You Sing in a Wholeness That Can Only Be Sung as You Sing It.

God said:

There is a moment of no thought. No thought is where the Heart of Life discovers or uncovers itself, or, We could say, gets past itself. At this non-time, there is no existent time. There is no ego dancing around. You are at these non-times spot on, assuredly sans time.

For general purposes, when you are above thought -- or is it when you are beneath thought or out of thought -- who can say? -- no one on Earth can speak for you beyond a doubt to establish that you are solidly in Infinity. I, however, do say this to you without a doubt.

Beloveds, in Infinity, there are no seat-backs to lean against. When you are in Infinity, you are nowhere else even when you may be without your cognizance of this in your daily life.

When you are in Infinity, you just are, which is another way to say that, singularly, you are beyond existence in where you exist as a disparate piece of Life. There is no awareness of thought nor is there awareness of no thought. You are beyond thought. We might say you are the Essence of no thought. You are on the underbelly of no thought even as there is no underside to it. You are, as it were, the overlord of thought, the overlord of thought not yet contained yet, well, maybe, undone or outdone or superseded or in a still lake not yet surfaced, not yet viewed, nor yet capable of being viewed nor is viewing desired or even considered or imagined or can exist with Self-Consciousness of its Self as anything at all.

This non-thought could be described perhaps as a non-thought that doesn’t require thinking about its Self, not having to describe its Self to any measure known or unknown. The Knowing is deep in the Knowing of Its Self without the convention of language. This is often beyond human configuration in the world.

As soon as you might configure a non-thought to any extent, it has been dis-assembled. It has been undermined. There is no about it when it comes to Pure Thought, if, indeed, We can speak of Pure Thought at all.

Pure thought is pure, or it is not, yet it is beyond -- or whatever preposition you might use -- beyond thought altogether. Pure Thought is Greater than thought which can be discerned. You are deep in the Meaning rather than deep in Thought.

When you sing, you sing in a wholeness that can only be sung as you sing it. Therefore, you don’t marshal it. Singing is beyond describing the contents of your heart. Describing has nothing to do with the actuality. This is just it: The actuality cannot be described without the actuality’s fading into oblivion.

Yes, I describe you as the Wonderer of this which We can call non-thought, you the very one who is constantly pursued by thought even in sleep, even in dreams, even when you can’t remember or outline or cover up or anything at all.

I do not mean unconscious thought or superconscious or supraconscious thought nor do I mean simply thought not yet thought of. What I mean is more like Being Its Self, the Kernel of Consciousness. The Kernel of Consciousness is like the seed that is housed deep in the acorn and is beyond vision yet exists just like that.

In this non-place, words can only fumble and disappear -- ah, beyond language, beyond words, beyond any approximation of semblance.

We speak of a State of Consciousness, a State of Knowingness. You are either in the State its Self or you are outside its borders, although the very point is there are no borders for this State to be contained in. We are not talking about an unbordered state any more than a bordered state. This state cannot be pinpointed nor demarked or even unbordered. This state is beyond being analyzed into thought, for analyzing dissolves the thought. Some things cannot be made into a formula for, at that point, you would have gotten outside what you wished to sort out and, so, lost it.

You may say you can make no sense of what I am saying. By sense you mean logic. We are speaking of Beyond Logic and entering a Land of Instancy and Wholeness, a land away from spitting distance from thought. Thought cannot be made to fit a mold when the Truth is that there is no mold.

Beloveds, Wholeness cannot be designated as this Wholeness or that Wholeness. Wholeness is, or it is not. The Whole Story is that there is Wholeness yet no description that can go along with Wholeness. Description can only lag.

You cannot wholly put description in your pipe and smoke it.

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I think that this is the

I think that this is the Heavenletter of all Heavenletters.

Thank you, Beloved God.

Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

Dear Paula,indeed, also for

Dear Paula,

also for me this is one of the most impressive Heavenletters ever read. Just marvellous!

Aren't the Heavenletters a true miracle, given by God to us every day anew?

Love and blessings, Clemens

the Heart of Life

Looking back over the last several weeks, I find nothing that could have prepared me for this silent blast that feels like the keystone of I don't know what. It brings to mind older Heavenletters and blog entries but also is new in some indescribable way. I don't even remember what I wanted to say just now. But I love it I love it I love it.

I lie down at the feet of

I lie down at the feet of all the comments above

I too am awed by this Heavenletter and its title.

It's like understanding it and not understanding it at all. It is beyond my understanding. I don't even try to understand it.

Yet it would seem that we do understand it, perhaps understand it more than anything else, that we are there without getting there - or here rather.

Rover, I wonder does this Heavenletter belong in the book of 25 Heavenletters that shook the world or in another category of Heavenletter book -- a certain number of Un-understandable Heavenletters? That's a great title too, a blockbuster kind of title could be. Hmm, Iike it.

Normand, does this belong in the compelling book you are composing like music on Science and Spirituality rolled into One about Heavenletters -- as well as anywhere else the essence of this Heavenletter wants to be? Do you perhaps want to give a little sneak preview right here. This is absolutely up to you. What you have is absolutely worth waiting for.

I will mention here as well that Normand is a long-time Godwriter. The Godwriting that comes through Normand tends to come through him in a creatively scientific vein. God bless you, Normand.

Siomara, a strong Portuguese translator, wrote this morning that this is the most difficult Heavenletter she ever translated. Clemens, an active resource for Heavenletter Angel Volunteer Translators and for me, also mentioned that another translator said this.

To the best of my recollection, this is one of the Heavenletters that just rolled itself out, flowed out quickly and seamlessly . I can only guess in twenty minutes or less. Of course, it would have to be this way.

