Why Document Folly?

God said:

I want you. I want you more than anything in the world. Of course, I have you, always have, so then what I want is that you know in Whose Presence you are. This is not a court you stand in as you imagine. This is not a court of law. We can say that you stand in a beautiful courtyard where everything green grows magnificently and the sun shines every day and all is misted with love. We can say that you sit in a patio chair in the courtyard of My heart.

Beloveds, please no longer think of Me as a judge. Judging is beyond My ken. I don’t know how to judge. What I do know is how to love. To love is easy for Me. I do not have to even think about it. Wherever I turn, I love. Wherever I turn, I see love. I see what I AM. I did not teach you to judge, yet you learned to judge, and you learned it well. And certainly, you have taken refresher courses seasonally in how to judge. There are many such courses offered. Wherever you look, you will easily note lessons in judgment. They are invariably harsh.

But, now, you will get out of that curriculum. Come into the courtyard of My love where you will not have to learn love. You will have to learn to let go of all you learned about judging, which is not love. You will have to empty your mind of judgment. Empty it. Fill up your heart with love.

Love does not judge. It does not judge itself. Pull up a chair of love and toss that bench of judgment away. Judgment is a lost cause, beloveds. Judgment is very wobbly. It runs on a broken wheel. Love, on the other hand… There is no other hand when it comes to love. Love holds its two hands out palm side up. Offering and accepting love are one motion, not two. You cannot separate how apple blossoms fall from the branches of the tree and how the soil receives the blossoms. They are irrevocably one process.

How about it? Will you stop evaluating, and just love altogether? Judging perhaps makes you feel superior to the ones whom you judge, yet, when you stand in My court, where do superior or inferior enter? This must be some kind of private joke that I do not get.

Love is not more or less. Love cannot be spoken of in terms of less. Love can only be love. Even a smidgeon of love is love, yet there are no smidgeons when it comes to love. There are no measuring cups for love. Love cannot be squeezed even into a gallon jug. Love is a self-perpetuating spring. It runs deep, and it never runs out. Drink in love, beloveds. Sate yourself, and bring others to the spring. You won’t have to bring them. They will simply follow you with adoration in their eyes. That is how My eyes follow you with adoration and without a spot of judgment. My eyes know how to see, and they see from love to love, and there is only love. There is nothing else that can be. That you can imagine other things besides love is well-documented, but why document folly?

Come to where you have always been. There is no other place to be -- except in your imagination. Confess, you have imagined yourself out of My view and out of My love, and so you have imagined the impossible. Your imagination is good, no doubt. Now imagine Truth. Imagine the Truth of Me and the Truth of you, for they are the same. Acknowledge Truth. At least, suspect it. Suspect where you stand and Who stands with you.

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Folly? You don't get our

Folly? You don't get our private joke?

We wanted to surprise you.


Do not grieve of us.

We are in 'the heart of your love.'

All together, right now; over You.


TY God...:)'s...Mike:)

TY God...:)'s...Mike:)

Love Love after reading my

Love after reading my heavenletters sounds hard. before it was nice and simple. It seems like it takes so much work letting go of ego letting go of judgment. And finding god. It all seems so complicated. I want to the with my whole being the whole uuniverse. a forever type of love that never dies. and i want the universe to love me but it is beginning to sound so complicated. can it ever be acomplished?
I love you god in the way i know how i just wish i could love you the way you want me to

Beloved Crystal, I know what

Beloved Crystal, I know what you mean.

God doesn't want us to try so hard. He wants us to be happier with ourselves as we are.

Please don't concern yourself with letting of ego and judgment.

I happen to have a little history with you, and I found you quite ego-less, very open, supreme attitude, and devoted to God.

God bless you.

With love,


3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said I see love
Wherever I turn I love
I see what I Am

God said sate yourself
And just love altogether
Bring others to love

God said My love is
Imagine the Truth of Me
There is no other

Love, Light and Aloha!

I hope that sometime you

I hope that sometime you will come northeast.
Love is our soul purpose : it sits in my office and I continue to strive to feel this and do all work with this. I want to infuse my life with this. Thank you for this letter. I will print it and use it for myself and my clients. I will hold it dear as I keep learning to be in love.

Beautiful angel Debra, Thank

Beautiful angel Debra,

Thank you for sharing your heart! Could it be that you are new to the forum? In that case, a warm welcome!

Where in the northeast are you? I am in Mission, BC (close to Vancouver, BC).


Dearest Debra, perhaps you

Dearest Debra, perhaps you will come down to the spiritual center in Argentina!

I used to live in Massachusetts.

Of course, we are meeting on deep levels.

With love and blessings,