When You Stand on a Mountaintop

God said:

You have perhaps been in the pattern of being selfish. It doesn't matter. Today you can be unselfish. It isn't really unselfish that you have to be, for the opposite of selfish isn't really unselfish. The opposite of selfish is generous.

Be generous. Come from a place of strength where it is easy for you to be generous.

When you have been selfish, you have been trying to protect yourself. Perhaps you thought you had to be selfish in order to survive, but now you have survived, and now it is your chance to give with a full heart. That is generosity. Beloveds, when you stand on a mountaintop, what else can you do but help others up?

When you are generous, you do stand on a mountaintop.

Being generous is not taking something away from yourself, you understand. Being generous is knowing that you have that which to give. Being generous is knowing that I give to you. In little human ways, you wish to give back to the One Who Gives All to you. What can make Me more gratified than to see you help your brothers and sisters?

When you are generous, you are beginning to know Oneness. Ultimately, you give to yourself. However your generosity may affect the other representations of yourself, it affects you. It makes your heart swell. Whether you recognize that or not, your givingness saves you a lot of time and energy. It is a quick path you go on.

To learn generosity, you may have to give yourself a nudge every now and then. That is all right. Soon enough you will only live generously in every area of your life. Soon enough, you won't have to make a choice. You will have made a choice, and there will be no going back. There will be no desire to go back. When you are in Heaven, what could make you want to go somewhere else?

From the wealth of your heart, you raise Earth to Heaven. You give out samples of Heaven. The little blessings you give are tastes of Heaven, where there is only giving. What you give will not even be thought of as giving, for it will be pure giving from a constant and instant impulse from the Heart of God.

You will know there is no need to withhold. You will know that withholding brings no joy.

This is not based on the saying that it is better to give than to receive. Even that thought is a thought of gaining. In generosity of heart, this is not a consideration. Giving is like breathing. There is no choice to make. Of course, you want to breathe. Of course, you want to give.

When you come down to it, beloveds, what else is there to do in this short span of life on Earth but to give? There is nothing to gain, nothing worth gaining. Or We can say that the only gain is in sharing, for giving is no more than sharing.

As you stand on the mountaintop of life, there is nothing else to do. You give a hand up to everyone. You don't talk about it. You don't add your name to any list. You simply help everyone everywhere. This is your position in life. No one has to know you are helping them reach the mountaintop. You don't have to know. All you know is that you are made for love, and that you love generously. It takes nothing away from you to give, for you yourself are the gift. Beloved, I gave you as a gift to the world. I gave every heart that beats to the world so that all hearts may expand and the world become wonderful because you are in it.

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The Great Momentum of Love

The Great Momentum of Love

This touched me so unspeakable much. Heavenletters has always come up with touching messages. It seems like it’s got an eye that sees deep, that searches deeper, through the way things happen. When I was reading the edition of May 5, 2009, seems like I was part of the editor’s team as I was searching for the meaning of love and writing some anecdotes on my experiences of what love is, at least to me. Below is a poem I finally came up with, some ideas extracted from Heavenletters of May 5, 2009. Thank you so much, those blessed ones at Heavenletters. You are so much inspired to inspire. Keep the good work.

The Great Quantum of Love
Love is like a plant
When planted properly it germinates.
The more seeds sown the more plants grow
When given the proper soil,
Love always grows back
But it must be fussed over; cared for,
Like a real plant it is.
It must be fertilised by being experienced.
It needs much time and watering
For it to grow into a tree
That may never be uprooted, ever!

Love is like the breath of Heaven.
It blows round and round and round.
When it goes forth it always comes back.
It is always present everywhere everytime
But we tend to be absent from its presence
One may take a deep breath of it
And the other may take small gasps
And love becomes who we are
It spells how much we will give away

Love is like flowing water, ever flowing
When immersed in it, it soaks
Though it may be wrung out of us
And leave us scorched brown like grass.
We can always be soaked again and again
And be saturated through and through,
For we are ever immerse in it like fish.
When we seem not to be, it’s the season.
Love is everything to everyone
And is everywhere everytime
For love is who we are.

By Obert Manyanye, Swaziland.

Love is who we are...

