Your Heart Accepts

God said:

Who are you but I? And who was Christ but I actuated in a human heart? Who was Christ but the Human heart without ego? He made a natural transfer, from ego to Me and My light.

You think of Christ as a giver. Indeed, he was. But before he could be a giver, he had to be an accepter. He was a great accepter of truth. He knew he was the focus of My heart. He knew Whose love he carried within him. He accepted My totality within him. He heard Me speak — that is to say he heard My thoughts — and he answered, "Okay." He answered, "Yes." He did not answer, "Maybe," or "Someday sometime."

He didn't wait until he became good enough. He became good enough because he didn't wait. He heard Me louder than he heard the world, and he listened to what he heard and took it to heart.

He walked Me around the Earth. He carried My thought. There was nothing else for him to do but sing My love in his heart. How contagious a tune is! He sang Mine.

Jesus the man became Christ the light.

He reflected My light within him.

Anyone can do that. This very moment you can do that.

It is not that you have to become a believer. Beliefs are only thoughts.

Jesus became an accepter. That's all. I offered him, as I offer you, My total love and awareness, and he did not think about it or cogitate what to do. He accepted. He could not refuse My offering. He was so humble, he could not refuse. He did not dispute My choice of him. He did not think that perhaps I was mistaken about his worthiness. He did not think that perhaps he was smarter to look at his unworthiness, for he knew that sense of unworthiness is no more nor less than ego. What did you think it was?

Greatness is God. Christ did not debate his choice. He gave up ego and the sanctity of his own thoughts. He chose My choice, and so he chose himself, and so he gave Me to the world.

I have chosen everyone. Christ accepted My choice. You hesitate. You back off and say it is because you don't quite understand. That is your mind talking and not your heart. Your heart understands very well that there lies within you a giant of beingness ready to burst out from the confines of its self-imposed exile.

Christ stepped out of himself. He accepted My energy. He saw that I was beyond compare and he dared to accept what was offered him. He did nothing but accept what his eyes told him. He saw dross and he saw gold, and he chose gold and knew that when that choice was made, he had chosen for everyone. He could not choose just for himself any longer. Therefore he could not accept only a piece of what I offered. He had to accept enough for everyone.

We can say he had no choice. We can say that he did not see the dross. He saw only My light. There was nothing else at all out there but My light.

Would you refuse a dip into the ocean of Heaven?

Would you refuse to rise and be knighted by Me?

Would you refuse the only request I make of you which is to accept My offering to you?

I offer you your crown.

Do not say it does not fit. I fashioned it for you. It was made for you. You are the only one who can wear it.

Do not say it is too heavy for you to wear, for I made it of light, and the crown weighs nothing at all.

Would you refuse a kiss from Me?

Would you deny Me the giving of the gift I wish to give?

Would you ignore My hand held out?

Would you tell Me to be quiet?

Would you tell Me to be gone?

Would you tell Me I do not exist?

Would you tell Me that I am mistaken?

What would you tell me? I want to hear.

I have entrusted a message in your heart. Keep it safe there for Me. You do not yet know what the message says, but it is yours to keep in your heart. You carry My message, and one day you will open it and see that which I said long ago has come true.

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So much truth swelling here...

So much truth swelling here...waiting to burst out in love and joy. Why not now? Love and blessings, Jim.

"...But before he could be a

"...But before he could be a giver, he had to be an accepter. He was a great accepter of truth. He knew he was the focus of My heart. He knew Whose love he carried within him. He accepted My totality within him."

I am absolutely speachless at the beauty and depths of this Love Letter....