You Have a Greater Purpose

God said:

How can you get caught in disappointment when you have a greater purpose in life? When you are devoting yourself to Me, how can you get your foot caught in little traps of the world? So, you expected more from friends, and they didn’t give it to you. What better time than this to put your attention on what you give to Me.

Sometimes you disappoint yourself and feel you have disappointed Me. First of all, I do not deal in disappointment. I deal in love. I do not rail at you, even in My thought. Because you sometimes forget in Whose image you are made is hardly a reason. Be more like Me, and you will not concern yourself with trifles either.

Whether someone says yes or no to you, it is a trifle. It is an aside of life. It is not the main thing. Your heart doesn’t have to be disrupted because you feel one way and someone else feels another. You can feel another way now. You can feel better. You can see that it doesn’t behoove you to honor disappointment and what you see as others’ failings. Let not disappointment be a failing of yours. It can only be a failing.

It is in your mind that someone let you down. If you carry disappointment in your heart, you are letting yourself down. Certainly, were circumstances reversed, you would have said Yes and not disappointed. You would have said Yes without batting an eye. But that is you. And maybe those who hurt your heart by saying no – maybe they would not be so disgruntled as you if an occasion arose when you would say no to them.

They have every right to say no to you. It is you who has no right to be injured.

It is not for you to set standards for others. Who are you to set up a line that no one should cross? Someone will cross it, beloveds. Better you do not set up the line in the first place. Allow people to be what they are without recrimination from you.

You had every right to make your request, and they had every right to say no to your request.

You are not the injured party. Beware that you do not cause injury. Where was it written that it was for you to condemn another because he did not live up to your expectations? Why, it was not even written that you should become peeved. Whatever affront you may perceive, your being affronted is greater.

People give what they can give. They have their own scenario in life. And they have their own gifts. And they have their own lives, whether their lives concur with yours or not.

Contrary to public opinion, I do not give you tests. You create tests for yourself. Rather you see test where it is not. You would not be so disappointed if you did not assume in the first place. Who are you to assume what another’s response will be?

You resent that others are not so gracious to you. Beloved, how gracious are you being right now?

If this were a scene in a play, what script would you write for yourself? Would you play the tragedian? Would you give yourself a sullen script? Perhaps you would give yourself a script where you would go on to bigger and better things. Perhaps you would walk down a lane lined with budding flowers rather than a lane littered with the past. Rather than holding on to hurt feelings, you would let them go.

Admonish yourself for being so sensitive. Let others’ trespasses go. They are only trespasses, and little ones at that. You are the one who made them appear big. Now get them and yourself down to size. Feel better now.

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"You had every right to make

"You had every right to make your request, and they had every right to say no to your request. "

"People give what they can give.Feel better now."

A year ago, when I started reading Heavenletters, there were times like this with God saying "You can choose to be happy!" or " YOU were let down. No one did" and things like that. Back then, I was angry with God and wanted to punch my hand on the desk. My dialogue with Him was totally heretical! :big

"Wise guy,with your bla-bla-bla...Here you go again with your non-realistic advice! You think it's so easy to have someone trample on your heart and betray you and then push a button and forget the whole thing? Come down on Earth to see how simple is that! What do You expect me to do? To be a detached machine and leave everyone dance on my back? Grrrrrr. Why do You make excuses for them? You think this is fair? I know what Your answer will be. It's all so cloudy and fairy and idealistic and "sainty" when You talk ".

Enough with the grumpy past. It makes me feel awkard and sometimes I want to laugh because I seem like a cartoon showing its punch to the skies! :big

Now, I know what God is saying and I don't object to it. "He's" right. We can choose to feel happy no matter what because only a slave does what the others order him to do. A Master thinks and chooses for himself.



Such Wisdom, Maria!! "A

Such Wisdom, Maria!!

"A MAster thinks and chooses for himself!!!".

Bless you!
I was reading the Heaven Letter and had a viseral reaction to it...and was calmed by god's prescence.
EGO is funny sometimes.

The degree to which one has suffered malice , is often to the degree times millions of what greatness the Universe and God has in store for them.

There is reason to smile, especially in momnets we think we ough t to cry...because God has a bigger plan and a bigger vision.
So, I'll post the response that God wrote from Heaven.