Thank you Obert...your words were so beautiful! The last lines caught my heart:

Love is everything to everyone
And is everywhere everytime
For love is who we are.

This is remarkable deep

This is remarkable deep poetry, beloved Obert.

And how you inspire us!

Obert, where does one as young as you get all this love and wisdom?

Will you tell us more about you and your life, please?


Today all of us reading Heaven Letters are making the decision to learn to experience

From the Mountaintop we remember that you, MAESTRO, sent us, each one, as a
gift to the world. What a golden goal to lift all up to the mountain top so that
all hearts can expand! And we all remember with Gaia that Gais is a radiant idea
as well in our Maestro's Holy Mind. Out from thy Radiant Mind comes only the Purest
Intent. Today more of heaven begins to come alive on Earth. Hallejullah!

Amen Mary Moon

Yes...what a beautiful expression of love, Thank you Mary Moon and Hallejullah indeed! Jim and Jimi.

Giving Love...

"...When you are generous, you are beginning to know Oneness. Ultimately, you give to yourself. However your generosity may affect the other representations of yourself, it affects you. It makes your heart swell. Whether you recognize that or not, your givingness saves you a lot of time and energy. It is a quick path you go on...."

Sometimes I think people are fingers on a hand or leaves on a tree. We have our own personalities and our precious sense of individualities. We are so, so convinced that we are not connected to others...and yet we are.

So when we give the precious yet vast gift of love to ourself or others...all fingers, leaves and people benefit!

And the gift of love...like the energizer battery never runs out...yet unlike batteries...the gift of Love never runs out!!!

Loving your always....Jim and Jimi.

Jim you make my heart soft

Your words sing melodies of love and meaning that help me rest. Your words bring me inner beauty.

George blinking some more

I have to say it!

As one of my final comments I must say; "Heaven Letters lifts me up to more than I can be."

So often I hum that melody with my consciousness as I read the precious lifting melody that sparks life and hope in this old body of mine. On this precious Memorial Day holiday I grew teary as the wreath was put on the grave of the unknown soldier and the ceremony moved to Arlington where some of the men I worked on lie in eternal rest.

My heart bursts with love for the buddies I had to cover or give morphine to as they made their final ascent into the Glorious Forever.

Being a teenager then made the scene deep and wondrous in a confusing, beautiful way.

Life really is God's gift, wrapped in such a blotchy, beautiful, musical way. Heaven Letters helps me make sense of the Elegance of Life.

George all wet eyed because of you

Beloved George, You are a

Beloved George,

You are a gift to us.

I love your words. Blotchy life. Elegance of Life. You say it all.

We want more of you, don't forget.

Love and more love,


Gloria lives life to bless

No words can express how I feel about these love words from you and Jim.

George has something in his eye

So beautiful George...

So beautiful...thank you George for your vibrant spirit and your open heart! Stay in touch (email and web site) Otherwise...we are indeed fellow occupants in the great heart of God. Loving you, Jim and Jimi.

Dear at my heart

Dear at my heart George,

these are the most beautifull words you ever tell us. Also if it is not simple choose from your comments. The Elegance of Life you told about was and is in every comment of you. That is the magnificence of God that you are. And I feel myself honored to know you. You don't know, but you have tough me much beautifull things you can immagine. The first is the Being dignity, the Royal Dignity. Thank you so much, adorable friend.



If one were to look at my life at the present moment from a strictly material point of view, I have nothing to offer.

I have no visible means of support, except a small pension.

For a year now, I have been borrowing on a credit line in order to live and restore my house in the mountains to rentable condition.

I am deeper in debt than I have ever been.

Yet, this morning, reading God's "Heaven Letter," I realized how rich I truly am, how much I have to share, and what an amazing opportunity for generous, expanisive growth this situation truly is.

I take a deep breath, shut my eyes, and listen to the sounds of the day shaping itself outside my window.

I am moved by God's words, beyond my selfish fear for my survival, into a place of true inspiration.

"In-spire" From the Latin, meaning “to breathe in”

With each breath I breathe, I am presented with a choice.

Do I listen to the voice of fear, which tells me that I am in serious danger of not surviving, and I must take drastic measures immediately to stave off certain death?


Is disaster imminent in this lovely moment?

Of course not.

