When Love Abounds

God said:

If sin there be, the sin is not to love. But not loving is not a sin. It is a pity.

Does not love take care of everything? Consider the properties of love. Love is consideration to everyone and everything in the universe. When everyone would follow love, how could a perceived absence of love exist? With love abounding, what need could there possibly be for laws for people to follow? What need would there be for protection, prevention, or punishment? When love is the guide, who would hurt another? Who would push in front of another? Who would be careless? Who would steal? What need could there be? With love, it would be easier to share than it is to hoard now. When sharing is easy, who could be without? No one would think of taking that which has already been offered to him. With love, how could there be selfishness or envy or obstinacy or impatience or hostility? When there is love, what could occasion greed or anything like that?

Who would stamp his foot? Who would scream? Who would sulk? Who would frown when all you can only meet more love and more and more, love like the fairy tale princesses, where each one is more beautiful than the one before. With love, there are no limits. There are no limits to what love can create. Create love, and everything else will follow.

When there is love, there would be no need to teach manners, for love itself is mannerly. Love is consummate consideration. No one would know what poor manners are. Everyone would live from a heart of love.

There would be no glumness. What would there be to be glum about?

There would be no outrage. What would there be to rage against? No one would rage against a preponderance of love. No one would object to more love.

There would be no injustice when love abounds. No one would have too much love, and no one would be without.

The concept of need would be replaced with the concept of plenty. With love, there could only be plenty for all. Plenty of love for all can only attract plenty of all that is wonderful.

Guilt and sense of obligation cannot exist in the same room with love. They have been very poor substitutes for love. They have been ersatz love. They are not love. Guilt is dark. Sense of obligation is burdensome. Who wants either one of them? Guilt comes because there was a time when you did not come from the place of love. What need for obligation could there be when all is love? You would not know anything else. Forget guilt and obligation. Come from love instead.

What could be in your way when there is love? Love will never get in your way. Love will always make it easy for you to pass through.

When there is enough love, you will love yourself. You will pass muster with yourself. You will see the good in yourself as well as in everyone else. Love will be the salt you pass around. Love will be the party favors. Love will come from everywhere. The sun of your heart will shine for miles, and all will be caught in the light of your heart-shine. You will not be able to separate your love from all the other love. There will be a common pool of love.

Love will sparkle from eyes.

Flowers will grow faster and stay in bloom longer.

Trees will bear fruit as never before.

Mountains will swell in pride.

Waters will be sweet.

All will be the fruit of your love. Love can only bear fruit, beloveds.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said come from love
You will see the good in all
When love is the guide

Love, Light and Aloha!

Mountains will swell in pride

I walked in this world for a while, finding that its two most striking features for me are that everyone is actively caring for everyone else and that there is no money. All jobs will be done by people who love doing them, and they will simply give their products or services freely and will be supplied with everything by others who, again, freely give the fruits of the work they love doing. The important point is that no one is trading and bartering. Just giving, just providing. If there be unlovable jobs (I doubt there will), we will do them jointly. But aren't there things that need financial capital? I don't think so. Well, clearly, I'm not a realist in this respect. Or perhaps this is the only realistic perspective in the long run.

a more realistic perpective

I dream of self sufficiency.
I cannot imagine what I could "provide" in your ideal world in order to have...well...let's say a Tiffany diamond I saw this morning blinking at me.
Imagine, to be a world into myself. All would enter my dominion... Tiffany as well.


Hahahaha, great! You are one step ahead and one step behind, simultaneously. Only Emilia could do that.