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Who listens to the voice of God ?

I talk to everyone, all the time, in their own voice, the question is:


From the highest mountain it has been shouted

in the lowest place it has been whispered....


You are your own rule maker, you set your guidelines.


Yes, you've heard it before, in fact I didn't put it on a bumper sticker for you,

but in times of trouble, in times of worry, doubt or fear, you choose to forget.

What you should do is answer this simple question:

What would Love do now ?

Answer that question and I will be there, always, IN ALL WAYS !

To life your life without expectations, without the need for specific results,

that is freedom !

Remember: you are constantly in the act of creating yourself !

You are in every moment deciding who and what you are !


I am here, right here, right now !


Taken from: Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

Thank you for posting that

Thank you for posting that Berit ~ isn't it beautiful?

I too have many of Neil's books ~ I love them!

Namaste dear heart

Love Mary :)

That reminds me how the

That reminds me how the first time I saw CWG book at the library, It didn't felt right to me, And after a year, I've bought all neale books, and even insisted on reading the english version to stay "close to the source"...

That is a really inspiring message, And we get the message each one at our own pace....I look at this writings differently than I could see say like 2 years ago.....And the beauty of it is that it changes as you change...But always stays TRUE :O)

Thanks Berit