death and dying

Wake Up, Sleepyhead

God said:

Already you have experienced that what once seemed of the utmost importance to you turns out not to be important at all. Once perhaps your life depended upon the love of a certain other for you, and now the importance of love from that person has faded. Now you may even wonder what made you feel the way you did. You shrug your shoulders. The importance you attributed was dependent upon one illusion or another, the main illusion, perhaps, that you were in need. You were not in need. It certainly seemed so, yet it came down to your need of illusion.

A Ride on a Magic Carpet

God said:

No matter what I say and how much I say, it seems that My children fear death, so-called death. Do you not know that leaving the cumbersome body is part of life?

Coming Face to Face with Life

Bernie to God:

Dear God, I'd be interested to know what You have to say to those with serious illnesses. What words of wisdom do You have for those facing life-threatening illnesses?

God to Bernie:

Beloved son, what do you expect Me to say that has not already been said a thousand ways? What answer will satisfy? What answer in common language can be enough?

One Flower

God said:

When you think of your own death, it's sad for you. Even when you would welcome death, the thought that you will not look out from your window to see the sunlight sparkle through the trees one more time, causes you exquisite pain. You think, "I won't be here. Here will still be, but without me." This makes you cry.

The tiniest bit of life becomes precious to you. You wonder how the world can keep going on without you in it. You wonder deeply how you can keep going without the world and your involvement in it.

Make Memorials of Joy

God said:

You half hold on and you half let go when it comes to loved ones who pass into another dimension and seemingly leave you behind. You want to get over your heartache, but you want to remember your loved ones and all that was in your heart for them. You do not want to forget your love for them, and theirs for you. And so you remember. And as memories wear off, you mourn the loss of your memories too.

Why Is There Mourning When There Is No Death?

God said:

You still believe in death. You remember the dates and time when loved ones left the Earth, still believing they left you. They didn't leave you. They went into a Palace filled with love. Why mark an occasion of their natural re-entry into Heaven with sadness? Why wish them to return to your physical grasp? They finished their work on the globe of Earth, washed their hands of it, as it were, and walked right into My heart with a blast of light so bright they can only shine it on you. You have good friends in Heaven.

In Memoriam

God said:

Beloved, the moment of what you call death is always peaceful. There is no struggle. There is surrender to what has always been, and that is Eternity. Life as experienced in the world has most often been struggle against the Truth of Life. You think Earth life is supposed to last forever, even though you give lip service that it is not. But the truth is that Llife itself is forever. There is only Being. There is no death.

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