You Are a Photographer of the World

God said:

Enter into the Soul of the Universe. Enter your soul into the Universe. Traverse the Universe.
Have you heretofore been playing in a small yard? There is a vaster range before you. Expand your vision. Expand what you give to the Universe. The world, as you presently see it, simply isn’t vast enough for you. Enter greater vistas. You can swim beyond the borders in the world and enter Vastness. You can expand horizons beyond the commonly accepted versions.
You have come to Earth to usher in greater pictures. Consider yourself a photographer of the world. Get into a different stance from where you have been taking photos. The world depends upon where you sit. The world depends upon your vision. Enter greater dimensions. Enter greater dimensions that are before you. Explore. Leap high. Get a tall ladder.
There is more to life on Earth than you presently register. When you look in only one dimension or direction, you see one view. Stand taller, and you will cover a whole circle. See wider. See further. See.
If you sit on a couch in your living-room, you see only the view from the couch. Get up. Get off the couch, and what do you see?
You do not have to stay in your comfort zone. You won’t be comfortable there for as long as you want anyway. There comes a time for you to grow. That time is now. That time is always now. You can’t lounge forever.
If you are an ice skater, find a bigger rink to skate in. If you are a chef, find new recipes. Everything conceived exists somewhere in the stratosphere. They exist for you to discover. If you wear shoes too small, locate bigger shoes.
Locate yourself. What is your place in the Universe? Where do you belong? Where are you? You are situated with Me.
Surely, there is greater for you to explore, greater hills and great ladders to climb, greater heights to rise to, greater roads to travel, and greater resources within you. You are a mother lode of gold, and now you are finding your way to your Self.
Life is not at a standstill. You are riding an escalator that keeps going and never stops. There is another floor to rise to. You can get off for a while, yet only for a while. You can stay for a while, yet only a while. You cannot sit still for very long. Life will nudge you, prod you, stir you, get you going. In the world lies movement waiting, and so you move. What you are looking for is your original place in the sun. You are looking to locate all that you are at the same time as you haven’t lost any of Who You Are or Where You Are. It only seems so. Within this seeming so, you have to move on. You explore your traction in life and the meaning of it all. You are almost there, here. You have almost discovered yourself and, therefore, you have almost discovered your Identity and Mine.
You are right on the verge. What holds you back? Nothing. Why do you think you are held back? Because you haven’t looked around the whole vista of yourself as yet. You may have astigmatism or near-sightedness. To some degree, you battle an inability to see all that is around you and all that is within you.
You will meet this Knowingness fully and sigh, “Yes, this is it. This is Who I AM and have been all along.”
At the same time, this is a stopping-place only for a while until you rise again to discover an even greater range right within your reach.

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For years now I see myself in the Directors Chair, directing my show which is my life and I embrace the little children who feel fear and bring them into my Heart. There is a Sacredness that Infuses Life, when we/me real eyes that Our Own Growth is Our Work. I Pray that the Artist that i am is ever guided by the I AM ONE Artist and that as I grow I know the perfection of this as yet unfinished Masterpiece called Life on Earth. Thank you Life for Including Me/We in the Out Picture of Earth's Heart.