Your Gateway to Progress

God said:

The way to open your heart is to open your heart. Keep your intellect out of it, and opening your heart will be a cinch. When it comes to love, your intellect is to take a break. Intellect complicates. Your heart doesn’t do well when the intellect supervises it. Your heart will open without your intellect’s interference.

Your intellect puts your heart on a scale and weighs it. The intellect says: “Is this a good deal for you/us? Will it all come out all right? What will your parents think about this? Think well before you act.”

The intellect takes the joy out of opening your heart. Your mind has a long-range goal in mind. Your mind is attached to a specific outcome. Your mind says: “This is good so long as it comes out the way I want it to.”

The intellect sees love as an investment upon which you must have a return. The intellect believes that Life must go by certain rules, or you are making a mistake.

Look, don’t interpret opening your heart only with a guaranteed return. You are not being wayward by letting your heart feel as it feels, loving as you love, even if for one moment. We’re not talking about your taking advantage of any other or your being foolish and out of your mind, nor are you being just trendy. Reliance on your intellect isn’t necessary. Odds are your intellect will make you cautious. Being cautious restricts you. Your Life does not depend upon what you think about it – I take that back – your Life does depend upon what you think about it.

It's okay to let your heart have its say about Life. You are alive and living, not studying a manual.

The intellect has the idea that you are to be suspicious. You know what? You can be suspicious and be a fool. Of course, we don’t have to be talking about some great romance. Great romances have also been lost because of great caution. Do not play games with Love.

Anyway, we’re talking about openness to Love. Openness to Love doesn’t have to be about romance whatsoever. Don’t put a price on opening your heart. You are opening your heart when you smile at a young child. You are opening your heart when you offer a smile to anyone. Being friendly is opening your heart.

It isn’t that your heart has to be totally ajar for anyone to walk into it and set up camp. Simply, you come from friendliness. You don’t count scores any more than you count scalps. You don’t have to be supreme anything. We are talking about baring your heart and not barring your heart and limiting it as you may presently. You and your heart are unlimited. So be it.

No matter who you are, you are eligible for giving great Love from your heart. No one has to think you are great. You just want to be the Greatness you are. You are not to bottle up your Love and put a corset around it. You simply let your Love be. You don’t saran-wrap it, nor do you snip it.

Let your Love be free enough to live in the world.

Have a little joy. Give a little joy. You don’t have to beat the band and lead a parade. Just let your heart be warm. Your Love doesn’t have to do fancy foot work. Your Love can be just a breeze. It doesn’t have to be a big storm or tropical heat wave. Love doesn’t have to be a big deal. It doesn’t have to be a production. It doesn’t have to get all dressed up. It doesn’t have to be the Love of the century. Love just has to be the Love it is.

Love doesn’t have to be counted. Love doesn’t have to be promoted. Love doesn’t have to be a stand-out. Love doesn’t have to be a blockbuster novel. Love just has to be what it is for as long as it is. Love is your gateway to progress. Be the Love you are. Love.

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The way to open your heart

The way to open your heart is to open your heart.

Yesssssss, love this one.

Yes Berit

Amazingly simple...

Open Hearted Love

With great joy, gratitude and appreciation I lovingly command the holy mind to move into the sweet, sweet Innocent Heart inside the temple of my Being and in this unified State I know there is no difficulty in miracles because every holy breath I receive is a miracle. I AM one cell in a unified field of the most loving and shared Presence I could Imagine. I AM in Awe when I see this amazing world that my Heart created for me to injoy. :-)