You Are a Rose in Bloom

God said:

Whither goest thou when you are Infinite and there is nowhere to go and only to be? There is nowhere and nothing. The individual circumference of you does not really exist as you believe it does and want it to. You throw yourself before the winds, and you insist on existing as if you, this personality of you, were True. In this case, dream a bigger Dream of you.

In every which way, you try hand over fist to convince yourself that you exist when you more than exist and yet you leave no footsteps in the sand. You are a thought in time. You try to memorialize yourself. You frame a portrait of yourself. You border yourself. Now, take yourself out of the frame and fly around the so-called world and begin to erase the gilded frame you wrapped yourself in. Disappear in order to reveal yourself to yourself. What seems like a disappearing act is the making of you.

3-D in color isn’t so spectacular as you may have thought. You had a thought of yourself and another and another. It is as if you smeared yourself across the Universe. You thought you were Big Man on Campus. You thought that your precise existence was everything when it is no great accomplishment at all, a mere repeated event to cover up your True Existence Which Is Mine.

This is your struggle. Instead of catching on to the good footing that is actually boundlessness, you try to cut yourself down to a fragment. Yep. You hop around. You fantasize somersaults, you flap yourself around, when, all the while, your True Nature is Flying on the Wings of Angels. The corporal is not so grand as you thought. It is rather, We might say, a grandstand play.

You try to spotlight yourself when all the while, you are Light Brighter Than Anything That Exists in Your Paint Box. You excel in covering yourself up. You paint yourself into a corner when Wholeness is already yours.

You do know, don’t you, that you have to let go? Untether yourself. Untether yourself now. Free yourself from the bondage of exclusivity. Return to Innocence. Catch on by letting go.

You were sculpted long ago. I drew you. I am the Artist. I painted you whereas you wanted to stamp yourself at the post office even as if you were already wearing My Seal of Approval. You didn’t yet know your True Worth and Identity. You tried to make yourself bigger and higher when you were already of the Highest.

You wanted to reinvent what I created. You wanted to dress yourself up. You wanted to be The Great Artist. You wanted to make yourself Holy when you already were Holy. You wanted to improve on yourself, and so you distanced yourself from your Self. You kept adding mortar to your brick. All your attempts go dry.

Now is your opportunity to revisit Paradise. Now you go full-fledged ahead. Now you make headway. Now you begin to follow in My Footsteps. Follow Me. We are on a Great Adventure Together. We are reaching the Peak and then another and another.

You do this without trying so hard. You are Being, and your Being is already magnificent. You are not going to improve yourself by attempting a feat. You do not have to live or die in a Blaze of Glory. You are Glory. There is no need to glorify yourself. I give you My Light to reflect. What Light is Brighter than Mine?

You are not your Maker. I am your Maker. You need not apply make-up to yourself. You are already a Rose in Bloom. You need not be embellished. Follow Me. To follow Me is to find your True Glory which is My Self and Thy Self as One.

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How deeply amazing and more

How deeply amazing and more than that. I've never heard this spelled out so clearly. Except in a few other Heavenletters and one or two outside sources. To me, this is one of the greatest Heavenletters ever. My heart goes out to wherever it comes from.

On the other hand, I still feel subtly criticized, finding I still don't like it. After being "sculpted long ago" by the One Self, isn't it only natural to assume I'm an individual and to think and feel and act the way I did and we all do? This is still puzzling me after so many years with Heavenletters. But being puzzled is probably better than knowing too much....

Beloved Rover, we're all in

Beloved Rover, we're all in the same boat!

There is nothing we have to prove or defend. Surely God is on our side -- as if there is an our side.

Ah, do we have resistance to change?

"Let go," God says. "You're more wonderful than you give yourself credit for."

The best I can tell, God is doing His level best to wake us up to true Reality. We seem to ask for there to be more to Life than we are presently aware of. We ask God to reveal Himself to us. "God, hear our cries." And we keep coming back for more!

Because God wants to introduce us to Ourselves in a grand way doesn't mean God is criticizing us subtly or directly. God is rooting for us. God tells us not to judge. We can give God the benefit of the doubt. God does not doubt our capability. It seems that we are the ones who criticize ourselves. Betting on God is betting on ourselves.

It is interesting that this Heavenletter came out today. Many Heavenletters appear that I don't remember, and this is one of them. Totally new to me!

You ask an intelligent question -- where do Heavenletters come from? I want to emphasize that they're not mine. I could guarantee that.

There's been a lot about Godwriting on the blog lately.

Yesterday I wrote a long blog called: It's Gutsy to Be a Godwriter. I neglected to save as I went along. When I remembered and was just clicking Save when my internet connection closed down and every word was lost. After this morning's Heavenletter, I think I'd better make a stab at rewriting it, though I doubt I can go to the lengths I originally did.

