Why Is There Mourning When There Is No Death?

God said:

You still believe in death. You remember the dates and time when loved ones left the Earth, still believing they left you. They didn't leave you. They went into a Palace filled with love. Why mark an occasion of their natural re-entry into Heaven with sadness? Why wish them to return to your physical grasp? They finished their work on the globe of Earth, washed their hands of it, as it were, and walked right into My heart with a blast of light so bright they can only shine it on you. You have good friends in Heaven.

They see your life in new light as well. They see so much more, and their recognition of love is so much greater. In fact, their whole awareness is now on love. Actually, they are the awareness of love itself which they always were, yet it was unbeknownst to themselves and probably to you as well.

They finished their tour of duty on Earth. Their embodiment on Earth was a brief interlude. They simply put their foot on Earth for a second while maintaining their life in Heaven. This is the same way you might step outside your door for a moment to see what it's like outside. It doesn't mean you've left your home. You just stepped out for a second to get a quick look. They never left Heaven, nor have you except in your awareness.

Everyone who is or was on Earth has walked out of their bodies and returned full-time to Heaven. They visited Earth, wanting to see what the stars look like from a different vantage. To see the Sun from seemingly outside it. To feel the moonlight refracted in their eyes. To know what senses feel like. To see what it is like to have toes and fingers. Just as you would like to fly, they wanted to know what walking was like.

They wanted to know what the Earth felt like, what a sidewalk was, what it was to grow food and to eat it, to pluck a berry from a bush, what it was to enter the mass market of the world. They knew they weren't leaving Heaven, just stepping onto Earth for one brief moment.

They wanted to know what it felt like to wear a body. All this, of course, was just a passing thought — it was not their main ambition. As penguins might stand in line and dive one at a time, everyone thought it was their turn to dive and that they might as well.

Once on Earth, they forgot how perfectly coordinated they were. They saw mishmash. They saw absurdity. And they entered right into the middle of it, just as you yourself do in a brief dot of eternity that seems to be stretched out long.

Before they landed on Earth, they knew they were forever. They knew their body would not stay forever. They never thought it should. It was a mere rental for a summer or two. And when they left, all the woe and angst left as well, rather disappeared — poof — for where in eternity could woe and other earthly matters exist? In fact, all that you presently call trouble was gone with not even a snap of the fingers. It was as if it had never existed. It had never existed. It just had been perceived by restless minds.

As they deployed back to Heaven, many realized that they had slept their whole Earth-life long, or might just as well have slept for all the sense or nonsense they had made of it. Now, in Heaven, they shake their heads and wonder what had possessed them while they were on Earth. Where did arguments come from when there is love and naught else? What was the big deal with everything on Earth? And why is there mourning when there is no death?

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