Your Beliefs Are Not Necessarily True

God said:

What if you have been mistaken about life as you view it?

Of course, aspects of life differ from varied points of view.

What if you learned that life is a long climb and so you can only keep trudging? You keep seeing the long hill before you. Life, from one angle, is just like that. You see hopelessness from one view or another. Hope also exists. And you can have more than hope, more than faith. You can know the good that is on its way to you. Take your pick.

What if you have been duped, and you are already at the top of the hill? You kept climbing, yet you were already at the peak? What if you really didn't have to struggle.

What if you have been like a pauper who unbeknownst to himself had enormous savings he had forgotten about? The fortune was his, nevertheless, yet, innocent as he was, he never laid claim to his fortune.

If only the pauper/millionaire knew that he really did have a Great Fortune, just didn't know where it was exactly, yet he did wear the Seal of the King's Treasury on a gold chain around his neck – he might still have been a literal pauper, yet he would carry himself in the image of a rich man indeed.

What if this pauper had heard a prophesy that he was the True Prince who was destined to wear the Gold Crown? What would his posture be like then? The wealth was truly his. Some day he will find it. I say he will find it. The wealth was in his blood stream or in his DNA, if you prefer.

In the case of your wealth as the holy son or daughter of the King of Heaven, you have been told of your inheritance. Your inheritance is assured. You are informed that you already have it, not in a bank, but that you already have it all within you. All you have to do is to show up.

When you don't know that you hold the Treasures of Heaven within you, you don't know enough to know Reality. You have to know it, and you have to let this sink in.

Better to know who you are and what is your rightful inheritance than not to know. Even if you have only a suspicion that you have the winning ticket, you are blessed to suspect you do.

I tell you Who you are, and you don't believe. You may feel what is held out to you is too good to be true and that it will never happen.

Let Me tell you, Sons and Daughters, before your fortune arrives, it is good for you to claim it.

What is Truth, beloveds?

Let Me tell you something. Even if you have all the treasure promised in your hand, even if you have been notified and the inheritance certified by Me, still you might not believe it!

Why must you doubt good fortune as yours? I tell you good fortune is absolutely true. You may be polite, yet you hold this out as not true just the same. You see it as a nice story, but just a story, an impossible story, one that can never come true, certainly not for you.

You hold yourself as a believer in realism, in which you dedicate yourself to, as if only what you can see with the five senses can pass muster. You just can't believe in your good fortune. It doesn't matter what I say.

The Ugly Duckling was innocent. He didn't know who he was, and yet he grew up to be a beautiful swan.

Your story is also a case of mistaken identity.

You may believe you are a lowly forgotten hapless being who must be denied riches and always struggle in life.

Let go of the past and the past identity you associated yourself with.

Look higher. Look for a Higher Truth. Wake up to your Destiny. Make room for it. Accept your heritage. I give you the straight goods. It's okay. It's okay to be mistaken. Let go of past beliefs. Why hold on to them? Past beliefs are not your Lucky Charms.

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Beautiful but unclear

I enjoyed the letter very much but I must admit I do not understand one thing. You speak about being wrong about your beliefs not being true yet do not point them in the letter. You talk about not knowing like in case of the Pauper or the person climbing the hill or an Ugly Duckling. Those people didn't know they already had a key to their success/knowledge/identity in their hand and it is not exactly that they believed something/someone else. They did not question their faith but merely lacked strength to recognize the surroundings. What I understand by other beliefs is a different deity or lack of it or Great Spaghetti Monster (no offense meant) in face of knowing there is just one true God. Summing up, it's a good letter but a little misleading and unclear.

Hello, Helen. Thank you for

Hello, Helen. Thank you for expressing yourself.

My understanding or my opinion is that this Heavenletter isn't complicated at all, dear one. Our beliefs, whatever they may be, are our beliefs. There is an aspect where it doesn't matter what they are. It didn't even occur to me that God meant to be theoretical here in the sense of beliefs about Himself.

All of us hold beliefs about Life that we believe to be true, and on one level or another, certainly seem like Reality. We see suffering, and we believe in suffering as a fact of Life when the Truth may be a different story. We see as we see, and we hold our views of life to be true. We are all alike in this, I suppose. We hold a strong belief in the concept death when God says there is no death. There is the surface of Life, and there are the depths of Life. We believe that Life is supposed to be one way and not another. We believe in illness. Whatever our beliefs are, we hold on to them dearly. Wars have been fought over beliefs of those who claim belief in a particular God and lord Him over all others. God (my feeling) transcends religion.

I don't think any of us have to convince others of what others must believe in. God gave us Free Will. My picture of God does not have to be yours, or vice versa. For someone to live a life of goodness and mercy, he does not even have to believe in God, as I see it. My belief is that no one has to believe what others may believe he does.

Whatever we believe in, we are affected by it. I saw this as the point of the Heavenetter.