You Lose Nothing but Attachment

God said:

Everyone wants to leave a mark of himself in the world. When it's your time to come Home, you want to leave an imprint of yourself, something that says you were here on Earth. You want to leave something that says:

"I was here. I lived and breathed here. I was a human Being on Earth for a short span of physical life." You want some testament to yourself to remain. This, of course, is your attachment to Life in the World. Life on Earth holds great significance to you.

The fact is that later it will not have this kind of importance to you. This is not sad, dear ones. When you literally climb a ladder, you are not attached to the last rung your foot was on. You climbed a ladder, and now you are on another rung of the ladder. There is no attachment. No reason for it.

You may think of your childhood home with attachment. It was special. You remember every nick and cranny. There is something you long for that accompanied the home where you were born. This is attachment pure and simple. Your early home is adorned with part of your life that is no longer. You might like to visit this home once again. It is where you yourself took place. It was where you lived as a child with your family.

Even if you visit your former home, your family is no longer there. You associate your childhood with that home on a street, this home that you lived in and grew up in. You used to burst through the door. Seemingly, now it is like Narnia that you entered through.

In the world, there is associative attachment. While you are on Earth, you are knitted to what has been.

When you leave Earth, attachment is no more. You long for nothing. You have gone beyond attachment. You don't crave brick and mortar. Childhood home doesn't matter any more. Nostalgia is an affair on Earth. Love in Heaven has not a tinch of attachment. You have everything. You have Life Everlasting. There is nothing you need. You abide in Infinity, your True Home.

Nothing is lost but attachment.

As a child, it’s likely you especially loved riding on a merry-go-round. When or how the importance of the experience of merry-go-round left you, you have no idea.

Another way of expressing what I say to you is that you can't really attach yourself to the past. The past is not Reality. You do not require an assigned identity, for love is your I.D. Unattached love is your I.D., and you live and breathe love in Heaven without actually drawing a breath. You are the Beingness of Love. We can call you Love Flowing.

You require no signposts. You require no evidence. You have no keepsakes. In the Presence of Love, what else do you need?

Yes, this is Life in Freedom. Attachment, after all, is only a picture in your mind, a thought, and it really isn't part and parcel of you. Attachment is more like a little song you hum. It serves no purpose at all except as you depart from it. No longer do you lead yourself to experience the past vis-à-vis the present. Life does not slip through your fingers. Life is this moment, this Throb of Eternity.

Of course, there is no throb. You are not outside Eternity to talk about it. You are not a visitor to Eternity. You are Eternity. You have nothing missing. You are never absent. You are not in front of Eternity. Nor are you behind it or on either side of it or above or below it. You don't appear earlier or later. You don't seek Love because you are Love, and there is no world to appear in when you are knowingly in Eternity.

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Loving it!

Loving it!

'When you climb a ladder,

'When you climb a ladder, you don't attach yourself to the last rung your foot was on.' I love the way how it perfectly illustrates what God has meant.
'You don't seek Love, because you are Love. ...
'You don't require an assigned identity, for love is your I.D.'
I Love it! It is just so easy and simple, it's like 'how else could it be?'. I Love You, God. You are Love, You fill everything and anything with love. as much as it can be, it's so heartwarming.
With Love,