Who Needs a Rose Today?

God said:

You give Me great happiness. I Who know only happiness receive great happiness from you. You must know you are My delight. Expanding your consciousness is what will give you happiness. Understand that whatever I advise you is not a question of obedience. Obedience is overrated. An ox can be obedient. You are a Human Being, and I gave you free will. I did not give you obedience, beloveds.

Obedience does not feel like a free thing, and I indeed gave you freedom. Freedom is your reward, and it is also your difficulty. The range you have to choose from is vast. I encourage you to make it simple. Choose love. Choose to love. That is the same as following your heart. You will save yourself a lot of trouble this way.

You can think of Me as parent, the One Who loves you the most, Who is there for you, takes you along, puts you to bed, greets you in the mornings, the One Who thinks about you day and night. I am not a disciplinarian, and I am not a morals teacher of what is right and what is wrong. Love is right, and I am a Teacher of Love, and your happiness is My purpose. I do not give you a narrow channel to choose from. But you do have an instrument to act as your compass. That is, as you know, your beautiful heart.

To obey or not to obey is not the question. When it comes to love, there is no question. You are simply to give it, not just because I say so, and not just because that is where your happiness lies but because giving is your aim. As marvelous as receiving love is, thinking about receiving is not your aim. Love given for a return is love misnamed. Whatever love you get back is welcome, but give love solely as a gift, certainly not as a bribe, and not for an object in mind. Giving love is your destiny. Your destiny is the way to your happiness. You meet your destiny because it is your destiny, and it is waiting for you.

I admonish you to give love generously because that is the only way to give love. But if you forget, I do not scold you. No matter how many times you forget, I don't wag My finger at you. I do not say, "Tut. Tut. Where is the strap?" No, I hold you in My arms so that you may feel love again and want to give more of it, and to give it without charging for it.

There is no way to measure love, so when you try to count it or parcel it out and keep receipts, you become a bookkeeper rather than a love-giver. There is no cost to love, and there is no payment. Giving love itself is its own pay. Tell your mind you do not want nor need an accountant. Tell your mind to value your love-giving.

I understand that you do not always feel loving, and I do not want you to give false love. When you feel away from love, let go of the word love. Simply go along your day as if you were a thoughtful, kind person. What might you say here? What might you say there? Whose shoulder would you put your hand on? What rose would you give and to whom? Who would need a rose today? Who needs their shoe tied? Who needs a smile from you? Why, everyone, beloved. Everyone needs a smile from you today.

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smile :) :)

God, I'm agreeing more and more with you each day, though it feels like everyday I'm already agreeing with everything you say.

"Everyone needs a smile from you today."
Yes God, well said. Everyone, including myself!, needs a smile from me today. Smile smile smile everyday :) :) :) :) :) :)