When Something Wonderful Occurs

God said:

Say Good morning to Me. Say, “Good morning, God.” Is that not a great way to begin your day? Anyone can do it. No matter where you are, you can say, “Good morning, God.” And if for any reason, you cannot speak, you can still think, “Good morning, God.” And I will hear. It is not that I need to hear. It is you who needs to say Good Morning to Me. It is you who needs to hear yourself acknowledge My Presence and acknowledge Me as present in your life.

I am inevitably with you. I know that. It is you who may not quite know or believe or accept or even really imagine that I am with each and every one of you every minute, and yet it is so.

If you had never seen a sunrise or sunset, if you had never seen the moon and the stars, you might not believe in them either. But when you would say, “Good morning, Sun!” and say, “Hello, Moon and Stars!” you would begin to feel the possibility of their existence. The vibration of their name would stir their existence in your heart, and you would feel closer to them and know them more sweetly.

You don’t have to be formal with Me. You don’t have to follow a protocol, although you may. It’s perfectly fine to say, “Hi, God.” Say it to yourself as often as you think of it. Say, “Hi, God, You still here?”

When something wonderful occurs, say, “Wow, God.” Or say, “Thanks a bunch, God. That was a homer.” Or say, “Well done, God. That was my cup of tea.”

And when you eat a piece of candy, say, “Yum yum, God.”

And when you pick a flower, say, “Beautiful, God. How did You do this? How did You make this flower? How did you make so many of them? And how did You provide one for me? And a lapel as well to put it in?”

I will provide fruit for you in the same way I provide flowers, and I will provide people for you in the same way I provide fruit. And to each person who comes in front of you, welcome them, for they come in My Name. And for each person, as they leave your company, say, ”God, You sent this person to me this day. I may not understand why, and yet I know You had a reason. Whatever this person said to me, You wanted me to hear. You wanted me to accept this person just as they are, and not try to improve them but to listen to them and hear a message from You, no matter how faint. God, I know You sent this person to me in the same way You send me a bone for a soup, or lettuce for a salad. In some way I have purchased the presence of this person, and he is for my sake. Is this not so, God.”

And I will put My hands on your shoulders and say, “Yes, this is so.”

And whatever adventure befalls you on this day, it comes to you for your advancement. It is to jiggle your spirit, perhaps to wake you up to something you may have forgotten. It is not a test I send to you, beloveds, but a reminder that you are a Holy Being in the midst of circumstance and other Holy Beings, and that you are to remember Who you are and what love you can give no matter what the circumstance. Perhaps you are learning your own love as a blind person might feel for a light post. Perhaps you have to reach out to find your heart, and what better opportunity than the one I provide for you today?