Why Two Sides, Beloveds?

God said:

It would seem obvious that it is better to love than not to love. I am saying point-blank that best of all in all the world is to Love. Do you believe that vindication comes first before Well-Being, before Health, before Freedom, before Good Will, and, therefore, before My Will?

Who wins in war? Is there any debate but that there are great losses even on the so-called winning side? When all is said and done, what can be won but ego, and what good does ego do for anyone but to make rosy their cheeks for a few moments in a misspent fervor of glory?

Who in his right mind would want to believe in revenge as something to be sought after and feel good to accomplish in the name of spitefulness? If there were something good in trouncing another, I would tell you.

If you do not rail against another but turn your back on him or her, what does turning your back on another warrant you? You turn your back on one who, in your mind, isn’t worthy of you. When you find yourself in this spot, I will say unilaterally: Beloveds, you have no business to be smug about it.

Long have we discussed that revenge and retaliation lead to nowhere you want to be. Revenge and such mortal wounding injure all involved. And that’s just it. Everyone is involved in a childish game that offers only hurt on all sides, no matter what side you take. Why two sides, beloveds?

The person you revile and who may or may not revile you, for what purpose do you exact meanness in order to protest whatever it is you take a stand against? What imperfection are you too high and mighty to pardon?

Often, someone you disdain was once a mate of yours, near or far, in one way or another. Somehow a friendship, long or short, fell into disarray.

Surely, there is some kind of distress between the two of you that keeps you tethered to each other. Admit there is some kind of connection. It must go deep. Otherwise, why would you choose to be encrusted with it and unable to let the distrust go?

When you feel what may be like a blister on your heel, no longer look for salve to put on your blisters. For Heaven’s Sakes, take off your shoes. Stop wearing shoes too tight. No more dwelling on the past.

When there is something to heal, heal it. Heal the blisters and callouses in your heart. Release them. If something is caught in your craw and crowded in your heart, it is yours to remove. Are you waiting for someone else to distill your angst for you?

Have you not seen it when one antagonist asks for pardon and the pardon isn’t granted? One antagonist is still disgruntled. What? He wants his feet kissed?

Come now, what can you do with animosity but let go of it? Use your God-given common sense.

You may say you will heal this mortal wound later. Before you know it, one or both of you have left Earth. Do you think you are to continue to immerse yourself in animosity as if poor manners are meant to be displayed? Do you believe in carrying hard feelings over with you?

Of course, you don’t want to carry animosity and poor manners with you, yet you may have waited for an end to that which still has not come. Surely, come to an understanding of excess baggage now. Excess baggage will only trip you up.

Better to say to yourself once more:

"Better to smile than to frown."

"Better to let go than to keep."

"Better to embrace than to regret."

"Better to love than not to love."

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In ONENESS there exists wholeness and I AM grateful for this truth. Whenever I look in any mirror in the Eternal NOW Moment, each reflection is my own. I lovingly surrender to Self Compassion, I lovingly Trust the process of My Life and I AM grateful for each and every Holy Breath.