It is really 'senseful' and asks us all to Dream, not fear and BElieve in The Dream and watch it unfold..and if you can't pass the fear.
Say a prayer to God:"really, it i seasy to clear:"Just say:"God, Spirit, Superconscious,I can't see past this fear, or anguish, or hopelessness, or doubt, or( whatever it is that you can't see past)______. Please Dear God, I ask for you to clear the way....and allow me to see with your vision.

Allow me to feel safety and Joy and security (and whatever else it is that you need to feel & experience____________and deliver me , God, spirit
I ask and know in your Love , I shall receive, even beyond what I have asked for, and by such my vision and my experience will be larger, and I will know it is you, because it is unconditional and absolutely amazing.

Miracles have no limits beloved.
So, accept and receive one today.

Say, outloud, now:"I receive you, God...I am open and receiving of you and unmarred by naysayers, because miraculously they have been removed from my experiences. Welcome in the "yes men" and the MAYYOUsayers!!!

And So, it is.
Healed. Done an delivered.
"Thanks", for believing and for being willing to Let Go.

Heaven is yours.

This is God and what I know God and the Heaven Letters is saying.



Now...anything at all that you really want to have, or be, or do. No thirty-day trial. No fees. No morgages, or user fees. No credit card Installments.
It is yours now.
It needs space to happen , so let it go...and the prayer works, for anyone and anything!

Miracles abound.



La Dolce Vita.

Happy winnings,


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said deal in love
Contrary to opinion
It is the main thing

God said Beloveds
Put your attention on Me
Whose image you are

Love, Light and Aloha!

This Godletter is Hurtful to read.

I cried twice when reading this letter, but not out of gratitude, (Which is what I normally feel for these messages). I cried out of feeling hurt by the message. This letter seems very insensitive to me.
It is like it is saying "Forget about it. You are too sensitive. Back off. It is your problem. You have no right to feel that way."
You can't just say, "You are too sensitive, so stop it." The pain is real; it is not something you can say "You have no right to feel."
My proposed 'sin' is hoping in someone else. How is that a sin? How is that ME crossing a line?
I find this letter to be harmful.
If I am at fault for hoping in others, then, what is it that my friendships should consist of-- Hopelessness?
Sorry, next time I should NOT hope in you?

Beloved Julie, which one of

Beloved Julie, which one of us has not been in your shoes?

I love how you say what you feel. You are being honest. And God was being honest.

I don't think He was making little of our hurt hearts. He was saying we make too much of feeling hurt. He wants us to not spend time on our hurts. What is best for us in the long run? What is best for you in the long run?

Crying seems to me to be a great breakthrough.

Here are just a few of the positives I see in this Heavenletter that God is telling us:

We have a greater purpose than disappointment.

Put your attention on Me.

I deal in love. I do not rail at you, even in My thought. Because you sometimes forget in Whose image you are made is hardly a reason.

It is not necessary for you to deal with, what in the long run, are trifles.

Feel better now.

God is always telling us to let go.

Julie, will you look for more examples of upliftment in this Heavenletter?

Please write back.

With love and blessings,


Julie, I so relate to what

Julie, I so relate to what you are saying. Many times I have fumed and almost cried in frustration and exasperation when I read Heavenletters that I found "insensitive" i.e. not acknowledging my situation. It's like I have an appointment with God and arrive on platform 9 while He is busy giving autographs and dispensing wisdom on platform 2.

The feeling with some (well, many) Heavenletters has been: How can God talk right past me, why does He not pick me up where I am, why does He not even recognize where I am, talking about where I'm supposed to be instead, etc.?

Since I share those feeling, Julie, I may not be the right person to soothe your heart a little. But let me mention two things that help me in my frustration.

One thing I find convincing is when God says that hurt comes only with interpretation. If we could refrain more from interpreting our experience, we would probably suffer much less. But even if we can't, or not yet, from this point of view our suffering, or a considerable part of it, is self-made.

The second thing I want to say is very simple: Even in our most vehement protest, we secretly want God to be right. After all, if He isn't we can pack our stuff, right? So after wrestling with that kind of frustration for a while, usually I do find some little speck of truth in what an annoying Heavenletter said – enough truth to pardon God once again and wait for another letter that is more to what I feel is the point. It's not helpful to call this stance arrogant. It's not helpful to deny our true feelings. You told them. Thank you.