Where Truth Roams the Range

God said:

There are levels and layers. Within each of My children, many levels or layers exist, and you stop off at varying ones as a matter of course. Sometimes you are really on, and sometimes you feel off. Sometimes you skim the surface, and sometimes you scan the depths. You, you yourself, are more than one dimension. You are many-dimensioned. You are inner space, and you are outer space. You are more far-reaching than you credit yourself with.

Despite your denseness, you are not always dense. You have sparkling moments of enlightenment where you know far more than you own to. Sometimes you are like someone who has traveled the world and forgotten where he’s traveled. You may have an inkling that you have been somewhere, yet it’s like someone else snapped his fingers at you, as if to say: “Get back here where I AM. Wake up!” Even the part of you who snaps his fingers at you has had to be where he snapped his fingers for you to leave.

You may well have been somewhere where Truth roams the range.

Question: Do you know where you should be, belong, etc.? Answer: Right where you happen to be. And this comment of Mine can also be taken at many levels.

I want another term besides levels and layers. Levels seem a little judgmental, higher and lower. The word layers seems to be more stratified than I want. Let Me think. Higher notes and lower notes also seems to be judging. Hmm, a scale. It isn’t easy to escape words that judge in the world.

Perhaps We can think about strata and levels and layers as something not vertical but more side by side, perhaps like wedges of pie on a glass shelf at a diner. Each pie is wonderful! Okay, apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, lime chiffon pie, chocolate cream pie. All are delicious and desirable. We can say you have a choice, although often it may not be your conscious choice which pie you are served. It could be considered more like you find yourself eating one flavor of pie and not another. Or maybe you’ve eaten chocolate cream pie so often that you are now open for another taste delight.

Or, more the way it really is, it could be that one of the pies chooses you! OR, you, by chance, without even looking, choose one and not another. In any case, you find yourself eating one pie at this moment and not another. Each piece of pie has its own flavor. One may be a more common choice, another seemingly rare. Nevertheless, the real Truth is that you have tasted each flavor of pie many times.

Yes, I like My image of pies rather than layers and levels. Each piece of pie serves a good purpose. Some are rarer and not so readily available as others. The rare ones may be considered most valuable. All are valuable. All are welcome.

The person who snaps his fingers, wanting you to eat the same flavor of pie that he is eating, may well, at another time, be eating the flavor that he snaps his fingers at you about, but that is another tale to tell.

Looking at this from another angle, everyone has been everywhere, and all, beyond their own ken, know everything. They know it. They know it all and wear blinders and claim they don’t remember. There is something startling to the human psyche to acknowledge himself as a Knower. He may be more comfortable being someone who knows little and so, he pleads ignorance. Huh? He says, dazed.

In truth, the Prince Charming who awakens you lies within yourself. Until a magic moment, when you both wake up and look at each other and laugh that you once slept dazed, and now laugh that you have awakened when, all along, the distance between slumber and wakefulness is only a hair’s breadth away.

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Beautiful! This thing about

Beautiful! This thing about levels is too true. There's always some kind of separation that comes from it's use. The pie concept is awesome! Another one that works is ripe and unripe, often interpreted as good and evil. Ripe and unripe is the same fruit, the same thing and impossible to say which state has more value. When setting sail on a one month ocean voyage, unripe fruit would be welcomed. Some other terms to say the same thing; states of awareness, frequency, vibration etc.

I really like this metapher

I really like this metapher of the ripe und unripe state of a fruit. This picture is very good visible to me. But what we also need to know is that we trust our senses, the voice of Prince Charming is always in danger of being covered by the loudness of the world around us, which tells us a different story. So I see more and more how important it is to be quiet and still, to hear and to be aware of the truth of how beautiful our life and the world around us is. Then we can enjoy the ripe fruit.


Gloria, only you would know the answer to this one. In the seventh paragraph that starts "Or, more the way . . .", the first word in the second sentence is all caps, whether on purpose or not I couldn't say. All caps is how I emphasize a typed word where italics or underlining would be used elsewhere, but emphasizing that word doesn't particularly seem called for. I often make a typo by holding down the Shift key too long, and if I had to guess it happened here. Would be simple if our word choice was ORder vs ORDER. This would make a difference both in reading aloud and in translating.

Have you ever noticed how these things often seem to happen in bunches? Sort of like a low pressure weather system slowly passing thru.

Dear Charles, I stay away

Dear Charles, I stay away from capitalizing because it's so easy to overdo it. I do believe the the second OR is capitalized to say OR in a louder voice for emphasis.

Or, more the way it really is, it could be that one of the pies chooses you! OR, you, by chance, without even looking, choose one and not another.

Charles, I don't always know why one way or another. I "hear" it the way I hear it.

Tell me more about the difference it would make in reading aloud and in translating?

