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and thank you all so very much,
this is indeed very very beautiful.

I would like to know if there are workshops planned,
and if so how can i know where and when?

i live in germany, and i would love to visit a workshop.

your answers would be greatly appreciated :-)

THank you for your time and consideration
and this beautiful beautiful place :-)

Thank you for posting your

Thank you for posting your question. This is a question I love. God and Godwriting workshops are my favorites.

How did you find this site? And what has drawn you to ask about Godwriting workshops?

Here are entries about two workshops from years ago. One of them took place in Germany, dear Fitikus.

We have long had the idea of an interactive Godwriting workshop on the computer. We have more than enough material. May we have the technical help available and the time for everything to come together.

May we meet soon.

A thousand blessings,

With love,


P.S. On the right margin, near the top, you will see where you can subscribe to Heavenletters! I couldn't find you on the data base. Perhaps you are subscribed under a different name?

Collective God-writting

I haven't cheked instructions that much yet, but is it possible to collectivly-telepathicly God-writting common Word?

Most dear Eden, not exactly

Most dear Eden, not exactly sure what you are asking here. Of this I am sure: You want to know more about the process of Godwriting. You want to do it! And God wants you to!

I am going to take a liberty now. There are two very recently-written down Heavenletters in which God addresses the innocent process of Godwriting. Because there have been days when multiple Heavenletters arrive, we are five or months of Heaveneltters in advance. I will post here today the first Heavenletter that came so recently. Tomorrow I can post the second one. Please let me know you want it, okay?

Please realize this is a draft. It hasn't been proofed as yet as Heavenletters usually are. It also doesn't yet have a title, and it doesn't appear here in customary blue for God's words. .

Here you go:

Written May 19, 2017

God said:

Godwriting is a process, a very innocent process, yet in the mundane world, it takes courage to Godwrite.
Isn’t this bizarre that something so great and so simple takes courage?

There is nothing to shy away from. There is no embarrassment to go along with Godwriting. There is ease.

Earlier, in a world measured by time, quite rightly, the idea was conveyed to My Children that hearing from Me is a very good idea. In fact, the more the merrier.

Somewhere, somehow, however, it got conveyed that in the old days it was A-OK to directly hear from Me, and it was legit, yet somewhere, somehow this feature of Life fell into disrepute. It seems to have become considered shoddy, presumptive, and, well, not quite kosher. Literally, for some time, if someone said he hears from God above, he must be hallucinating, so, he was popped into the booby hatch. It was felt for centuries that no man was capable of hearing from Me. This wasn’t long ago even in the measure of time. One who said he heard from God had to be cuckoo or a fraud.

Thus, hearing from Me went out of style. Surely hearing from Me, picking up My drift, sensing My Voice goes far beyond elements of style and fashion. I tell you that I am not an on and off God. No matter by what Name you may call Me, I am unchangeable.

The fact that you can hear Me is not to be shoved aside. Surely, you are not to be shunned because of your desire to hear Me. Surely Our relationship is not to be one-sided.

Our relationship has to go beyond your being a penitent and My granting your pleas or not granting your pleas depending upon your sincerity, guilt, or innocence. You are very innocent indeed if you think this way. I do not imply that you are never to ask anything of Me. I do decry that Our Relationship is to be one way and only one way.

After all, I am not exterior to you. I am not so far away as the world seems to uphold. I AM, and I AM within you. I am within everyone, and this means you.

We are not flesh of one flesh. We are One Soul, no exceptions. All are worthy. Regardless of misdeeds and ignorance, no one is outlawed from Heaven. I throw no one out. All will come to awareness of Our Connection. There is room for all at the inn. Do you think I would have it any other way?

In the world measured by time I gave a certain Heavenletter . It was read and forgotten from years ago. It was an Eternal Truth forgotten until a devoted Heavenletter Translator brought attention back to it. This is Eternal Truth. It lies in Heavenletter #28, It Is For You to Hear God, published December 10, 2000

So, here I am, God, quoting from Myself from a seventeen-year old Heavenletter in this present Heavenletter, even as each Heavenletter exists in the ever-present Infinity. I quote:

“…There is nothing you have to do, but to be a receiver of Me. That is your task. That is your mission. To hear God. Not for God to hear you, but for you to hear God.

“…You are here for Me. You hear for Me. Not for yourself, but for Me…

“And the time comes that you hear Me. And that time has come. It is today. And you pick yourself up, and you follow Me right to the Heavens where We have always been… Now you know how to listen for My call, and you know how to answer it:

“…‘Father, I heed You. I listen for Your call, and this is how I hear you:

“ ‘I listen…’”


THank you Gloria :-)

i really really enjoy your Heavenletters for quite a while now.
i didnt remember that i would have registered back then when i subscribed, but my email and also my name are different to Fittikus which is a nickname some beloved friends call me as.

i thank you so much, you and God and everyone,
as these letters are such a grace, such a joy, such blessings for my life.
my life truly truly got much better due to these amazing loveletters from God.

Thank you once again so very much.

i think the first one i read on a page that used to be called and now it is called

they showed one or two or three of these somedays, and they were beautiful.
then the day came that i went out on the Googlesea to discover for myself,
and what a treasure i have found.

thank you so much again,

and yes i would love to find this more in my life
in the capability and confidence to do so on my own/with God in my/Our own Godwriting.

However this will be made possible i am willing to accept this gift

I do sometimes talk with myself and God and get nice answers from myself :-)
and the voices that appear as myself are also inspired by the joy and the love i found here
thanks again

and i wish you great blessings on your journey, in your days - may they be filled with grace and joy and profound and beautiful touches in your heart in the multitude of ways that are blessing you,
and in your nights, in relaxation and regeneration,
in love maybe,
and in beautiful dreams :-)

Good bye for now
and may it all be as God and you wish in your heart of hearts


and P.S.: my name is Daniel (which was already taken ;-) )

Beloved, Daniel, is this you

Beloved, Daniel, is this you writing or it God?!!

What do you do in Life?

We have 23 or 24 Volunteer Translator Angels right now, not languages but translators, Clearly, God intends that Heavenletters be international. Feel no pressure. I am impelled to say that we would love to send Slovene translations out into the world through you if you would like. Just as bold and forthright as you are, dear Daniel, God wants us to be.

You have certainly given us a thrill!

Feel free to register as Daniel Fittikus if you like or Daniel Daniel or Daniel 1! We would love millions of Heaven subscribers just like you.

God bless you.