Thank you all for your inspiring comments. Bless you.

God speaks about Being and only Being.

Who else than God could say anything about the supreme abstraction of BEING? If "abstraction" currently means the condition of being so lost in solitary thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings, we could adapt this definition: abstraction is the condition of purely being, without and beyond being lost in a non-awareness of thought or no thought. Being is so fundamental, it is impossible to go beyond. It is unanalysable, unconceivable and human logic would be infinitesimally fragmented to the point of annihilation.

"This non-thought could be described perhaps as a non-thought that doesn’t require thinking about its Self, not having to describe its Self to any measure known or unknown." Every thought necessarily requires thinking about Its Self which means, by extension, that thought is basically a self-reference process. As a pure, abstract Being (One), God needs no self-referencing in His Beingness. When your are in Infinity (Being), you are beyond existence in where you exist as a disparate piece of life.
To understand BEING, you need to abandon the self-referencing of your existence (as a disparate piece of life), because in this Heavenletter God is making Being explain itself in a pure self-reference process without One’s surroundings.

We could go for pages and pages by just following the path of Self-reference of Oneness. This is a pure jewel of Godwriting: God writing Himself through the heart, mind and hand (+computer and Internet) of the Godwriter.

How come that such a new Revelation as Heavenletters has not been the topic of many books?
Instead of waiting anymore to see coming an abundant literature on Heavenletters, I decided to do something about it right now by writing “The First Book Ever Written on Heavenletters” which focuses on the numerous attempts to connect consciousness to the body, mind to the brain, spirituality to science, Theories of Everything to the Master Theory of Oneness(the Master Algorithm of One).

the topic of many books

"How come that such a new Revelation as Heavenletters has not been the topic of many books?" Normand's thoughtful question has been asked in different forms on this forum, all amounting to "Why does not the world take notice of Heavenletters the way they deserve being noticed?"

I believe it's because books (essays, articles, comments ...) want to be about something und thus are dualistic by nature. What God calls "Being" does not have an about. Put differently, if books on Heavenletters aren't eagerly being written, part of the reason may be that Being isn't just "fundamental" but all there is. There's nowhere else from where to say something about Being (Oneness, God). Twoness is imagined, it is God's/my/your imagination, and imagined personhood doesn't seem to be a vantage point from which a whole lot of truly meaningful statements could be made about Heavenletters (or anything), not enough to fill a book, I would suspect.

Another reason may be that human logic is really God's. Or that logic is beside the point.

A third reason may be that Heavenletters aren't really a new revelation but the result of God's decision to finally wake up in more than just a few if His imagined characters. He won't have to read books for that. His (my, your) intention is enough.

All of that doesn't mean that writing books is wrong, of course. It can be fun or food for writers and readers. But I believe it's good to have some idea of what can – and cannot – be expected. Words of love and of living, vibrant passion like the ones we find in this Heavenletter and many others, resonate on some illogical or extra-logical level and can melt or break the ice of pain and wanting to make sense.

Ah, God, sometimes Your "moment of no thought," of entering paradise, feels so close. How did You do it this time? Somehow the words seem necessary for this to happen, but in what way?Obviously not as explanation, elucidation or information. Music?

comment as a painting

I did a painting about this last heavenletter, which I translated into german. but I dont know how to place Paintings as comment. can you help? In my opinion the letter about thinking and not thinking is to find in its completion the peace, between my thoughts,stillpoint Beingness behind all thinking. this is what we all are learning. this peace came as a drawing.And this drawing gives somehow the essence of this complex and bejond logic breathing HL

Dear Suzanne, I couldn't be

Dear Suzanne, I couldn't be more excited than I was and now I am more thrilled. Yes, I get high on Heavenletters! Oh, a slogan: "Get High on Heavenletters!"

You just wrote a remarkable comment. Your drawing will add so much. It will have to be posted on Facebook etc.

Clemens, I know you know how to post images. Can you guide Suzanne in posting it herself. I ask this so Suzanne's art can appear within her comment.

Suzanne, this is all too amazing how this is coming together. Might you send me the image as an attachment? I can't wait.

I don't know how to post images either.

Is it okay with you that we use your painting as an illustration for an ebook we might do or whatever we might do to accompany this Heavenletter? Please tell us what words, copyright etc. you want to accompany it.

God bless you,

Love, Gloria


Very special Gloria

Dearest Suzanne, did the

Dearest Suzanne, did the representation of your art get squeezed onto the forum because of the narrowness of the space? Someone will be able to balance the presentation of your beautiful art that repesents peace. Thank you again!

Dear Gloria, Suzanne`s image

Dear Gloria,

Suzanne`s image has not been squeezed. Suzanne had created two similar pictures. I had sent you the smaller one which was almost quadratic. The picture on the forum is the larger one which has the format as displayed. So everything is correct.

Love, Clemens

Yes, I see the sweetness of

Yes, I see the sweetness of the vertical now. Just right. Thanks, Clemens.

beautifully described

beautifully described Suzanne. I agree. This is my favorite:
When you sing, you sing in a wholeness that can only be sung as you sing it.
Much love, Uta
PS: I can help you with your painting

Rover, I could swear there

Rover, I could swear there were 3 more amazing comments from you that I posted, and, alas, now I don't see them!

Will you kindly resend? Is it perhaps just my computer that isn't updating? I sure would to have up and running!

Not to worry, dear Gloria.

Not to worry, dear Gloria. My comments are under the respective Heavenletters they were taken from. They show in the list of forum comments under "Community".

Got it! Thank you

Got it! Thank you