By the way, in today's blog, you play a good part in it! The title is something like Irresistible Comments from Heavenreaders! www.godwriting.org


I have no idea how other languages handle emphasis but if the emphasis here was intentional, it should be in the translation as well. I don't recall God ever doing this before but that doesn't mean He hasn't or can't. The use of all caps in such as "I AM" is an entirely different matter. I imagine most people reading it either didn't even notice it, or if they did notice, didn't think about it. And the reason I said only you would know the answer is because you are the only one to have heard it originally.

Certainly not a big deal one way or another except to try staying true to the message as much as possible. I don't think all caps were regularly used for emphasis in a text before electronic communication anyway. On the typewriter you went back and used the underline key like you would underline for emphasis in a handwritten text. Like most punctuation, it's sort of a stage direction or musical notation. I would have probably emphasized that "or" anyway since it started the sentence, but all caps would call for even more. God can do whatever He wants. Lot of fuss over a two letter word.

Beloved Charles, there is

Beloved Charles, there is this as well: Often, I AM is capitalized in the world when God says it. I cannot swear I heard God say it with emphasis at that time or whether it was a convention that seemed right at the time. Just as I could only from courtesy and respect capitalize the word God, it's possible that I AM, when God says it, has become like that.

Is it my choice or God's?

The more I Godwrite, the more sensitive I seem to be to language altogether and such things as tense, capitalization, and pronouns and antecedents. I am aware of this often in writing the blog.

Charles, I remember at the Godwriting workshop you attended, in the Godwriting you did, there were some remarkable sentences. Would you share some of them here?

Ah, in all the mess of

Ah, in all the mess of trying to move out of here, now ongoing five years, I have no idea where those words are. And if I could put my hands on them, would not know which would catch your eye. The event is still in my mind but not the words.

I wonder if I didn't do a

I wonder if I didn't do a blog and include the powerful words from God that came through you! Let me look.

Charles, I think here are 3

Charles, I think here are 3 words in your Godwriting that hit me between the eyes:

"At what cost?"


I'm going to post the whole blog here: [Note that at this time I was calling Charles, Charley.]

Three words from my dear friend Charley's first Godwriting™

I remember so well three words that were in Charley's first Godwriting. Those three words fit into so many circumstances. I do not know how to say how meaningful and powerful these three words have been for me. I will never forget them.

The three words that God said to Charley that have had such an impact on me are:

"At what cost?"

All the excuses I have for not doing something -- speaking up, for instance -- and I hear those three words from God through Charley echo through me: "At what cost?"

And when I do something I regret like letting my ego have its way, I can only hear God say as if on a tape recorder: "At what cost?"

I wonder what these three words may mean to you.

Early on in my Godwriting, I had three words that God kept repeating and repeating. These three words were so simple that I missed their significance. I was even a little embarrassed that God gave me three such simple words and again and again. It took me a while before the message really sank in to me. These three three-syllable words I received from God were:

"Here I am."

After time, these three words became profound. These three words and the three words that are outstanding from Charley's first Godwriting may contain the whole theme of Heavenletters™.

I would like to add five more words from a Heavenletter that, at least at this moment, with the other two selections, seem to me to give the three main points of Heavenletters.

The five words of seven syllables come from Heavenletter #1557 - Throughout Eternity - February 22, 2005.

They are:

"Beloveds, Our kiss lasts forever.... "

Those words were wonderful from the first moment I heard them. And they run through my mind again and again too.

Now, getting back to Charley, I wonder how he feels about those three words of his Godwriting now and whether he keeps thinking of "At what cost?" as often as I do.

Either Charley didn't send me his first Godwriting or I misplaced it, but here is a comment from Charley soon after he reached home after the workshop:

"Today I slept late for the first time in a very long time, and later God took me out for breakfast. Well, actually it was afternoon but it still was breakfast.

"I know that I have made a longer journey since last week than the distance from Michigan to Fairfield and back. Many thanks to you for your part in the workshop."

Next time I will post a Godwriting that came to me on Charley's behalf.

Written by Gloria on Mar 14, 2010

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Has it been just three

Has it been just three years? Seems much longer ago in my mind, but I guess I've put some mileage on that mind since. I only have a vague remembrance of those words but they resonate as if they came from someone else, which apparently they did. I'm still working on those dams, more than ever. It wasn't at all like a one time explosion that blew them all to smithereens. More like what it took to make a crack to start an erosion that gradually gets bigger of its own accord. I do have to shovel, but I'm shoveling what comes out in the erosion, not the dam itself.

I have been greatly helped in this by an intensive study of David R. Hawkins' writings. He describes the mechanics of the process of letting go in a way that makes it understandable and doable. But not easy. The ego is a fierce resistor, tho in words that I do remember, God once pointed out that "I AM stronger than your ego". I am gaining a better understanding of what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These are some big dams.