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When are prayers answered?

In The deep stillness of prayer

Seek, ask and knock
the doors will be opened
for you...
God says all you have to
do is believe have faith
and you will see
how different things will be

Go in peace your faith has
made you whole... In Asking
is the healing or another way
Is healing in the asking,
seeking and the knocking....
When two or three people are
gathered in my name then
prayers will be answered...

In the deep stillness of prayer...

Prayers are a potent force

Prayers are a potent force and we need to be careful what we pray for, because all our prayers are being heard and replied to. And I know from first hand experience that it does not make one bit of difference whether someone prayed for healing themselves or whether a person requested it on their behalf.

This does not surprise me. After all, each one of us is a child of God and – awake to our true reality or not – we are all on the same pathway and here for the same reason. There is no difference between any of us; we are all equal and loved with the same strength; and on some level of their being everybody requires healing. None of us has any true power, but when we unselfishly seek to work with the Universal healing energy with love in our heart and with total disregard for the outcome, God and the Angels can use us as channels and work through us. Their energy is pure love; it comes to everybody free of charge and can be tapped into by anyone, irrespective of their spiritual beliefs.

With Love and Light,

Hi Aquarius Thank you for

Hi Aquarius Thank you for your wise words indeed, yes we do have to be careful for what we pray for.. yes indeed I could not agree more with this article.i have been on a little journey myself to appreciate these thoughts ... I am just learning how to create website never done one before...

Blessings of Joy love and Peace. Luv Daisy

Dear Daisy - Gloria doesn't

Dear Daisy - Gloria doesn't like me mentioning my website here - which I understand and respect.
With love - Aquarius

Dear Aquarius, no one is to

Dear Aquarius, no one is to promote, describe, mention nor extract from their website on this forum. It doesn't matter how good the website may be.This is a guideline that has to be followed by everyone who posts here.

There is good reason for this. If you promote your website, even a tiny bit, others will come here too and do the same and more. Everyone is eager to get their messages and their websites out there. We sure don't want this forum overrun with endorsements of anyone's websites, no matter how wonderful. Self-references become boring, and then who will want to come to the forum?

We all get too much advertising and promotion in dozens of emails a day as it is. Not here.
Not at all. Not even once.

This forum is about God.

The Heavenreaders who post here are BEAUTIFUL. They are good-hearted, kind, generous, and welcoming. We want everyone to continue to enjoy this forum.

And we want everyone who wants to post here to do so. We love that you have come.
By all means, just include your website under your name, and leave it at that.

And let's end the discussion here.

With love and blessings,


Hello each Peace be with

Hello each
Peace be with each and everyone
may you all be showered with blessings
everyday... Luv Daisy

Oh yes dear Daisy, PEACE -

Oh yes dear Daisy,


Love and a big hug to you sweet soul !

Hi Berit,, Many thanks for

Hi Berit,, Many thanks for the big hug I just received and very grateful... much needed today...

Is there a sign?
I standing at a crossroads, which path
to take one to the right, or one to the left
I follow Gods light and all will be well
on the night... Luv Daisy

God will / is leading you,

God will / is leading you, He will give you the right indications of where to go, and if in doubt ... well ask Him right away !

Lately some Heavenletter said something like:

you can only go where your heart goes


Dear Berit, Such kind wise

Dear Berit, Such kind wise words, and indeed i am sure God he answers prayer.
just to trust and obey... for there is no other way... Kind message thank you Luv Daisy.

Thank you, Gloria - and so

Thank you, Gloria - and so say all of us!!! Lots of love and blessings to you and the wonderful work you are doing, including giving us this place where beautiful souls can meet and share their insights with each other. Aquarius

God bless you, dear

God bless you, dear Aquarius. And I am grateful for your understanding. It means so much.

With love,