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Worthwhile World News!

Cats Cuddle

Cats cuddle in this February 2, 2007 photo. Hoping to send the message that pets are life-long partners not disposable accessories, a Japanese maker of medicines for animals has begun giving employees who own dogs or cats a monthly "family allowance" for their pets.


Wonderful !!!!!!!!! Many

Wonderful !!!!!!!!!

Many many thanks dear Mary !!!!


Thank you Beloved Berit, it

Thank you Beloved Berit,
it is lovely isn't it?
but I cannot take the credit for it,
as I posted it for a special friend of ours! ;)



Oh Mary, Oh Mary! You don't

Oh Mary, Oh Mary!

You don't stop surprising me. Can't stop laughing :big :big :big ............This photo and your posting it, touches me in many ways! Wait till "Spitz" sees it.

The news from Japan that cats and dogs get family allowances from a particular company, I find very comendable. They are not only companions, life long partners, but also, therapeutic in many situations.

Love you, :wub:

Yesss!!! "Let there be


"Let there be laughter"


:big :big :big



Blue Ribbon

Please know that I think you are important......

This is an incredible story,

This is an incredible story, and I asked Alipasha to post it if possible. Beloved Alipasha did amazingly find a way, only, I'm not able to get the photos to show. Truly, this is the most inspiring true story I have ever seen, and I want everyone to see it.

Alipasha, with your permission, I am going to ask Heaven Admin if he can show the whole story with pictures all at once. If it's not possible to do easily on this forum, then perhaps it's possible on the blog

This story is a must!

God bless you, Ali from Iran, and thank you for blessing us all.

With love,


God Bless

Dear Gloria
It belongs to you, no permission needed.
I hope Admin make a "Change" so that everyone can see it.
Another way is to forward the email to heavenletter's email and the forwarded to all subscribers.
With love

This story is so wonderful,

This story is so wonderful, I think everyone has to see it.

With a little patience, it will be done.

Thank you again, my beloved brother Ali.

Love, Gloria

P.S. If it's not possible on the forum, then it can be done on the blog.

Ali's post

A big thank you to Ali for posting this inspiring story. And a thank you to Heaven Admin for finding a way to post the beautiful photos. The teacher who began the process was living out one teaching from Heavenletters--to let our hearts shine with God's love on all the people we see, at work, at home, at school, in the stores we visit--everywhere. Blessings to all--Gloria, Heavenreaders, and Ali and his family.

Beloved Margaret, and so are

Beloved Margaret, and so are you letting your heart shine as you bless us with your post.

I would love to see this teacher become teacher of the year.

Lovers Of God

Lovers of God, have always had shining hearts, no matter where they live or what colour, their skin may be.
God bless you.

Dearest Ali, I have looked

Dearest Ali,

I have looked into the forum today after some days off. I thank you so very much for this posting, so very much.

Infinite Love to you dear.

Gloria's Friends

Hi Berit
Gloria is my sister, and her friends are my friends too.
"You", residents! of heavenletter are all kind.
God bless you,