Why do you refer to God as He in Heaven Letters? Is not God...

Why do you refer to God as He in Heaven Letters? Is not God the Mother/Father God? Whatever happened to the Mother of Everything or Mother Divine? When we talk to God, are we also talking to Mother Divine?

To make it simple, a choice had to be made. God is fine with whatever you are comfortable with. Read more of what God says below.

" I am God. I am Everything. I am God the Father and God the Mother. But I am neither male nor female and I am both. I am all.

"Male and female are energies. He and She are manners of speaking. All words are metaphors for the energy they represent.

"If you call to Me as Mother Divine, I bear that in mind in My answer. But it is you who calls Me Mother Divine or Father God.

"I am I, whatever form I appear to you in. I am I, no matter what form you like Me to be in.

"How you address Me is up to you. It doesn't matter to Me. You matter to Me, and I will respond to your heart."

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God Father or Mother?

I can see what God is saying here. He is Who He is. It reminds me of when Moses was asked by Pharoah who this God was, God told Moses to tell Pharoah, "I AM what I AM" ("cool answer, God! :-)

Humans were created to express the both aspects of God's Nature. Man was created first to glorify the masculine side of God (protection, solid strength, Energy, etc) and woman was created after man to reflect and glorify God's feminine qualities of tenderness and compassion and nurturing and creativity, etc..

We women should respect the Father aspect of God instead of always calling Him Mother Divine all the time to appeal to only our side of the coin. Men were created to also reflect God's masculine qualities. Both feminine and masculine qualities are beautiful so we humans should not try to be something we are not... but to enjoy our differences as they are individual facets of God's Nature.

If your a woman, don't feel insignicant. If your a man, you are special in your own rights too . We both reflect God's Nature. This also goes for people born with both male and female energies. All are special.