You, Yes, You, Are God’s Glory

God said:

Beautiful Children of Mine, at the Heart of you, am I. Do not think that I glorify Myself, nor do I glorify you. You ARE My Glory. You ARE the Glory of God. This is how it is, plain and simple. This is Truth. This isn’t illusion or fanfare. This is not an attempt at cheer or encouragement. I am not spoofing you. You just can’t quite take in what I say, and so you scoff as though I make a joke out of you, limited as you may be in your trust in Me.

Granted that you are imperfect in your day-to-day enterprise, you are convinced that you are the ignorant. You have no doubt. Of course, this platform you come from is absolute folly. You just about respond with: “HA-HA.” You have not only convinced yourself of your ignorance, you prove true to it.

You would rather proclaim yourself outside Heaven’s doors than to bluff your way or take a chance that you can be more than you are generally thought to be. How you don’t want to fall flat on your face. You would rather not presume at all than to proclaim fabrication. You can lie about a lot of things, yet you feel preposterous to lie about your Identity so boldly on this Earth.

Honestly, you are not going to kid yourself and be caught out.

You might like to theorize that you would like a promotion at work and become the CEO, yet you simply don’t have the bluster to carry it off. You could fantasize that there is nothing you are afraid to tackle. You may play with the possibility only in terms of ego. You are perhaps more afraid of being ridiculous than of even the possibility of rising to Godhood even as you would wish to. You can only laugh hardee ha ha at the absurdity of your being more than you believe.

While you hardly dare contemplate the frivolity of this that I maintain -- that you are Myself -- you are certain you are incapable of any such thing. You are sure this is an absurdity. You think I must be out of My Mind to say such a thing.

Yet, even so, there are the reserved moments when you have a vague wondering at why I would exclaim this unless it were true. For what reason would God state this? There are miracles in the world you can readily accept, yet, not this one. You don’t want to fall flat on your face.

There are brief moments when you might like to believe that you have Vast Ability, yet you shake your head. No matter how many times you protest your inability, a slight thread of doubt runs through your doubt, barely an imagined glimpse of doubt, the possibility surely too much to hope for.

In any case, it is a moot point to you, for you see yourself blundering day after day.

Once in a blue moon, you might hear a refrain that perhaps you are more gifted than you know, that somehow the rare possibility exists within you that you are greater than you think and greater than anyone thinks except for Me.

When someone in ordinary day to day life asks you how you are, you may say, “Great,” and not mean it at all. You may feel low or even slatternly.

Dear Ones, reconnoiter. In a corner of your mind, retain the flash of an idea that you are what I say, that there is more to you than meets the eye, that I am clear and know Who you are, and you are not a little pipsqueak but a Great Being hidden from sight Who will walk out into the Bright Sun and declare the Reality of All-Knowingness with Humility and without Ego, and you will know this is the Truth.

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The ancient ONE looks out upon the dance with compassion and with a smile and waits patiently for the young ONE to knock upon the Door and both of them are ME. Hugs of comfort to everyOne in the Heaven Letters Family.

Much appreciated!

Thank you, lovely ladies.

Yesterday at the perfect moment to comfort me,
a beautiful butterfly also alighted by my side.

Hugs :-)

Ah, perfection. Both

Ah, perfection. Both Christine and you!

Thank you <3 Your letters

Thank you <3 Your letters help me get through the burdens of every day. My son has cancer and it is not easy to help him... God Bless you, child!

Dear Andrew, please go to

Dear Andrew, please go to the comments under October 19 Heavenletter, With a Silver Spoon and read a comment from Edward. Edward's comment came right after yours, dear one. To lose a child -- as the world says -- is a terrible terrible thing. Please read Edward's comment.

How you must feel. God has a different take on what the world says.

Is it possible that your son will regain his health?