Where Is Your Heart Going?

God said:

Listen to My Voice and not those repeated whispers in your head. You attack yourself with your repeated thoughts of defeat. When you think of defeat, losing, being at a disadvantage, you see a competition of some kind going on. If you feel loss, you also feel there is something to gain. Perhaps you are in a business deal gone wrong. You feel that you gave too much trust, and that you have been duped on purpose or caught in the tide. You may feel that you are at the point where you must walk away, that you can’t keep elaborating over and over again on this relationship that has gone wrong, be it a business arrangement or marriage.
Either way, you feel ravaged. You are thinking in terms of perpetrator and victim again, of yourself as the good guy victim and the other as the bad guy assailer. You feel justified to feel as you do, and so you make yourself a perpetrator of protest and all the accompanying hard feelings.
How do you get out of the arena of hard feelings? Where is your heart going? You have let yourself get into the “they can’t do that” mode, that “they can’t do this to me,” and you tie yourself in knots. You feel there is unkindness here. You may feel that your honor has been taken away from you. Instead of the trust you had, you feel betrayal. You had an idea, and now you have a different idea, and now you batter yourself with this appalling idea.
Whatever another party has done or not done, by design or by falling into it, you feel painted into a corner. It is this being cornered that leads to your feeling so abject, even as in hindsight, you see how you contributed to this now seeming fraud. You closed your eyes, and you fell into it. You let go of responsibility for yourself. If you were led astray, you led yourself astray. If you have been conned, you conned yourself. You are not the totally innocent party. You played a part.  
What is before you now is to get away from sense of blame of the other and sense of blame of yourself. You have to get away from this preoccupation because it doesn’t get you anywhere you want to go. You want to get out of this morass of powerlessness you find yourself in. You have to get away from your own feelings of powerlessness and its willing partner, blame.
You thought you were loved, and now you feel stood up. Whether in business or personal life, you had an understanding that didn’t hold up, and, yet, you were a party to it.
Perhaps it is that you see yourself as a fool and this is what is intolerable to you. You don’t know how to walk away from your involvement and your own emotions. Whatever your situation, you may feel like a husband or a wife whose partner has been unfaithful. This may be a long-held pattern in your life. Someone was unfaithful to one degree or another. Someone did not hold up to the promise you held in your heart that another would be true to you forever. This was your premise. Stated or not, this was your premise. This is what “they can’t do this to me” means. No matter how unfair a situation may seem to be, beloveds, this word “me” speaks of ego. Will the real culprit stand up?
Regardless of the world reality of a situation, you are piqued, and the human mind makes pique justified. Justification isn’t the issue. How are you going to extricate yourself now from all the energy you are putting into this – this is the issue. When will you get away from these emotions that hold you back?

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This was what was purging...

Thank you times infinity...
I so needed to hear your words last night ..
I was moving this out of my awareness yesterday and I felt like a ton of cement that has been sitting at the bottom of my mind/body was finally and miraculously released.. I can go on in my life, no matter the choices I make, something is healed forever.
I am so grateful for heaven letters.. Love my heart. Lisa

Bless you, Lisa. You inspire

Bless you, Lisa. You inspire us. I had to go back to read this Heavenletter and get from it what you did.

A new list..

Excerpts from HL #3791:

Sometimes you may feel as though you are on the front lines. There is a battle going on, and you are right out there fighting it, or you skirt around danger that seems to lurk everywhere. You have your sword ready. You fight off foes.

What is this battle? Are you at war?

What are you affrighted of? What is it that makes sleep difficult? Who or what is the enemy you guard yourself from? Who or what is plotting to hurt you?

Your fears are nebulous. Do not defend your fears. Let them go. Do not conduct war. Let your war with life be over. Do not be a soldier on the front lines of your life.

Carry a flag of love instead. Love is lurking around every corner. Love is not a danger. No longer imagine danger around any corner. Forget corners. Remember love.

Remember My love. Remember in Whose care you are.

Is humiliation your greatest fear? Are you protecting yourself from error? How big an enemy is error really? What is the down side of error? Humiliation, I suppose. Be humble then. Do away with ego. Do not stay a soldier.

If you cannot ward off the dangers you imagine anyway, why not surrender your fear of them? Why catalogue all the possible affronts to you? Big or little, they are of no account.

I know, I know, you can think of a whole list of fearful possibilities.
You could get bruised. You could be insulted. You could be betrayed. You could be ignored. You could be noticed. On and on goes the list of unwanted possibilities.

I would like to ask you to throw away your fears. They are throw-aways. There is no advantage to the list of fears you keep.

Compile a different list, one of all the wonderful possibilities. Awake with that new list, and go to sleep with that new list embedded in your heart.

I will start your new list for you: Nice surprises. Smiles. Sunshine. Peace. Rest. Good fortune. Wonderful people. A gold coin. An embrace. A good book …

Wow, Adam. Beautiful

Wow, Adam. Beautiful quotations you find. Thank you so much!


by facing my fears ! =))

& I love you Gloria for all you are, as you are in the Now

Bless you, dear Jeffrey. I

Bless you, dear Jeffrey. I didn't know I was in the present! Thank you.

Good question...what is the

Good question...what is the answer???

What do you think the answer

What do you think the answer is, sweetheart?