As always, Rover, thank you for your comments.


There is a dear person who posted a comment this morning. To the dear one who posted, If I knew how to reach you individually, I would. Please read the guidelines for posting on this forum. The main idea is that God is the one who teaches here. We are not the teachers here. I'll come back in a minute with the link to the guidelines. Please understand. As beautiful as your chosen religion is, we don't discuss practices here on this forum.

With all blessings, Gloria

More, Rover!God says there

More, Rover!

God says there are no coincidences. From my view, there seem to be many.

The Heavenletter I went to proof this morning seems applicable to your mentioning "wherever God's Words come." I copy about the last half of this Heavenletter which will be published in about three or four weeks. So far this Heavenletter doesn't have a title or a number:

"In order to Godwrite, your individual sensibilities get out of the way. The Joyousness of Godwriting doesn’t come from your mind. It comes from a Listening-in-on-God-Kind-of-Intelligence. My Thoughts you sense come from a different Land, not so sophisticated, and yet infallibly speaking My Truth.

"We are Adventurers without a map or flashlight yet with Natural Light so bright -- where has your little self gone? You are still here, yet now you are mute and now somehow you belong to a Greater Horizon.

"Sometimes, as you type, your fingers hit the wrong keys. Your fingers are beside and betwixt themselves and have lost their bearings. So, at these times as you Godwrite, you are not fully free of annoyance in the world. At the same time, you are not exactly in the world.

"Godwriting is something you are familiar with, yet you know it not at all. You know nothing. Knowing nothing -- this is a worthy place to be. I, God, do not escape you. Only typing escapes you.

"Far from Earth, you are on a different keel. This is how it is and must be. You cannot measure what is happening in teaspoons or in revelations or in anything at all. Pay no mind to your penmanship, typing, spelling, punctuation, for they are mundane, and you are out of this world.

"You, Godwriter, have written about your human experience of Godwriting.

"Today I express your experience for you. Through your Godwriting hands, I, God, sing. I hum. I croon. I start over. And then, after all your scrolls with your pen, comes the moment when I take your pen from your fingers, or, stop your tip-tapping on the keys, I take your hands gently away from the keyboard and return you to Earth, even as you have not fully been away.

"This is the same way I sometimes pull you away from doing the dishes and walk you over to where you Godwrite, or, as in this case today, I take you not away from dishes but lead you away from the middle of another Heavenletter I was giving you! How you love surprises! I, too, love your surprises.

"Never do I take you out of My Kingdom. I take you by My Hand, and I say to you:

"'Today I took you on a special tour of Godwriting. We went around the block. Now, Godwriter, go outside and play in the world. We will sit down together again in Heaven tomorrow or, perhaps, later today.”'

I don't want you to think that God always pull me away from what I'm doing and sit me before the computer. Every morning I seat myself in front of the computer in order to Godwrite. I participate. It is not routine that God pulls me there. It's wonderful when He does, yet. I don't wait for God to sit me down.

Of course, Señora. I'm not

Of course, Señora. I'm not really complaining, and I do know how some friction or resistance as you call it can spur us on.

The image I had in mind when I wrote the above comment was of of a little child lost somewhere and crying. When you are the one who happens to find her, do you ask her or tell her where and how often and in how many ways she went wrong? You will wrap your arms around her and make her feel found, make her feel all will be well after all. I do not categorically rule out the possibility that something like that, something quite childlike, is behind my words.

Beautiful! What can I say!!!

Beautiful! What can I say!!!

Reply to Rover

As I see it, Rover, it is that God 'sculpted' our 'individuality' which is our singular and unique way of reflecting His light, it is our flavour of the One, while our minds have shaped the 'ego' which is essentially made of thoughts and emotions. We do not have to get rid of our individuality, of this pure mirror, but of ours egos, or we can call it also personality ( 'persona' comes from latin and means 'mask').

This may or may not be so,

This may or may not be so, dear friend. I don't know. I don't understand these things about who did what and why and what is what and the whole spiritual mechanics any more. But I do love your comment anyway. And you.

I have deliberated a while whether to answer you or not. I knew that if I do, and here I'm doing it, I can't play hide-and-seek. Well, you may know anyway that Rover is Jochen, just roving.

who is who

Ahahah! There was a flavour here...quite familiar I daresay...;)

Wow! Emilia, I never knew

Wow! Emilia, I never knew that persona meant mask. Thank you for this new understanding. Who wants a mask when we can have have the real thing!

Peace and Gratitude

"You are not your Maker. I am your Maker." I AM grateful for this truth.