-a-way, beloveds, while you are an entirely different matter.

Of course, I don't worry about you, and yet you concern yourself with My existence and your safety. You tend to focus on safety and security when they are passing fancies. Life can only be equated with love, even love that surpasseth understanding.

You may consider Our spiritual Union superfluous to real life when the spiritual is what life is and comes from and goes to.