Give Grace

God said:

You are not aware of all the people on Earth who believe in you and have loved you, not for what you bestow on them, but solely for your Being from their love. You simply do not yet know what you mean to others, or that you have even given light to them. You do not yet know your importance to the Universe. If there is strife, you have forgotten Who you really are, and Who the other also really is. I am speaking of the casual stranger you pass in the street as well as those who are close to you, even when they are close in discord. You mean something to them, and they mean something to you. Let the meaning of your meeting arise in your heart and in your mind’s summation.

Something passes between you and others that is beyond the surface. Sometimes the surface is good enough and reflects the deeper meaning beneath, and sometimes it doesn’t. But the deeper exchange of light is there nevertheless. You are meaningful, beloveds. You are meaningful to all those who know you, no matter how well or how little.

Everyone you see merits being seen by you. Everyone who sees you comes before you in order to see you, and you to see them. Wrest some meaning from this meeting, casual or otherwise. They may not know why you are meeting. You may not know why, yet you meet, and something is conclusively achieved in that meeting. What color and shade the meeting is is up to you. To engage or disengage is up to you, beloveds. The words and intonation you use are up to you.

There is no need to be careless or cavalier with anyone you meet. That includes the person who is kind and loving as well as the one who is unkind and unloving. Aware or not, they are looking for some grace from you, and you are looking to give it. The same for them. You are both much greater than any irritation or animosity you may feel. You are to be you more than someone else’s skewed picture of you. You are to stand on love regardless of another’s appearance and apparition.

If someone is angry with you, their vision has been blurred and their heart thwarted. If you have been angry with someone, your vision has been blurred and your heart thwarted. No matter what disguise either or both wear, unless you stand in love, you come in disguise. Reveal yourself at least to yourself, beloved. Then others will also have a clearer image of themselves.

It is hurtful to think that not everyone loves you and that perhaps there is someone who means you harm to any degree, even if only in disdain. It is also hurtful to think that you do not love and like and give ample space to everyone in your awareness. Especially when you consider that each of you have entered the arena of life to come to meet as representatives of Me. It is incomprehensible to think that I in your form arrive to meet Myself in the form of another, and that I am not welcome and that squabbles could arise. To whatever degree of discord, no matter how important it may seem -- even if to the extremity of war -- it is still only a squabble. Two or more children or countries tug at a red toy truck, each seemingly wanting it more than the other, even to the death and the truck’s ruination.

You make up your lives in accord or in squabbles. Accord is great, and squabbles are petty. You line up after one or the other. Move up to the line of accord and come to Me. Is this not obvious?