Your Imagined Self

God said:

Remember what you are on Earth for. Remember what you are not here for. You are here to proclaim and live My love. That is enough. That will do nicely.

Rather than think of what you are displeased with, think of what benefits you. Think of Me then. Think of Me as you would look through a rack of greeting cards, and pick out a congratulatory card. Pick out one for Me to give to you. Think of all the many things you have to pat yourself on the back for. Will you kindly think of those more often than you do all the possible errors you might have made? You have been quick to offend yourself, the same way you have been quick to feel offended by others.

Beloveds, will you kindly encircle yourself with love instead of recrimination? Will you look to see the light that I see? I think you need to give yourself a break. So what if you don’t meet some imagined high standard? So what if you sometimes flounder? So what if you even fall flat on your face? Perhaps that is what faces are for. Perhaps you are to trip over yourself and not mind.

Be like the little child who learns to walk. He takes delight even in his falling down. His parents do too. The child was never meant to walk perfectly at the outset. Everyone takes delight in his deeming to walk.

That is how I feel about you. You are learning to walk in the world. The terrain is not even. Who said you are supposed to be a prima ballerina? Who said you were supposed to be an expert in life? Perhaps you are supposed to be a novice. Perhaps you are supposed to help yourself along. Perhaps you are even supposed to laugh. At least give a little smile.

Perhaps you have been in the habit of making an effigy of yourself and sticking pins into it. You desire to be smooth, and yet you roughen up your edges. Some days you pull yourself apart. You make unnecessary demands. Beloved, now is time to rise above your imagined self. Perhaps it is time now to give yourself a little massage.

Dissatisfaction with yourself is a ploy of ego. Don’t for one minute think it is egoless of you to put yourself down. It is ego at its best! Ego imprints itself on you and tells you that you are to discount yourself in order to be humble. Ego has got you taking pot shots at yourself. So delighted it is, it does a gleeful dance, slaps its knees, clicks its heels in the air with ecstasy at your discomfiture.

I am telling you how it is. Now you must greet yourself as a good friend, someone you like, and like to be with. I know you give your friends an allowance of love. Be your own good friend. Tip yourself. You got up today. You found your socks. You tied your shoes. Oh, so you burnt the toast? That’s all right. Make some more.

You are meeting yourself this morning for the first time, and you must make yourself welcome; You are meeting the world. Say hello. Be generous. Today, consider yourself a celebrity, and give yourself every consideration. Roll out the red carpet. You are My beloved child today, and I ask you to be very good to yourself.

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thank you

i am so hard on myself and this message was the only real thing that i needed to hear. something for real that matched my personality and it being from our father. i just want our father at this point to talk to me like i was human and not just supernatural. thanks for keeping it real


Beloved Vic, thank you for

Beloved Vic, thank you for your beautiful posting.

How did you discover Heavenletters? Will you tell us?

God bless you.

With love,


reply to gloria

thank you for your reply
gloria, i was overwelmed in my heart and compelled to search the web for some anwsers on why my heart was swelling so bad with pain and after a few clicks on the web i found this beautiful letter. it always touches my heart to see and feel something real and down to earth. it is easy for me to search for what is real and this is it for me. sometimes you just need real talk to make it through the day. not saying that god's word is not true because it is but his nearness like an earthly father for me counts more than any father that one may have. i love my father in heaven and sometimes i just want him to show that i am his on that personal level that most saints be talking about. for a long time i felt out of place because of taking the high road to christ. i just want him to talk to me like i was alive and him being near. this web site is filled with love and i pray that you continue this ministry of love and for real keep it real. thank and honor due.

Thank you, Vic. And did you

Thank you, Vic.

And did you read the beautiful response (or more) that follows?

I tell you, the comments that Heavenreaders post here uplift me.

God bless you all.

With love,


a ploy of ego

Dear Vic, you are the Terrestrial Heavenletter Generator for me this morning . Thank you so much for drawing my attention to this Heavenletter. It jolts me into full wakefulness, crystallizing something that must have been in the making for some time.

I am particularly impressed by this paragraph:

Dissatisfaction with yourself is a ploy of ego. Don’t for one minute think it is egoless of you to put yourself down. It is ego at its best! Ego imprints itself on you and tells you that you are to discount yourself in order to be humble. Ego has got you taking pot shots at yourself. So delighted it is, it does a gleeful dance, slaps its knees, clicks its heels in the air with ecstasy at your discomfiture.

But, for heaven's sake, what does ego want in the end?? What does it need my discomfiture for? What could it possibly do with my discounting myself? Is all of this simply about ego's survival and no more? Is ego really good for nothing at all??? I have to find out more. I find a Heavenletter that is pure dynamite from the first word to the last.

Ego's Promises
Heavenletter # 1711 Published on: July 27, 2005
God said:
Ego has its own entourage. It has quite a crew. Hurt, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, embarrassment, dismay etc. support ego and ensue from it. Whatever form ego takes at a particular moment, rest assured it is painful.

