Yet Love is Given

God said:

You may think that boundaries keep you safe in life. You may feel that, in surrounding your heart with signs that say No Admittance, you protect yourself. You are denying yourself. Hearts are meant to be open. Your heart wants to be open and not infringed upon. You cannot have gates to close your heart. Access to your heart is to remain open. You are learning in life to keep your heart open. Your heart is not to be squelched. Your heart must be allowed to give of itself.

It’s not quite that your heart roams. It’s just that love from others has to enter your heart freely and be welcomed, and love is to abound in your inner heart and not be measured or counted. By no means are you to put your heart on a regime. Your heart is not meant to lose its weight. Hearts are for loving and certainly not for repression. Repressing the love that rises in your heart turns your heart into a calculator. No, hearts are meant to be free to love with approval. Free your heart. Untie it. Release any chains from your heart. You are emboldened to your heart and not to chains.

Real love, as opposed to attachment, is like a buffalo in its natural habitat. Buffalo have to be free to roam. They don’t need permission. Hearts are meant to be free. They do not own nor are they owned nor is love owed, yet love is given. Consider love friendliness, and be friendly to love. You don’t have to give your life away to love. You, yourself, are intact, and your love is too.

Love is to be bequeathed, definitely not hoarded or saved for a rainy day or saved for anything. No one is to be a miser with his love. No one is to be tight with his heart. Have you not been? Sometimes? Have you not rationed your love, set limits on it? Giving love does not mean turning your life over to anyone. You are the decider of your life. You do not sell your soul for love. Loving doesn’t mean that you give everyone everything he or she may want. Your love depends upon you, yet the love that abounds in you is not to be blocked or hampered or denied. Your love is not meant to be cut off.

Love does not have to be personal nor turned on or turned off. You can love people you even object to. Beloveds, your integrity is inviolate. Whatever or whomever you may object to, you can still love.

Let us reverse what I am saying. You do not have to dislike. You do not have to judge someone worthy or unworthy. You do not have to judge. You don’t have to control your love. You can give your love fully, not a pittance here or a pittance there, no. Walk down the street and give your love right and left. Give your love silently, but give it. You do not invent your love. I put My heart in yours to relay love.

You do not have to be back-slapping with your love. Just never be without it. Love is the greatest power in the world, and why, oh, why, would you ever restrict it? But you have. On general purposes, you have. You have reserved it. It’s not necessary to save your love. You don’t spare it. You love. You love with the Heart of God that lives in your heart. Surely, you do not keep Me to yourself. Let a glance from you be My love given. Be generous with your heart. As you give love, your heart is full. As you withhold love, your heart is emptied. You are not to abstain from love. You are to be it. You ARE it.

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Gloria, What a potent lesson


What a potent lesson for the day. such a beautiful confirmation. Awesome. Just before I opened this I had sent a P. S. to someone with a "Thank you and signed with love" I sent the P. S. because after my original response to this soul I could feel a withholding of love. It was a very subtle not wanting to be love in that response because their's was not all that loving. it seemed. HA! No excuse for not letting love flow. Blessings, gratitude and love for precious Heaven Letters. xo

Dear LindaD., I love how you

Dear LindaD., I love how you put it. The withholding of love. I must stop that too.

My honest deep thinking.

I do not know god. I neither believe or disbelieve. I simply do not know.

The content here is really inspiring. The world has done a good job of conditioning my mind. But It is not taking me into realization. They are good stories that can encourage me when I'm down but It does not stir my inside into realization.

I want to KNOW. Not read. I want God-realization.

With my deepest Love


Beloved Eknoor, thank you

Beloved Eknoor, thank you for expressing your honest feelings. Will you kindly send me your email address so that I may write more to you if you would like.

Before Godwriting first started for me, I said almost word for word something you said. I would pound my pillow and cry out: "I want to know God, and I want to know I know God! I want to know God for myself!"

That's good, isn't it?

Eknoor, from my point of view, you are over-thinking, over-analyzing and taking your intellect extremely seriously, as though something is urgent. God wants us to have joy. I believe there is a recent Heavenletter or more or some coming up -- in which God says it's better for us to not to think so much and not to take ourselves so seriously as we do. Our lives do not depend upon our sense of urgency.

However you seek God is your choice. This is our God-given free will to follow our own will and make our own choices. It's not really a big deal. You are as free as a bird.

No one has to do what he doesn't want to do. And no one has the right to tell someone else what choices he must make.

God bless you with love, Gloria

love yourself

Love yourself and get to know youyrself. And you know God. Love to All, Jack

What a great advice! Thank

What a great advice! Thank you Jack!
There are statements when I feel the enlightening truth within, without "knowing" it. Just as it happens with Heavenletters.
Much love, Uta