Why Not Love Yourself

God said:

What gift will you give to Me today? That is the same as to say: What gift will you give yourself today? Certainly, you will not ask too much of yourself. That you would ease into life and not make so many demands on yourself – that, alone, would be a great gift to Me. You have, indeed, been demanding. In your estimation, you have never quite made the mark. In your estimation, you always fell short. There was more you were supposed to be. There was more you were supposed to do, so you tell yourself.

Now, I will tell you to do less and ask less of yourself. I will tell you to allow yourself some sense of satisfaction, sense of job well done, not almost done, not sort of done, but done, and done well.

I am asking you to be nicer to yourself. Be easier to please. Be happy with less.

Heretofore, you may have set standards impossible to fulfill. Sometimes, I swear, you are like a donkey who has been beaten every day and is so used to it, he has come to expect it, as if something would be missing if he were given a little praise and encouragement instead of a beating!

Will you no longer be like that donkey? Will you give yourself some grace? Will you stop beating up on yourself? When are you going to? When would you begin to see yourself in a very good light? You may think I am asking you to forgive yourself for all your inadequacies. I am telling you that there is nothing to forgive, except perhaps, for being unappreciative of yourself.

I want to tell you that I know you do the best you can, and that is good enough for Me. Can that not be good enough for you? Can you not embrace My child as I would wish that you be embraced? Begin now to let go of all the perceived impediments and accept yourself as a blessed Being. You ask too much of yourself. You ask to be perfect in the eyes of the world and everyone in it. Do you see how you ask a lot?

I ask you to go easier on yourself.

If you did not make the bed today, that’s all right. I don’t mind. Whatever you didn’t do today, it’s okay with Me.

I adjure you to find less fault. I adjure you to find no fault at all. I adjure you to love yourself more, and life more, and the world and all those other imperfect people in it more. I am asking you to be a child of God who is easy to please. Will you be that child for Me? Will you kindly take pleasure in daily life every day? Will you, as a matter of fact, beam at the world and call it yours and love it for all you are worth?

Yes, will you look at everything through different glasses? I think you have perhaps been too near-sighted. I think you have perhaps been looking at yourself through a microscope. Start now to look at yourself through the lens of love. When were you going to, beloveds? When were you going to be nice to yourself? Some day is not soon enough. Change the direction of your thoughts today, right now, this minute.

Acknowledge that you are not so bad. Acknowledge that you are good, indeed, very good, excellent. Why on Earth, beloveds, would you be fussier than I am? I like you. I appreciate you. I love you. If I can, why can’t you? Be generous, and love yourself, and don’t give yourself such a hard time.

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Good Morning Everyone, I

Good Morning Everyone,
I have been learning what it truly means to love yourself as I never heard of such a thing before. I always thought I had to put myself LAST and do everything to make everyone else happy. What that did was made my heart die inside...I was so numb. It was VERY PAINFUL to heal all the damage that I DID because I did not LOVE MYSELF FIRST. I had fears and anxieties before learning to love myself and now I have very minimal if any. I FEEL LOVE for me for the first time in my life. I actually LOVE MYSELF as much as the most important person in my life. I also discovered in this process which I call my "awakening" that I too am able to talk to GOD and he talks back to me. I call this my "GIFT" that I never knew existed inside me. When you are able to get all this programming out of your brain...let's call it cleaning your dirty filter which was caused by society, friends and family...when that is clean and your heart is healed...BOOM...there is this wonderful "GIFT" inside just waiting for you along with living for today. Love Yourself Everyone and kiss those fears away. JUST IMAGINE WHAT THAT CAN BE LIKE IF WE ALL SERIOUSLY LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES. LISTEN TO THE SONG IMAGINE BY JOHN LENNON. HE LOVED HIMSELF AND WHEN HE WROTE THAT SONG...HE WROTE IT FOR US IN THIS CURRENT TIME.




Bernie Siegel too recommends

Bernie Siegel too recommends that song, GA.

It is interesting what you say. Thank you so much for your comment.

It is all certainly a gift from God, a most precious gift to know God so intimately for ourselves. . Although God speaks to me and this is the beautiful time of my life, I do not know this awakening that I hear so much about. For sure, we don't have to be awakened to have this precious communication with God. In my experience, God emphasizes this, that anyone can do it, just as they are. He says we don't have to get dressed up for him! God said something like it is a come-as-you-are party that He gives!

God bless you for bringing up this stimulating subject.

Hi GA! and Wow...Thank you

Hi GA! and Wow...Thank you for your beautiful, heart felt words. I shared them with my wife Marie...and she would like to use some of your words for the inside cover of a book she just finished writing about her inner child and her life. Let me know if that might be okay with you. And I must say I echo everything you say! Much love and many blessing to you dear one. (and I love your web site too) Loving you always, Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

I have to say that we were

I have to say that we were talking about this in church yesterday. I didn't know how much I needed this today, but did. I have been hard on myself and need to step back and know that it is ok to not be perfect and God will understand and know I did the best I could for that day....Thanks

Oh yes...my goodness....be

Oh yes...my goodness....be nice to yourself today and all days! Take yourself out for a treat today. Pick someplace new that maybe you have never been to before...like a little coffee or pastry shop. Ya...just explain to yourself that this is your day off from your regular routines and that you are taking yourself for a treat! You're inner you will be so surprised cause maybe it is not used to being loved like that! That is so, so sweet doing something like that for yourself...and it doesn't have to be a big thing...sometimes the smallest things are the sweetest! Loving you, Jimi. and ps...loving yourself is one of the warmest, nicest, coziest relationships you will ever have!

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said it's okay
To be nicer to yourself
Give yourself some grace

God said every day
See yourself in a God light
Through the lens of love

God said that right now
I like you and I love you
If I can you can

God said Beloveds
You are good enough for Me
Indeed very good

Love, Light and Aloha!

It is still an important

It is still an important issue in my life and I am glad that God does tell me this right now. It is indeed a most sweet and loving Heavenletter !! .... still learning that the best I do is enough for God and so it just could be ok for me too...

I want to tell you that I know you do the best you can, and that is good enough for Me. Can that not be good enough for you? Can you not embrace My child as I would wish that you be embraced? Begin now to let go of all the perceived impediments and accept yourself as a blessed Being.

Many many thanks to God, dear God, and beloved Gloria and to all the wonderful replies here !

Love you all

I AM, Michael Gloria

I AM, Michael

Gloria beloved sister of Love and Light,

I never read a HEAVENLETTER that does not uplift or send a message of guidance to me in a new way for me to understand and grow because of it.

In reference to this HEAVENLETTER # 2621 - I believe learning to love self is one of the most difficult tasks we embodied in human form must learn.

For ages we have been programmed via--so many teachings or teachers--that it is a SIN to love yourself--when as explained again so adroitly in this Message from Creator God Source--to you--when we do finally begin to know and to love our divine self, we are then able to love all other life forms in creation.

We are One.

Bless your ongoing daily good work on Earth. Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael

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