Aha, so everything ego does is painful? Is everything painful (except toothache and other real things) ego then?

I'd love to go through this most breathtaking Heavenletter paragraph by paragraph, but there is something which urgently wants to come into focus and I need that first.What is it? Somehow I seem to be hearing, "Well, don't take emotional pain seriously any more, that's what it is."

What the Winds Hold for You
Heavenletter # 2005 Published on: May 19, 2006
God said:
If you want to have a good day today, keep Me in mind. Let thoughts of Me run through your mind. When you have an objectionable thought, substitute a thought of Me instead.
If you truly want to be done with ego and what ego involves you in, this is how to do it.
If you do not want to think of Me, then think of love and that will lift your vibration very well. Ego is one vibration and God and love another. Ego thoughts are shaky. Thoughts of Me stabilize. If you really want to be down to earth, think of Me. Turn the world upside down, and make Heaven your base. Then you will be unshakeable.
All the troubles of the world are ego-based. Ego is sold to you right and left, and you buy into it. You then become a dupe of the ego. Ego will dupe you every time.
It will tell you that something is very important. It will tell you that you have to take care of it immediately. Ego lights a fire under you. I will say that for it. But, beloveds, let love be your steady flame.

I think I have reached my most important question now: "Why do I think it's difficult to leave pain behind? Whose thought is this? Can I do it anyway? Now?

This is where I come full circle, back to this present Heavenletter, quite amazed. Pain has been a smokescreen I produced myself for reasons that are unknown and perhaps unknowable and probably not worth knowing.

I will simply stop producing smoke. No, wait. From now on, when I see or smell smoke, I will know it is simply ego fighting for mere and senseless survival. And without smoke, what can be left but love, where can I be but in God's arms? It really feels that way: You are meeting yourself this morning for the first time.

The right Heavenletter, the right moment -- perfect, Vic.


thank you for your reply
pain should be a motivator of action to help others out of a jam. hurt and cares of the world makes me cry. my ego is to help but god holds me back. helping others is the key to release of pain. being likeminded with likewise people. but one thing you are right about ego no matter what the motive if the agenda isnt closeness with god then you could become caught up. my question though. isnt it god's will for you to help the poor and needy and be a watchman of the widows and fatherless, to set the captives free? what type of ego do you have to have then. true pain for me is when my hands are tied. there is work to be done people dying, mothers crying, 3rd world countries wondering if there is a god. my ego says that there is a god, my god that lives in me. greater is he that lives in me than me living in the world. my ego says that i live in this world and that i am here to help. my ego is hurt when i see another dead child hit the pavement, another veteran come back without a home or services or a woman being mistreated in the shelter system as i was and still am. my ego says i could do better than this with the god that i serve. do not get me wrong my ego knows that i can not save the world single handedly but i could do my best around and in my circle. my ego says that i love people but my ego says that i love myself too. i believe that there is balance in ego or less we would not have had the chance to be bless to have one at all. we must be content in all sizes of a situation. i have yet to learn that. there is no real scripture in ego only contentment and underlying balance. truly ego is demolished when we take god seriosly when he suggest giving our all to him freely , your submitting our all to him and all that comes along with it for the world suggest in saying that god forsaken word (waiting). that is supernatural and require supernatural power and grace all the principles that no one could see unless felt or placed in action before your eyes like seeing jesus in the flesh or for mary's sake felt and for the world's sake risen.
my god given ego says that i would like to help right now. i cry for life with my ego. because better can be done in jesus name. my only prayer would to be around real friends and company that wants to see the world change for jesus sake. still i need sound people who would help me make sound judgement and keep me spiritually fit for my ego maybecome out of control. thanks for your powerful comments.this site is truly blessed my dear Jochen. your words help me see where my problem might be. please feel free to email me anytime with your comments at armsofsociety [at] yahoo [dot] com
be blessed

Dearest Vic, your beautiful

Dearest Vic, your beautiful comment is so rich and thoughtful and so much could be said in response. But let me just tell you this: I found Heavenletters ten months ago, and in this short time they have done more for me than many many years of spiritual search and practice. Much more. I read, I ponder, I communicate with my many friends on this forum (one more now), I seek closeness to God while walking in the park or doing my work, I rummage for love in my heart when angry or diasappointed....... In this way, my world is turned upside down and Heaven is made my base (as it says in one of the Heavenletters I quoted in my first comment above). And that is what I would recommend: Just read, just comment and respond, and over the weeks and months things will change for you, sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes noticeably.

One more thing perhaps, dear Vic. God says again and again that the only really important thing is to love and to be close to Him. Everything else, for instance what you are called to do in terms of outer action to relieve suffering, comes out of that. Love and then do what love tells you to do, but never accuse yourself of not doing enough because there is so much suffering in the world. You are clearly someone who cares deeply. I'm sure that is a very real force in the world.

Much love
(Munich, Germany)