Or do I listen to the Voice that speaks of God's Love, the Voice which comforts me and assures me that there is enough for everyone, that I am safe and cherished by the arms of Love?

Of course.

I can choose to expand, to “inspire, ” filling my lungs deeply with the breath of life.

Or do I choose to “expire,” to breath out, to die a little death?

I choose life.

I breathe in the fresh Spring air and give thanks for my small downtown oasis, my apartment in the city, with a garden outside my window. I give thanks my house in the country that has sat empty for months. Once it is repaired and restored it can be rented out.

I breathe out, exhaling all the fear of death, all the worry and panic.

I realize I have resources, options, choices.

I have survived much worse than this.

But beyond mere survival, I have so many opportunities to expand into new beginnings.

By embracing the seemingly disempowering circumstances of my life, and flowing into them, I shift from a place of constricting panic, into a spacious place of overflowing love, happiness and possibility.

A sense of joy and peace swells in my heart, as I realize how truly blessed I am.

This is the place of receiving generously, of being fully alive and awake.

I have been given so much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for the sunshine outside my window, the branches of the willow tree moving gently in the breeze.

I am grateful for the toast and tea my partner just presented to me with love.

I am deeply, lavishly loved……by friends, family, lovers, each of them a shining mirror of the the Face of God, incarnate.

I am blessed with intelligence, creativity, and the ability to express myself.

I can speak well.

I can write.

I can uplift, inspire, move others with my words.

I am have vision.

I am able to see the blindingly beautiful Light of Heaven break into shimmering, iridescent colours on a snowbank or in the intense light glinting off the ocean.

I can listen deeply.

I can hear the Voice of God in the wind.

I am a gifted intuitive healer. Healing energy passes through my hands, my actions, and my words.

Because I have been through hard times myself, I have faith that I know the way out.

I have the ability to guide others on their journey through the dark out into the light, Home to who they really are.

I am deeply grateful for all these gifts from God.

Because I have been gifted so much, I have so much to share.

There is nothing to fear.

I breathe in deeply again, and, with a huge sigh of relief, I exhale all the fear.

I remember.

I am alive. I am here. I am present. It is safe. I am blessed. I am home.

I feel the gift of life flowing through my being, returning the gift in the giving of it.

There is more than enough fresh air and sunshine for everyone. We are all blessed.

In the spirit of generosity, I have a choice.

I can to continue to be stingy with myself, cutting off the flow of life, refusing what is offered so generously, or I can share my gifts freely, allowing God’s love to breathe through me and inspire others.

Such a simple, yet essential gift, the breath of life.

I feel so fortunate that I am alive and have so much to share.

Thanks, once again, God, for allowing me to remember who I really am, and where I am standing in the light, on the mountaintop.

Don't forget to breathe!

Who is speaking here? Is it

Who is speaking here? Is it you, beloved Shelora, or ?

You certainly have enriched us here.

You wrote what we all need to hear.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
The only gain is sharing
There you will know joy

God said in giving
You give out tastes of Heaven
And little blessings

Love, Light and Aloha!

So glad that every one

So glad that every one posts, and am, at the same time missing George so much.

Beloved George, who always uplifts and inspires, it's hard without you here blessing us.

Come back to us soon.

Loving you more than I can say,


Darling Gloria

I'm so glad I could get to a computer today. First off I read Heaven Letters. If strength and time permits I read comments. Today my heart skipped a beat with Gloria's "beloved George" come back. My body will respond to that kind of divine melody that Life and Light is singing its gentle call of life to me. As soon as I'm able, I'll be back.

George wiping the tears from his heart

Okay, then, no more

Okay, then, no more malingering! We expect you back soon as frisky and prolific as we have every right to expect! Okay, so you spoiled us. Well, we like being spoiled, and we have to have all your love and wisdom.

God bless you, dear friend.

Love, Gloria

Malingering? ok, you caught me darling Gloria

I only have the strength to tell you that i may have to malinger a little bit even though I want to tell you all how beautiful you make God's song in my heart. Wow!

George pretending not to malinger

Malingering and flirting

Malingering and flirting with the nurses, no doubt!

God bless the nurses and doctors who are taking good care of our good friend.

Loving you,