Your Frame of Mind

God said:

If you would accept that you are My Beloved, what would there be for you to ever worry about?

If you would chose My way of thinking, what could the matter be?

When you, My children, believe in your own beating hearts as much as My heart, what fears would you have and how many would you act upon?

When you have more confidence in your thoughts and the world’s thoughts than you do in My thinking, what are you thinking, and what are you predicting, and what are you cultivating?

In God you would like to trust. In God, you would love to trust, yet when you trust fear more than you trust Me, what do you expect?

Of course, you would gladly accept trust in Me if only you could. Without trust in Me, beloveds, you trust the mayhem of the world, that which you see, and that which you hear about and read about. Generally, mayhem is more noticeable than peace. To your eyes, peace is more of a blank slate or some kind of non-entity. Peace doesn’t hold the barriers that skirmishes do so it is not quite so easy to point out peace.

After the last World War – the world was innocent nevertheless – when peace was declared, there was dancing in the streets! What a Glory Day that was from war to peace. Peace was a stand-out.

Alas, peace became old hat and wasn't as dynamic as it was at first. Alas, other troubles grew and the momentum of peace showed down and was not so clear to see.

Can it be possible that My children look for trouble more than they look for Peace? Could this be?

How can you get to be pain-free without having to bang your toe in order to feel the release of pain and so to appreciate freedom from pain?

Would that this attention to life in the world be reversed. What if anger did not have to be let go of in order to experience the resolution of peace and the joy it brings? What if you can take a deeper breath without having to inhale the smoke of a cigarette?

Why not have peace to start with? Why must My children have suffering first in order to rise higher? This seems to be the case, that there is some kind of insecurity first and then blessed relief after, and this deliverance from fear is called happiness.

The world may pride itself on common sense, yet what kind of sense does it make to favor pain before the peace you really want in the first place? Or, do My children really favor excitement over the calmness of peace? Must they? Must you?

I am asking questions this morning in order to raise your eyebrows a little and have you see how often and how much you anticipate pain, as if you live for it, as if pain and the release from pain is your own True Love.

Are you surprised to discover that you have played favorites with one kind of suffering or another?

I ask you to step out of the frame of mind you have often jousted in. There are other premises to come from. Must you have attachment accompanied by fear of loss? Who says that is inevitable? Not I.

The point is that dreams do come true, and you may dream and shudder more from sense of loss than you may follow through on the dreams your heart most desires. Perhaps it is your wont to focus more on what you fear than what you want.

There are many possibilities in the world. Anything is possible. It is also possible that fear does not have to come before joy.

Think about joy more and call it to you. Preoccupy your thoughts with what you would like. Think of what you would love, and imagine this love played out and automatically bring more love in and give it out as well.

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I have noticed as my awareness and my self confidence grows that I truly do have the ability to call forth more love, gratitude, joy and appreciation into my world. My imagination and my holy breath are powerful and I am very grateful for the daily inspiration in each Heaven Letter. Thank you.

You are having wonderful

You are having wonderful experiences, dear Christine. It's inspiring to read.


I am grateful

Thank you for your kind words Clemens. Together as One we are miraculous.
Love and Happy Blessings,