Opinion or Openness

God said:

Hello, Beloveds!

Love emanates. Thoughts of love are not the same as emanating love itself. Love is beyond thought. Thoughts, by their nature, are limited. Love is not.

Love is a big stroke. Thoughts of love are only thoughts.

But even to think of love engenders a touch of it.

Better to think of love than to not think of it.

We could say that love is the most positive thought you have. You feel better when you think it than when you think of less. Words themselves have an effect on you. The words peace and war have different effects on your digestion. How powerful are your thoughts!

Although thought of food does not fill your stomach, the thought can make your mouth water.

Every thought and word resonates somewhere within you. One resonance feels better than another. Seek that resonance.

Sometimes havoc seems to feel good to you but only because it stirs your blood. That which is called negative or even painful may aid you to recognize that you exist. Argument may be preferred to agreement for argument feels deeper to you. Argument is sometimes like laying a claim for a piece of land. You want to establish yourself and be noted.

The difference between opinion and truth is vast. No matter how true-seeming an opinion, an opinion inserts itself. An opinion emphasizes itself.

Beware of your opinions because they keep you bound to the past.

Hold not fast to your opinions, for they preclude openness.

Prefer openness, for openness allows growth to take place, sometimes great growth, whereas staunch opinion deters it.

All the great inventors and explorers were open. They ventured because of their openness to a different way of seeing. Without openness, venture would not take place.

Perhaps it takes great daring for you to change your mind about something. But it is only an opinion that you change, and an opinion is not much at all.

Is where your thoughts happen to be today so precious that you must maintain them? Must momentary thoughts be dug in? Must they pretend to be the foundation of your life?

Be not adamant about opinions.

Much of your life is ruled by old opinions that you picked up somewhere. They may have been foisted on you or grabbed onto by you. But when did they become so dear that you began to think they were irreplaceable? Opinions are disposable. They are not meant to last.

Of what value are opinions? I have no opinion about you. It is not My opinion that you are worthy. An opinion is a guess in space and time. I have no opinions. I have knowledge of Truth.

Ego holds on to opinions. And ego lays waste to Truth.

You hold on to what you believe because you hold on to what you believe.

You hold fast to that which has no grip.

In order to know Truth, let go. Opinions and beliefs hold you in place. But earth is for you to move in. You are not on earth to stay where you have been. Let go of opinions, and you may see how far you have traveled.

You are not tethered to the past except as you say you are. And to the present you are not tethered at all. In the present, you are free of restrictions imposed by the mind.

Don't mind the mind so much.