You Need to Know the Love in Your Heart

God said:

When I gave you the gift of life in the world, you eagerly accepted the gift. Now you have second thoughts. Now you talk behind My back, so to speak. Of course, you may rant and rave at Me, and you are sure that I don’t hear you anyway. I do hear you, and I do want you to speak your heart. I want no pretense. I would far rather you protest than not speak to Me at all. Speak to Me.

Finish your ranting and ravings, and then, when you are finished, We can get down to the business of life. Now We are going to play cards. Now We are going to get down to it.

Seriously, what would you like from Me? Do not be struck dumb because I am sitting down with you. I give you more than three wishes. I say to you to speak your heart. Spill out your heart to Me. And when you have finished your grievances, then We can get down to it. Two good-hearted hearts can speak. Speak your heart of hearts to Me. What are you going to say?

You will ask that you can understand the meaning of life. I will answer you, and then you will say you still don’t understand. And then I will ask you: “Even then without understanding, what is it you want?”

You may ramble on and on, and then I will ask: “What is it you would like right now?”

You may hem and haw.

Eventually, when push comes to shove, you will come to say: “God, I want love. I want Your love. I want love, plain old simple love. I really want it from everywhere. I want everyone and everything to love me. I want love more than anything else. Let me have love that is beyond my understanding. Let me be so loved that I know nothing but love, that I know only love, and that I have a surfeit of it.”

“Well, then,” I say, “you have all that now.”

And then you say: “Then I want to know it.”

And then I say: “By the breadth of love you give, you will know the love you have.”

You will tell Me that you have heard that before.

Beloveds, today give what you may feel is your last ounce of love. You may have to pull love up as if it were a tired old horse. Give out your last dram of love, as it were. Give out love even when you can’t. Still pull love up by its bootstraps, and give out what seems like your last drop of it. Give out love even when you can’t. Give it out anyway, and you will find the well of love in your heart rise. You can do it. Even when you don’t want to, you can do it. When you think there is no reserve of love left in your heart, that is when you must, above all, give love.

When you think your heart is a dry desert, that is when you must, above all, give love.

When you are sure you have no love to give, that is when you must, above all, find it and give it away. In the process of dealing out love as though it were your last card, you will begin to see the full deck you come from.

When you feel you have the least love to give, that is when you must above all give it. You need to know your love more than anyone needs it. You will come to know that by giving, you are the recipient of your own love. You are the one who drinks at your own well.

Drink deeply, beloveds, drink.

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the contemplation of fthe last ounce of love

dear God

you speak here of the last ounce of love, it is as you want us to buy a dozens of eggs and consume them raw to get enough "omega 3", but you are alpha and omega that means you can make of the last ounce also the first ounce. so Spill out your heart to Me

Incidentally, beloved

Incidentally, beloved Nirmala, I am able to buy the most wonderful fresh organic non-commercial eggs in the world, where the hens are pastured, and I do eat them raw!

also incidentally I have

also incidentally I have three canaries, two males and one female and once a week she lays an egg, and that is the joyous feast for the two others, I feel because of that they are so healthy and give me a lot of joy. they are so healthy and I always receive so much gratitude from them for everything I give them, it is a take and give, of course they sing theirs songs all day long.

By the way I love eggs, but only recently I re-discovered that they are good for me. Also of course raw!

Nirmala hears the "still small chirp."

When I was growing up, my dad fixed both of us a couple of raw eggs each, mixed with an egg beater with a bit of honey and vanilla added. We loved it. That may be why I'm 86 and getting stronger.


Seriously, what would you

Seriously, what would you like from Me? Do not be struck dumb because I am sitting down with you. I give you more than three wishes. I say to you to speak your heart. Spill out your heart to Me.

Love You !

Give love...

And then I say: “By the breadth of love you give, you will know the love you have.”

One of the easiest ways to give love is to think of what you like and then love it. It could be a flower or a friend or even that new back hoe that you have been wanting to buy. Or maybe a beautiful memory of a special person or event. Or maybe just something that you would like to inner peace. Whatever it is...just soon as you love, love is replenished...and love just flows. Relax into love...Like a flowing , gentle river...float on and into love...Loving you always. Jim and Jimi.

Jim Keller's wisdom tastes like God's best dish.

Jim, your words have their way with me.
I'm still breathing hard. My mind's on God's high board. Thanks sweet friend


going with the flow

Thank you for these words of encouragement, if we just love what is needed and flow into that feeling, it is so much easier. We do need to pray for those that lost, all and need a place to be, when you loose all, you learn to appreciate what you do have and are thankful for that.

Trying to love is very much like trying to smile.

"Be still and KNOW that I AM is God.

Try to smile and everyone can see the plastic fake grin. Their response will be fake.
Try to Love and everyone will see the fake pretension acting as intention.
You are what life has made you to be at the point of this reading.
You don't have to work to be the real, eternal Light Being you have always been, even when you don't feel like it. See thoughts grow whatever you plant. Read Heaven-letters.

Your mind is neutral and will serve your body, your brain, your spirit, your stomach, your fears or your will. Today choose the kind of thoughts that make you the kind of person that you want to be and are.

You can't make a dead stick love. You can't make a dead head love. You can only pretend. Let God do His work of Life in your dead head and it won't be dead. You can only be what you are. God's at work in you right now as you read.


Be still.....

Let your head and mind, learn from the heart as it teaches the mind to love, then the ideas that come out are full of love and ideas, let them reach out to the world and help them in those ideas, every one helping in different areas to an idea. this is the transformation of the world, let the ideas flow and become something much more than it was, to the betterment of the world.