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Yacu, you outdid yourself

Yacu, you outdid yourself with this one. I can't stop smiling!

I will try this posture sometime!

Yacu I love your comics!

Yacu I love your comics! Just saw each one of them and each one triggered a good laugh from me. What a wonderful gift you have to see the humour and to be able to express it in your drawings.
I can see a whole collection of them coming from you and maybe printed some day? Or, if Gloria comes up with another book, and they would be included in it?

Keep up your good work! Can't wait to see the next ones!

See the slippers that the

See the slippers that the two chaps are wearing at the door? Those are the red bedroom shoes that everyone wears at the office in Rosario, Argentina during summer its barefoot.
The character on the left is almost an exact replica of Mauro, who's our group IT manager, chef, cartoonist and sender of translated Heavenletters.
The chap on the right is a replica of Pablo, our in house translator, movie director and football player. Pablo translated the entire Book 1, Love Letters from God into Spanish. Thats organic Yerba Mate he's holding in his hand which is what we all drink everyday at work. The company sponsors that!
The odd looking chap on the floor I have no idea about.

One Love

Nice one Mauro!

Nice one Mauro!

I have an idea about the

I have an idea about the chap on the floor. Someone who does yoga and even teaches it. I imagine that there is flute music playing in the background as well.

Perhaps we could have some real photos of everybody at the Rosario office.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Yacu, you are heaven !! I

Yacu, you are heaven !! I SIMPLY LOVE YOUR COMICS !!!!! They are wonderful, and I go on and on smiling and laughing !!! many many thanks, you are wonderful !