You Are Responsible for How You React

God said:

I am not a fly-by-night God. I am not a sometimes God. I am a forever God. It’s My joy to be God. From My joy, I created you. You belong to joy. Let go of all that is not joy for you and keep only joy. That which is not joy for you is not because of a person or situation. You think it is. Whatever the persons or situations may be, they stir something in you that finds something outside of you intolerable. You may even say: “I can’t stand this or that. It drives me up the wall.”

Without your abeyances, no one, no situation has that kind of power over you. What is the offender to you really? Oh, yes, the person and/or situation has triggered something in you. In you, beloveds.

When I say to let go of all that is not joy and to keep only joy, I am saying to let go of the discomfort. Let go of the trap that says you have to be uncomfortable. There is some tie, albeit a reverse tie, between you and what beckons discomfort to you. Because discomfort knocks on your door doesn’t mean you have to open the door. You don’t have to bang the door closed either.

You are not a rope held in another’s hand. You are not putty in another’s hand. You are not a gong that another’s hand beats. You are your own determiner.

You are not obliged to like everyone. It is not an obligation. Obligation doesn’t seem to work. Yet you can relieve yourself of negativity. You don’t have to have it. If you do have it, you don’t have to keep it. You have the say over your own heart and mind.

Why does someone or something affect you so adversely? Whatever it may be, it is for you to get beyond. It is you who has to change. Not someone else. You can change your hold on what you see as another’s flaws. Someone may indeed have those flaws, yet you don’t have to be distraught about others’ flaws. You don’t have to be ravaged by them. You don’t have to give away your soul because you find someone or something less than you want and less than you deserve. In one sense, dear ones, no one has anything to do with your emotions. You were not born to be a puppet in someone else’s hands. You were born to be your own person.

Must the one who riles you have so much power over you? Why would you give your God-given power away? Keep your power and let the vise of the other person go. You are the one who has held on and clamped yourself. You are the one so conscious of your objections to how another makes his way in the world.

Nor am I saying you have to make excuses for another. Whatever their offense, it is their offense. It does not belong to you.

If another is manipulative, that is their problem. Don’t make it yours. That you don’t like it is your problem for you to deal with. Where is it written that you can only be a blessing to those who are easy for you to understand? Who said that you have to get up on your high horse because of the way another walks in the world? Must you let another or a situation mandate how you walk in the world?

Let go of your self-imposed hold onto weaknesses in others. Turn them over to Me. Give yourself over to Me as well. Let go. Let go.

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thank you dear God of your loveng advice,

dear God Heavenley Father,
your heaven messeges tody ist like a flowers
enycolor spraying in the ground to calmnes in our
heart, thank you of your advice, i wish my dother
she read this of your loven advice,
i am so gratetude al your heavenletter to spraying in the world,
more you give us your loven letter we are more more closer
to you, give balsam in to our soul,
thank you dear God of your loveng advice,

Beloved Carmen, you

Beloved Carmen, you understand God so well, and you express your heart so well. You understand it's all about coming closer to God. Together we do, and our hearts embrace. Grateful to you, dear one.


ThankYouThankYouThankYou...I take it to heart. This Heavenletter is exactly what I just need. I print it, to read it again and again today.

Yes, beloved Uta, don't we

Yes, beloved Uta, don't we all kinda require this message of responsibility? I love how you do take responsibility, and have made Heavenletters your own. Thank you.

Firs of all the world would

Firs of all the world would be empty whitouth my beloved Heavenleters.The Joy,Love and Happenes Heavenletters gev me is immesurable.
Every word so perfectly explains everything and shows simpicity of life of BEing.
With Love in my heart I can go on whit my day.
Love to all the World.

Dearest Marija, and what

Dearest Marija, and what would God do without all His beloved readers?

I know what you mean when you think of a world without Heavenletters. I feel the same way. At the same time, however, we know that God IS, and God's Presence in the world is always ours.

God bless you.

Two to's

Hi Gloria, bless your day. Last paragraph, first sentence has one too many "to": " . . . hold onTO TO weaknesses . . .". The change in meaning depending on which one you take out is almost negligible. One of those instances where you would have to hear it to know which was intended. Possibly the Author would help.

Beloved Charles, do you have

Beloved Charles, do you have any idea how many times I have read this Heavenletter, and how many othrer people down the line have read and reread this Heavenletter and no one caught this error you did!

You may note that I fixed it above. That's how I see the intention of the Heavenletter. Please tell me about the other possible meanings! Thanks a bunch, dear one!

The difference in meaning

The difference in meaning between "hold onto" and "hold on to" is subtle beyond dictionary definition. Are you emphasising the act of holding on or are you emphasising the weaknesses you hold on to. That space is like a comma that you can hear by the tiny pause or not and also a slight emphasis of volume and/or pitch. "I ordered bacon and eggs for breakfast." "Three items on my grocery list: milk, bacon, and eggs." The Brits dispute that last one but you can hear it. This wouldn't happen except that the mind is used to hearing "hold on" as a habit as well as "on to" contracted in speech down to "onto". We haven't done that with "down to". Pity all these English as a second language friends here.

All this to say it really makes no difference, and if you don't have the original intonation of voice, you could flip a coin.

Just in passing, as much as I have always enjoyed and appreciated the simple genius of Carmen, I do so even more since I figured out that these poems she gifts us with are actually Psalms.