You Are God's Dream Coming True

God said:

One angel on Earth is worth thousands. There are many many angels on Earth. You may be one. Who on Earth has enough of an idea of Who He really is? You would roll over in joy if you had but an inkling. You are a twinkle in My eye, and you are more.

You are what I am for. I am for you. I, who made you, made you for My delight. Will you also delight in what I have wrought? It is simple really, and, yet, I ask you to delight in the greatness I have wrought. We can say I put you on the anvil, and I made you as I willed. You became true before My very eyes. You were ambrosia to My eyes. Through you, My dreams are fulfilled. You are My dream come true. I dreamed you, and you woke up. You are in the process of waking.

Wake up, children. Wake up. Wake up, slug-a-beds, and rise from bed and leap into the world and make it happy.

I made you of clay, and the world is the clay you mold. I gave you the world. I set it before you. The world is a gift I gave to you. Accept what I have given you and make it your own. Make it a New World. Make it a New World free of all that which has held it back.

You set sail today on the world. The world is your ship, and you sail it. You sail on the High Seas. Avast. Avast. Look through your binoculars, and you will see the shores of Heaven not far from Earth at all. From ship to shore go you. You sail on Earth, and, yet, the Ocean you sail on is I. I am at your service. Come ride on My back. Consider Me a pony you ride on or a turtle or that I carry you on My shoulders piggy-back.

You are at My behest. I called you forth in order to serve Me. And you serve Me through the world. You are My eyes to the world. And you are My hands. You are My hands of love. And you are My eyes of love. Cast not down your eyes. Keep looking up. You will see Me in your heart, for I dwell here. I dwell in your heart. I dwell happily in your heart. Claim Me now. In love We travel, and We travel nowhere, for it is as if We are cemented in love, yet cement that has not yet set. And, so, We swim through an Ocean of Love. We swim together, and Our hearts leap like fishes. Our hearts leap and leap. We leap out of Our skins and become pure spirit which We have always been.

We have skinned your soul. You almost reveal it. Of course, reveal your soul to yourself first, and then all will you see.

What a power you are in the world. What a power you are in Heaven. The twain shall meet. The twain are meeting in you. Soon the twain will be One. What shall We call the mythical place We live in then? I think We will call it Paradise. Welcome to Paradise. Welcome to My Home. I invite you. I invite you to make yourself at home in the abode of My heart. Here is when you come to your senses, so to speak. Here is where you are at home with yourself. Within yourself, you have landed and put up a flag and announced that My land is yours.

You may sleep in a tent now. Soon you lay your head down in the Palace. From ship to shore to Palace. This takes only an instant. It does not even take an instant. What is shorter than an instant? Timelessness, beloveds, timelessness. Welcome.

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Thanks God's warm invitation!

Thanks God's warm invitation!

Tamil Verses of this Heavenletter

I invite you to make yourself at home in the abode of My heart.

One angel on Earth is worth thousands. There are many many angels on Earth.

You are a twinkle in My eye, and you are more.

You are what I am for. I am for you.

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These are wonderful, Naagu.

These are wonderful, Naagu. You sure know how to pick out lines from Heavenletters. I pick out lines for Twitter, and I don't think I'm as good at it as you are, beloved friend.

You Are So Good at Pouring God's Wine, Gloria

You Are So Good at Pouring God's Wine Non-Stop, Beloved Gloria. Without Your Pouring, Me can't Spray! Of Course, We Are the One God's Two Beautiful Faces! All Are Truly His Beautiful Faces One by One Waking Up & Realizing God's Multi-Faceted Beauty.


Dear Lord, Your love and

Dear Lord,

Your love and humility is beyond describable. You are a King, a Heavenly Sultan and still You give us a position to sit atop you. Dear Lord, I am your humble servant, merely making her way to Your Kingdom's door. Please, sit atop me and share your wisdom and love with me... as your pet deer.

Yours in love

Kiran your words are "good morning Precious!"

Kiran please give us more of God's nectar to lead us to Gloria's next flower.


"All Power is given unto you in Heaven and on Earth..."

This is what God tells us as we wake up to who we are. Sure, it is told us in life symbols and mixed up events that may frighten us at times, but as we settle back, read a few Heaven Letters, think and pray, we discover that it is good to stay where we are but change how we think. Own your royalty, know you Father in Heaven and you begin to sing Heaven's song.