You Are the One

God said:

If you are someone who feels rejected a lot, you are responsible for your sense of rejection. It is not for you to put the responsibility on another. You project and expect too much. You project all your dreams onto someone else and expect that someone else has to fulfill your happiness. No one can take on the responsibility of making you happy. No one else is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness. Only you.

Your need for someone may be more attachment than love. If you think someone has to love you – to whatever degree – you are barking up the wrong tree. This applies to great loves in your life as well as to a casual sales clerk who may be indifferent to your needs. This can apply to certain foods or anything at all that you feel you must have in order to be happy. You are the one who completes yourself.

What is happiness, My children? It is feeling good about yourself. All the accolades in the world cannot do this for you. Only you can do it for you. And I. And I, if you will let Me in.

Of course, someone or something outside you can appease you for a while. Your need for love from the outside, no matter how reasonable it may seem to you, is an addiction. You have a craving, and you look for someone or something to appease your craving be it raging or constant. This is the too much you ask for, require, demand, insist that you are given. You wear yourself and other human beings out with what you believe you must have and must have now and from the specific person or situation you crave so deeply.

Being turned down for a job you so wanted is like a betrayal to you, as if you had to have that job to feel worthy. Without it, you feel unworthy.

We come back again and again to the sensibility that no one owes you anything. Even a piece of candy you eat doesn’t have to be as wonderful as you had thought and hoped. Nothing outside you can sustain your insatiable need for – whatever it may be or whoever it may be that you elected to this high office called need.

Beloveds, no matter how much proof of love you receive, it will never be enough no matter how much someone or something provides it for you. No person, situation, project, product can fill you endlessly, for you are insatiable.

Do you perceive your responsibility now?

Perhaps you already have. But what then? How do you become self-sufficient? Goodness knows, you have tried. You have tried so hard.

Knowing the answers isn’t enough. How do you get to the point of inner fulfillment without anyone or anything having to supply you? Certainly you would love to love yourself enough. Certainly you would love your love for Me to fill whatever emptiness you feel. And, yet, where can your fulfillment come from except from you? I am giving it to you. I pour it on you, yet, it is as if you wear a raincoat and can’t get wet.

You can never prove that you are loved enough. If you are looking for proof from Me, no proof will be enough. If you are looking for proof that you are worthy to be loved by Me and by yourself, you are in the wrong arena. Proof cannot be proved, My darlings. No amount of proof can do it for you. All the evidence in the world is not enough.

You know this. You really know this. All the wealth in the world cannot satisfy your hunger. All the beautiful clothes. All your attendance at church cannot do it. All your blessings cannot do it.

I give you approval. I more than approve of you. I love you as Myself which, of course, you are. You have been deluded into thinking that you yourself are not enough when, not only are you enough, you are far more.

What can We do to have you feel solid about yourself and about My love for you?

When you love yourself and others and situations, that which you desire will rush to you because you will have freed the world from having to love you. Only you can fill your need for acceptance. Call it surrender, beloveds, surrender to love for yourself. Now you have to be your own mother and father, brother and sister. No one else can carry you any longer.

It is not a burden you are to carry. It is love. It is love for yourself, and, therefore, for others. Out with need and in with love.

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God is right, But, "You

God is right, But,

"You project all your dreams onto someone else and expect that someone else has to fulfill your happiness."

I have been alone for 10 years, And i really do wish i had someone to hold

Of course, beloved Robbie.

Of course, beloved Robbie. May you have all your dreams fulfilled. God bless you.