Where Do You Jump to Next?

God said:

How lovely are the swirling heights you wish to climb. It is a breeze, you know. There is nothing hard or far about rising to where you long to rise. It is a snap. It is a natural unfolding. How does a rose unfold? This is how you fold and unfold and literally find yourself embraced in My heart and embraced to stay.

In one way, then there is nothing for you to do. In another way, there is nothing you can’t do, for whatever exists, you are. You can slip inside the unfolding rose. You can ride the clouds. You can clasp the moon and ride it too. The sun is like your engine and you can wear it like a medallion of yellow topaz. You want to read the stars? You can read the stars and listen to them like a conch. Echelons of light will slide off you and return. You can reach any height you like without effort. You can dabble your fingers in the Indian Ocean or float on the Dead Sea. When I say there isn’t anything you cannot manifest or create, I mean there isn’t anything and everything that you cannot alight on.

You can traverse from Universe to Universe. You can hop a train or a plane. You can transform and transcend. You can feel what it is to be anything you would like, what a spider feels, what a puppy or what a comet feels. You can get into anything. You can transcend anything. You can be as you want to be. You can consciously get into My heart and stay here.

The only reason you aren’t ascended more now is because you haven’t believed it possible for you or for you at this time. Time and space have infringed upon you, and you let them. You gave away your freedom. It’s like you said: “Here, time and space, hold my freedom for me. Some day I’ll be back.” Time and space absconded and took your freedom from you. You became indentured to time and space. Because of you, time and space believed they existed even as they don’t. They believed in themselves while you no longer believed in yourself. You concluded that Eternity and Infinity were out of your reach. You were sure you were chained up and couldn’t go far.

What you have to realize is that you offered up your hands for handcuffs. You arrested yourself. You gave yourself up to the wolves and called them the bad guys. There were so many vagrant things you thought to do, yet what was pertinent was not even in your sights. You freed yourself only to enslave yourself to time and space and all the other limitations you could think of.

You may have thought: “Free for what? Free for risk, and free for danger and such, free to fail, free to fall, free to get lost, free to be asked to dance and free to dance and free to bungle your steps."

Hurray for the opportunity to bungle or bungie-jump and land on a sour note.

C’mon now. Open your eyes and ears and heart, and open wide. Let go of everything that you allow to keep you back. It is you who have kept yourself back. You have pledged allegiance to staying the same and thrown away the keys to fun and play. You graduated to adulthood, and didn’t know you had stayed back.

Your body could be your airplane. You have a free ticket whenever you reach out for it. You have passage to India or a sleigh-ride to Alaska. You can ride a camel. There isn’t anywhere the limo of your mind cannot take you.

You are truly a free agent who thinks he is still tied to a tree. You set bounds for yourself when you were already unbounded. You must have some idea of what you promised yourself when you promised yourself to rise and rise and rise and rise again and be new, and be new again, and free to glide into Heaven and take Heaven with you wherever you jump to next.