You Are an Apprentice

God said:

Absorb My love. It is for you. Absorbing My love is more than conscious awareness of it. It is imbibing it. It is letting the light of My love enter every cell of you. It is relaxing. My love is to relax in. Unwind in My love. Know the restfulness of it. Billow in it.

When you feel tense, you have excerpted yourself from My love for a while. When you become aware of tenseness, that is the time for you to substitute Me for the tightening. My love will melt through you. Steep in My love. It is the substance and sustenance of you.

You can stand in My love, or you can crawl into My love, yet you are entitled to walk in. It makes no difference to My love how you embrace it. What matters is that you embrace it. Accept My love as yours.

Welcome to My love.

Drink of it.

I am for you, as you are for Me. We are multitudinous in Our Oneness.

Our love overflows its banks. There are no banks. Our love can only overflow. It encompasses everything, and it rises, Our love. It rises to Heaven from which it came. It covers the universe, the sweet milk of Our love.

You were bottled in Heaven, and sent to earth to deliver it from its wanderings.

When you breathe in the world more than My love, you wander. But you are not lost. Amble if you like, but wandering implies a lostness, as though you wander you know not where.

If you must wander, wander into My arms then. Discover yourself there. Then, as you walk, you will leave a trail of love. That is all you can do. You cannot do more than to leave a reminder of Me. That is your destiny. You tuck notes of My love in the clouds of the world.

You are like an upholsterer. You tack beautifulness in place.

You are like a carpenter who puts pieces of wood together and creates something beautiful. Beautiful is useful.

You are like a shoe-man who hammers soles onto shoes, the better to walk in to Me.

You are an artist apprenticed to life. Life is what you draw and what you color in. Every thought and idea and word and action is a stroke from you on the canvas of life. I gave you a great canvas to fill. One way or another, you fill it. Might as well make it great art. You don't need to scribble or doodle. You can create with your life. You create your life, and you can create with it.

What would you like to create? What legacy? Then start now. There is no need to wait. There is nothing to wait for. All you have to do is to start today.

If the most you can do today is to aspire for greatness, then aspire for it. Aspire, and greatness will take care of itself.

There is a great rising of greatness in the world, and you are part of it. There is a march towards Heaven, and you twirl your baton.

You are a bandleader. You are more than an audience. You are a displayer. You are on stage. You are up there for your own joy of it and to inspire.

Aspire to inspire. Pull the sun to you. It craves you. Let the clouds go their way, and you come Mine.

Let Me be the tune you march to.

Let Me be the light in your eye.

Let you be the emissary of My love on earth today.

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The Love of God is Greater

The Love of God is Greater than than the sky. There is no Limit to God's Love. Thank you greatly, Gloria for gifting the Love of God through your writings. You are His emissary of Love on Earth.

With love and light