When You and God Are One

God said:

When I say that everything is okay, I don’t say this as a palliative. I encompass the idea that everything is, indeed, okay, just as it is. I mean Everything IS okay. I mean that nothing can happen to you, beloveds.

Whatever occurs in life, it’s okay. I could even say to make Myself more clear, “Everything is A-OK.” What you see as terrible or even horrific is still okay. I mean more than: ”It WILL be okay.” I am saying life is okay now as it occurs.

If you were to be arrested falsely and sentenced to prison for life, it’s okay. If you were sentenced to death, it would still be okay. I know you are not yet at that place of embracing this that I say. Even after you might fight and fight a death sentence to no avail, I am saying it is okay. It is all okay as it is happening.

This reminds Me of: God’s Will be done.

Yet I also want to impress upon you that I do not sit around planning what you see as adverse occurrences in life for you. I do not. My focus is on greater than details of what you, understandably, would like to avoid.

Today I am saying more than: “Come to terms with life as it is.” I am saying more than: “Take life as it comes.” I am saying that, in the big picture, the worst unimaginables you can think of do not matter the way you think they do.

It has been said that Christ bowed to following My Will when he was crucified. It is not My Will for Christ or anyone to be exposed to hurt as you see it.

Christ most likely thought:

“Hey, it’s all okay. Nothing can happen to me. To my body yes. Oh, no matter how holy I am, my body is just a body. The core of Me cannot be touched. I do not disappear. My body feels pain, yet the I of I does not and cannot. I am not my body. I am not my body anymore than anyone is really ego or personality. I am more than anyone on Earth can say or attest to. What is resurrected is my Oneness with My Father and, with this, my Eternal Love for all.

“If I am to love all, I am to love all. I simply love. There is nothing else to do. If I am seen amiss, this is not a crime or foul play. I am simply seen amiss. If I am seen more than I am or less than I am, it is the same artifice. Should I glory in praise and not glory in calumny? Should you?

“If you are belied, should you be miserable? If you are a movie star, you may enjoy acclaim, yet you know that the fans do not know you and they are not acclaiming you for what you truly are. In the same way, others may condemn you for what you are not. This happens in the world.”

I, God, acclaim everyone. I see beyond the costumes My children wear. I do not dishonor anyone. I honor everyone as My son or daughter, and I see your Light which is Mine whether you or anyone else in the world sees it or not. I see Myself in you. Now, I ask you to see yourself as I AM and you are. There are seeming accidents, for My children do not know what they do. Human beings have not yet caught on to the extent of life in the world.

When you believe you are expert in your validations or dismissals of others, you miss the point, for the point is Oneness, and none of the story you see and perhaps magnify or minimize actually happens anyway. What you don’t see has import. When all is said and done, what matters when you and I are One?

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Oh now it dawns on me,

Oh now it dawns on me, thanks to Gloria
On January 19th, 2010 George Mon... says:

No time, no beginning, no starting or falling behind but the memory is a bit of a bind now and then.

Sure He gives my awarness a kick in the pants now and then but my memories of the times when we hung out together for lots of eternities isn't finished clearing up.

The Heavenletters help so very much. I love it when Gloria let's God put things in divine perspective, but I must say, the shock is such fun when He shuffles His feet on the carpets of Glory and touches the elbow of my heart.

I jump and laugh and tell Him what a precious cosmic, divine clown He is. I don't know when I'll get used to this fun!


this is such a perfect comment again from George

"I mean more than: ”It WILL be okay.” I am saying life is okay now as it occurs."

this touched me so much.