You Don’t Know What Lies Before You or When

God said:

Just what is it that you fear you are missing from life? What perceived lack of Love of Life plagues you? What seems to keep happiness at a standstill from you?

How you wish you were one of those happy people who get along with life and their wives. Some people really seem to love. They know how to continue to love the same person with all their heart year after year. They love for the long haul whereas your heart seems to sink and let you down. Your heart just can't seem to sustain itself.

All the love that Earth hands to you, sooner or later, fizzles out. Maybe it is that some people have a knack for keeping love warm while others simply don't know how to keep the home fires burning. The flame goes out. Love goes downhill.

You don't want love to cool down, yet, your love life let you down, or it's you that lets love down. Surely, so far, every time, you strike out when it comes to love. You once were sure each time that your love this time would last forever.

Some people's love stays steady. It is everything to them to give happiness, and their hearts go full steam ahead whereas your feelings of love go kaput. Your love turns sour, and bitterness becomes what's left of your once great love. You are unable to rekindle it.

You have observed some people whose love was not a grand flame, and yet their love grew. They learned to love. Their love grew, and, in old age, they hold hands and are precious to each other. They never became spitfires.

You would give a lot to know how to sustain love. What do others have that you don't? Of course, many over the years belong in your ranks. This is no comfort to you at all.

Stay or leave, you come to another slim chance with your eyes downcast.

Life should not be so hard.

You would love to share unwavering love, yet this has not been your fortune. You wonder why.

Not so far have you continued love. Love dwindles and then dies right in front of you.

If you had been different, or the other had been different, your life would have been different. Sustained love was not yours to be. Sweet milk turned sour. Now you cannot even blind yourself for one moment.

Whatever chances you may have had for True Love went out the window.

Your heart knew love as no more than false promise.

Anyway, had you had a love that lasted, the death of one of you would have rendered one of you bereft. In the end, what does it matter? Life always comes out in the wash. Sorry to say, what once was is no longer.

Who would have believed that the idealist you once were would become such a pessimist? You would not have believed it, yet here you are with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Now you ask for so little but to see a sunset that buoys your heart. You don't ask for more any longer. You know that the most beautiful sunset does not last, yet you will keep your eyes on this momentary sunset for as long as it lasts. In terms of this juncture in life, a sunset serves.

Nevertheless, you don't know what the next sunrise will hold for you. Yet first you must be awake in order to see the sunrise and walk toward it.

Let Us mend your heart, and let bygones be bygones. Disappointments don’t have to be a blight on your life. Life does indeed offer you life. It does not have to be the life you once predicted. What you can say for yourself is that you took your chances, and you lived your life, and there is more to come. You may not know yet what you are made of and what beauty lies before you or when.

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