Where Is Your Love Hiding?

God said:

If you are selfish, where is your love hiding? Selfishness is not even love for yourself.  

If you pretend love, what are you doing?

If you sacrifice yourself, why?

If you neglect yourself, where can your love be?

If you keep yourself down, you are keeping yourself down.

If you try to please everyone, you do not succeed in pleasing anyone. Least of all do you please yourself.

If you are unhappy, what are you doing but abandoning yourself? There are better things for you to be and to do.

If you do not value yourself, who is going to value you? Begin now, please. Set a higher price on yourself.

When you are not honest with yourself, whom are you kidding?  

Unless you are kind to others, you deny yourself love. If you loved yourself, you would be kind to all.

If you don't do something about yourself, who is going to? There is no choice but to raise yourself. Do that which will help you to look at yourself with love and so look at the world with love.

Working yourself to the bone does not help you love yourself.

Being idle doesn't help you love yourself.

To not love yourself is not a choice to make, yet too many make this choice perhaps as some kind of retribution.

No more overlooking yourself. No more denying yourself. No more self-pity. No more walking a high-tension wire.

No more false bravado. No more kidding yourself. No more cutting yourself off at the corral. No more high-jinks. No more blaming others. No more deciding that others are responsible for your anger or depression or happiness.

Truth from now on.

Where are you, and what do you have to do to get somewhere? Yes, you have to get somewhere. At the very least, unless you love yourself, you have to get out from where you have tethered yourself. Conceit is not loving yourself. Feeling superior to others is not loving yourself.

Years of slow self-denial are not okay. Self-denial is unworthy of any child of Mine, and you are all Children of Mine whom I love.

Who are you to think you are unloved? How many souls are you pulling down, and how dare you? You are on Earth to make the sun shine.

If you victimize yourself, this is not My Will.

Come talk to Me. Let's straighten out life. Let’s straighten it out now.

Be My love and be all the grace I designed you to be. Let's do this now, not later. Now. Get over here to Me right now on the double. Clip clop.

Leave the past. Rise now.

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The Gift of Life

I AM Innocent, therefore All that I Create is Innocent. Your Innocence believed lies. Now is the time to Shine. No need to drag the past into the Present. Lovingly cut the tie and Fly in the Freedom of the Eternal Love that is Truth. Say each day as many times as needed "I live in the Now, Each moment is New, I Choose to See My Self Worth, I Love and Approve of Myself." Next feel with an Open Heart "I AM a Sacred and Worthy Being." When fear and doubt come beckoning to play their games I will dismiss them and take an Instant Laughter Vacation. Tee, he, ho, ho, laughing is the way I go and I can't get lost with a happy Heart.