You Are a Being of Love

God said:

Love does not bind.

Love is not a tie.

Or if it is a tie, it is a beautiful soft ribbon that winds everywhere. It is a ribbon invisible.

Love is not held. Or if it is held, it is held like a kite that you let go of. Love by its nature soars. Freed by you, it soars. The love that is within the reach of your heart is destined for freedom. The freedom of love rises high, and higher. Like a butterfly, it alights. Your love alights everywhere, and, unlike a butterfly wherever it alights, it stays — at the same time as it keeps going.

Love is constant. It is a constant issuing from the heart of man. It is the "from" rather than the "to" that love is involved with. When there is love flowing from your heart, it flows. It doesn't stop for applause. The acknowledged receipt of love is incidental. The giving of it is monumental. Love flows.

When given, the love from your heart reaches everywhere. It has lasting power. Once given, it cannot be stemmed.

Love exists on its own account. It is not reward nor payment.

Love has but one rule, and that is to give. Love is the outpouring of your heart.

You need no conditions for the love in your heart to grow. Love does not wait for conditions to be met. Love is not a pact. Love is not manufactured. But love has been denied.

The world has perhaps thought that it is better to be a creature of mind than a creature of heart. But love does not bargain. It does not make deals. Love just loves.

Yet the mind tries to conduct love. Love here, not there. This much love, this far, no further. And so the love in your heart is measured and metered out like a cut of meat, the rest stored in the refrigerator, as if love can be stored and taken out another day. Love must be fresh. It must be allowed to flow.

You are not meant to be a controller of love. You do not master love. Follow your heart that flows love.

Let love lead you.

Giving love is not giving yourself away. Did you think it was? Giving love is being love. Love emanates. It does not have to be thrown.

Nor is love fishing. Love is not throwing out a line to see what you can catch. It is throwing out lines for the love of it.

Let love not be a decision. Or, if it must be decision, let it be a decision you make once. Make it now. Decide to unfurl your love. Signal the ready stream of love in your heart to flow. Say Yes to your heart of love. Your heart longs to love as a gift to itself. Why not let your heart be happy in love?

Your heart is not meant to be self-contained. Your heart is not meant to have borders of any kind. Your heart is meant for love. So be it.

You practice love merely by freeing it from the restraints you have put upon it.

Love is many-arrowed. Love does not discriminate. Your love falls upon the universe.

You are a farmer of love. You do not water one plant. You water them all. And even if you happen to water one plant, the water reaches others. Water knows the joy of flowing. Are you not as wise as water?

Let your love flow. Let it flow to secret places.

You are the knower of love, and, in your generosity, you are the generator of it.